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Bring McNuggets



Retained by McDonald’s UK since July 2016 to produce their ’always on’ social content - social posts outside of campaign work including cultural days, moments, trends, formats and innovation and social content strategy.

McDonald’s strives to be the best loved UK restaurant company, however it faces a big challenge amongst its consumers, it is not seen as genuine & its social media platforms have become a place to customers to vent their frustrations. It is constantly working to increase affinity amongst it audience & social media plays a big role in that by increasing positive participation with their consumers through creating relatable, honest & shareable content.


A platform first aproach shifting creative from ‘ad-like’ to ‘natively social’ formats to drive reach & engagement.  Creating contextually & culturally relevant social content weaving the brand into the narrative of their audiences.

By reviewing their comms strategy on social we devised a series of formats & social posts that;

Are ‘thumb-stopping’ in feed as its where audience spend their time
Publish engaging content that can be shared by audience & drive organic reach
Enable 2 way conversation
Make digital advertising work harder
Add value to audience social feed – fun, shareable, relatable
Honest i.e. only shoot real food in images



In the last 12 months we have seen our highest levels of success with engagement, organic reach and interactions consistently out performing client & industry benchmarks – strengthening our relationship with the client.

Creative work delivering high levels of organic reach (91m), driving over c£300,000 of incremental value.

Aggregated number total reach across 2017.

216,587,314 (inc paid & organic). 
Aggregated number organic reach across 2017 91,133,323 (this is within the total reach figure). 
Aggregated number total views across 2017 21,406,424 (inc paid & organic). 
Aggregated number organic views across 2017 6,084,000 (this is within the total reach figure).


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