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Morgans Hotel Group, Minibar For The Mind by The School of Life
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Nike, Air Max Day 2016 by Rosie Lee
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Aldi , Aldi Amazing – Naninho, featuring Robbie Savage by McCann Manchester
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Hyundai Motor UK, Hyundai FanDome by The Brooklyn Brothers
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Fab, We open on a beach. by Alpha Century
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Red Bull, Culture Clash by Ambient
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The Body Shop, Monkeying around for The Body Shop by Another Word Communications
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Betway, ARCTIC 40 by Above+Beyond
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The Perfume Shop
Father's Day 2016
There's something for every superhero this Father's Day in our latest campaign for…
27.06.2016 14:59:06
The Economist
Junk Food
Putting people out of their comfort zone. Would you consume food destined for the…
27.06.2016 13:37:14
Experience design for Titanium Grand Prix winning campaign for REI.
North Kingdom
27.06.2016 12:56:36
Samsung Gear VR
Gear VR OOH Experience
OOH installation and brand experience driving trial & awareness of the new Gear…
27.06.2016 09:53:45
New Website & Digital Branding
New website and global digital branding for the world's leading luxury yacht company.
McCann Central
24.06.2016 14:49:47
Visit Jersey
Interactive media campaign
Interactive ad campaign showcasing Jersey's assets to a highly targeted, travel-intender…
McCann Central
24.06.2016 14:49:40
Healthspan 20th Anniversary
Campaign hub to celebrate 20 years of success.
24.06.2016 11:23:26
Coors Light
Coors Light Ice Cave Rave
The quest for ultimate refreshment starts here... DJ's, snow-crusted ravers and…
22.06.2016 16:27:11
Bentley Motors Ltd.
Bentley Extraordinary
Bespoke microsites for Bentley, driving data capture and increasing efficiency of…
22.06.2016 11:51:25
Men In Progress
A digital campaign featuring a series of films to challenge perceptions of the modern…
TMW Unlimited
22.06.2016 11:32:17
Loved, not owned
We presented a snapshot of Octavia owner’s lives and the relationship they have…
22.06.2016 11:30:32
Cadbury Dairy Milk
Tastes Like This Feels
We brought to life the unique and irrepressible joy people experience when they…
22.06.2016 11:28:06
George Home
George Home
We hired a house, furnished it with George products and invited influencers to experience…
22.06.2016 11:24:48
Cadbury Milk Tray
Milk Tray Man
After 13 years off our screens, we set out to bring back the classic Milk Tray man.
22.06.2016 11:20:33
To bring joy to the nation at Christmas we created a giant advent calendar made…
22.06.2016 11:18:09
Alzheimer's Society
We created a campaign that would give people a sense of what it is like to live…
22.06.2016 11:09:11
adidas Pureboost ZG
Creation of the key visual, full retail concept and production guidelines for the…
Intermarketing Agency
22.06.2016 10:41:37
Father's Day
A campaign aiming to help the nation’s fathers get some much needed acknowledgment…
Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) London
22.06.2016 10:16:54
Our campaign tells the story of BMW's innovative technology, in its own innovative…
FCB Inferno
21.06.2016 18:30:29
'Blood' is the launch of, the Bodyform programme to help women exercise…
21.06.2016 11:56:58
First Never Follows
The latest global campaign since our rewriting of adidas's global football strategy
London Strategy Unit
21.06.2016 11:37:48
Branding and website design
A bold new fintech brand, designed to open up the exclusive world of wealth management…
21.06.2016 10:31:18
Pet Drugs Online
Free Vet Prescriptions
A responsive search tool to help owners find their nearest vet offering free prescriptions.
21.06.2016 10:14:54
7 seas, 3 ships & 1 global brand win
We are taking ownership of the brand’s ATL campaign, digital creative strategy and…
Alpha Century
21.06.2016 10:11:28
Taking Fondue International
A brand that dispels tired perceptions and positions fondue as a modern social experience
20.06.2016 19:47:29
BT Ingenious
With this campaign, we helped BT celebrate Britain’s creative heritage and future
3 Monkeys | Zeno
20.06.2016 13:33:55
Sponsoring Advertising Week Europe
We delivered a content marketing approach across paid, owned and earned channels.…
3 Monkeys | Zeno
20.06.2016 13:04:20
Former Game of Thrones actress Rose Leslie launches Sky Box Set Club
Sky Box Sets is celebrating what makes box sets so addictively good.
20.06.2016 11:51:35
Light & Free
Launching Light & Free
Creating a joyful and stylish new brand with Danone.
Dragon Rouge
17.06.2016 15:09:23
Morrisons Makes It
Food means so much more than what's on the plate in our new brand campaign: Morrisons…
Publicis London
17.06.2016 11:45:54
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