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Adventures In Imagination by RKCR/Y&R
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All For This by The Corner
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Bacardi Beginnings by Inkling
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Launching a new generation of yogurt by Dragon Rouge
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New York Bakery
Mini Bagels
For the launch for minis we created a graphic print execution, playing on their…
Now Advertising
19.09.2014 17:55:21
England Football Team
Together for England: Club + Country
A tactical placement to link the players' pride + passion for playing for both their…
30.09.2014 11:40:21
Paddy Power
Nigel Farage Swings for Europe
Notorious Eurosceptic Nigel Farage joined forces with Paddy Power to back Team Europe…
29.09.2014 14:52:01
Disney Infinity 2.0…
An Incredible Arrival
A 36-foot projection of fan-favourite The Hulk raising Tower Bridge to mark the…
29.09.2014 15:02:36
McDonald's US
Snack Wrap - food promotion
New product awareness campaign, using packaging as a moving billboard to promote…
29.09.2014 10:58:46
Grant's Whisky
Whether your friends have saved your life or a seat in the bar, say #IOU by raising…
FCB Inferno
26.09.2014 14:47:12
Burts Chips
The World According to Burt
New social media campaign championing the rustic, authentic and down-to-earth personality…
18.09.2014 11:00:14
The Sky Difference
In a sea of confusion our brief was to elevate Sky above the noise. Our appraisal:…
FCB Inferno
29.05.2014 13:21:59
Bring It On
FCB Inferno help Nivea to celebrate women's natural confidence with an all female…
FCB Inferno
13.08.2014 17:04:15
The Tabasco® British Oyster Opening Championship 2014
Generating mass national broadcast and media coverage ensuring Tabasco is intrinsically…
Richmond Towers Communications
02.09.2014 14:28:38
Magasin III
Rebranding & Launch
Internationally renowned contemporary art institute Magasin 3 wanted to update their…
Acne Advertising
25.09.2014 12:44:30
first direct
unexpected bank
Building on the success of last year award winning ‘Barry the talking platypus’…
JWT London
25.09.2014 12:28:00
Standing out from the herd
Addressing brand mispronunciation, ensuring the 'devils in the details' became 'design…
25.09.2014 11:37:33
Carnation Cook
A recipe inspired landing page linked from Tesco Real Food to promote Carnation…
22.09.2014 18:00:41
Lycra Moves You
Through a global TV & Press campaign, we are showing the world how 'Lycra Moves…
24.09.2014 16:22:06
'Perfectly Balanced'
Grolsch's latest work was commissioned to educate and inspire its creatively minded…
The Bank
20.08.2014 19:04:31
Mindbreeze vs. Bloodhound
Our first campaign for Semantic Search brand Mindbreeze has gone live in Europe.
The Bank
15.09.2014 17:20:11
MOO Printfinity
Capture Your Creativity
Keen to show off their artistic credentials with a graphic feel, paint shot at high…
Alpha Century
23.09.2014 10:14:29
Pink Floyd
The Endless River Album Cover
We’re proud to have acted as creative consultants for the recently launched cover…
24.09.2014 13:10:02
Flight Centre
Monument Store Launch
Arena paints City red with integrated, focussed campaign to boost brand consideration…
24.09.2014 13:16:28
Happy Meal
We're Happy!
Bringing the ambassador of fun to life on packaging and enhancing the great balanced…
24.09.2014 11:53:12
Spectral girl
Knopka, is an innovative Russian business service. These St Luke's Productions online…
St Luke's
24.09.2014 09:18:15
Liberate Londoners @ Work and @ Play
Our successful strategy combined awareness, product education and the utilisation…
19.09.2014 11:09:05
M&S Food
Adventures In Imagination
We are the agency that reinvented food porn.
22.09.2014 17:57:14
Your Best Bet
In our first TV ad for the betting comparison site, Oddschecker, we see bookies…
22.09.2014 17:12:24
Stowford Press
Westons Character
Westons needed a way to communicate their family heritage and continued use of traditional…
McCann Central
22.09.2014 14:28:45
Digital launch of Destiny, the world's best-selling new IP, across 18 territories.
Five by Five
22.09.2014 14:25:11
Fisherman's Friend
Talk About Strong
Animated TV idents, sponsoring Science and Engineering on Discovery, while subtly…
Fox Kalomaski Crossing
22.09.2014 11:36:13
Virgin Trains
Arrive Awesome
Our latest ad encapsulating the feeling that travellers get following a journey…
krow communications
19.09.2014 18:25:44
Taking its "freedom" theme to new heights, this integrated campaign stoked conversations…
Bray Leino
19.09.2014 15:55:06
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