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Moxy, Moxy Hotels #attheMoxy by LikeFriends
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Rubicon, Believe in Beach by BMB
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Lexus International, Slide Full Film by CHI&Partners
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Trulia, #TruliHome by Mekanism
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Royal Navy, Royal Navy Content by e3 Media
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Royal Voluntary Service, Grandfest 2015 by TVC Group
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BMW 3 Series, The Ultimate Driving Machine by FCB Inferno
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Pearl & Dean, Back of the Head by Brothers and Sisters
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'Film Forever Club' Membership Collateral
Uber redesigned the British Film Institute’s coveted membership scheme including…
28.08.2015 15:08:48
Carphone Warehouse
Super Mega Personal
Carphone Warehouse has sent Keith Lemon on a Super Mega Personalised world quest.
Brothers and Sisters
28.08.2015 13:52:11
The Gap Partnership
A Brave New World
Given a complete brand refresh, we took them in a new direction that creates distinction…
28.08.2015 11:46:06
We Know Shopper Inside and Out
Creating Global Toolkits, developing strategic shopper marketing insights and threading…
28.08.2015 11:38:58
When Great TV is not just on TV
We collide live engagement stunts and social media to create multi-dimensional brand…
28.08.2015 11:31:06
SunSet Sessions
We transported the Corona SunSet Sessions to the on-trade with a series of DJ-led…
BD Network
27.08.2015 17:12:39
Fly Cadbury Air
We brought that Friday Feeling to over 100,000 people and flew winners to 5 amazing…
BD Network
27.08.2015 17:10:57
Win A Cow
You couldn't win a cow, but a chance to win enough milk for a year, every day. With…
BD Network
27.08.2015 17:09:07
Squeeze The Day 2015
Winners got their bucket list experience to the value of £2,000 in a competition…
BD Network
27.08.2015 17:08:24
Whyte & MacKay
Tracks of your Life
The highest performing on-pack promotion for a whisky brand saw us give away vinyl…
BD Network
27.08.2015 17:07:49
First Day of School
We created a powerful campaign to help Unilever and UNICEF highlight the significance…
27.08.2015 16:13:49
Rugby World Cup Launch
Somerset House transformed into a rugby stadium with 270 degree projection, rugby…
27.08.2015 16:06:00
Iceland Foods
'That's why...' TV campaign
A small selection from our multi-product Iceland Foods TV campaign.
27.08.2015 15:35:26
Our healthcare specialists turned the issue of cracked heels into a compelling,…
Bray Leino
27.08.2015 12:35:17
Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank
17 years after its inception by Alan Partridge, its finally a reality.. Youth Hostelling…
Lucky Generals
27.08.2015 10:58:19
British Heart Foundation
Our latest campaign for the BHF centres around the unexpected devastation that heart…
27.08.2015 10:13:19
Britain's Beer Alliance
There's A Beer For That
Our new outdoor ad campaign for Britain’s Beer Alliance shows how beer is a great…
26.08.2015 17:23:29
Georg Jensen
Global Social Media Management
Together with Georg Jensen we have developed their global social media strategy…
26.08.2015 10:54:47
Transformers 4 - Age…
Transformers 4 Site Take Over Banner
Creating a roaring wow effect to audiences with Site Take Over Banner,
Kingdom Digital Solutions Sdn Bhd
26.08.2015 09:05:10
Revive Isotonik
Rev-Fit Mobile Application
A combination of Revive and Fitness, Rev-Fit is here to help you to track your running…
Kingdom Digital Solutions Sdn Bhd
26.08.2015 09:03:32
South African Tourism…
Five-minute Holiday
The ‘Five-minute holiday’ using Oculus Rift was a vivid and engaging experience…
Bell Pottinger
24.08.2015 15:55:14
John Lewis Insurance
Tiny Dancer
This film featuring a little girl dancing through her home shows you can let life…
21.08.2015 10:08:05
European Lung Foundation…
Healthy Lungs for Life: Breathe Clean Air
Film to promote 'Healthy Lungs for Life' campaign: Breathe Clean Air. Featured online…
20.08.2015 17:29:43
Foraging for a full sett of beers
Our redesign creates a uniting idea for the Badger portfolio which celebrates the…
20.08.2015 17:17:36
Seeing the wood from the trees
Our redesign reasserts the exclusive heritage of Belvedere
20.08.2015 17:16:25
From the beekeeper to the Queen of spreads
Our identity and portfolio redesign has enabled Rowse to overtake Marmite and Nutella…
20.08.2015 17:15:01
Facebook at Cannes Lions 2015
Facebook's 'Hacker Square on the Beach' at Cannes Lions – showcasing the power…
20.08.2015 16:16:30
Believe in Beach
Rubicon takes you to your very own exotic paradise with every sip. But there’s…
20.08.2015 10:54:39
Celebrating 10 years of Tesco Mum of the Year
Online films to celebrate the impact of some of Tesco’s Mums of the Year.
Red Bee
19.08.2015 11:34:41
Hoff the Record
Launching Dave’s new show with David Hasselhoff - a spoof account of the Knight…
Red Bee
19.08.2015 11:22:47
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