Core disciplines: Branded content, Creative production


While Google is best known as a search engine, they want to be a Growth Engine for small businesses across Europe.  Around the UK and Europe, there are several physical Digital Garage pop ups to help small business owners, entrepreneurs, students and curious individuals to learn digital skills for growth.



Our Challenge

We were briefed to identify stories from the Digital Garage, and hero those stories through a content series in an engaging, authentic manner.



Our Approach

We built a tool that enabled various stakeholders to submit stories - from Googlers to attendees to sales team. We then created a structure to bring specific stories to life, specifically with video content. Our content series spanned stories across the UK from Manchester to Glasgow to Leeds to London.

Utilising TrueView and longer formats, the targeted content was promoted on Google’s own Digital Garage and Growth Engine YouTube channels along with their Growth Engine website.

As the series progresses, we have developed valuable learnings around tone of voice, format and story selection.



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