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Nike Copenhagen
Epic React Launch 


The Brief

At the beginning of 2018 we were tasked by the Nike Nordics team to develop a fully integrated retail marketing campaign, to launch Nike’s newest innovation in running, the epic React.

Working Sportmaster, the key retailer in Copenhagen, we wanted to utilise existing influencers in the marketplace, to validate product and legitimise the message.



Research told us that consumers who trialled product in store were more likely to convert to sale, jumping from 10% to 67%. Leveraging this intelligence, we wanted to drive trial in store through an engaging interactive, requiring the consumers to try on a pair of React and take part in a time trial competition.



To create a truly integrated campaign, spanning digital, social and retail, we needed to ensure that the retailer bought into the approach and understood their role in ensuring a seamless experience at every touchpoint for their consumer. This required careful management of the numerous stakeholders and ensuring we had buy in and belief in the approach.



Our solution was to implement a cohesive campaign that gave the consumer a seamless experience, whilst driving them to purchase.

We developed an influencer strategy that saw the founder of Copenhagen’s NBRO run crew champion the new product and attend the exclusive launch event for React, House of Go event in Paris. Through the lens of the influencer, the consumer learned about the new technology and heard his genuine testimony of the product.

On the day of the global launch of React, our influencer than asked his followers to join him in their key door for a launch event – including a live stream city run, time x product trials, giveaways and discussion.

With a modest budget, we wanted to maximise retail – as the majority of consumers still buy in store – we created a large-scale window takeover with bold foam shapes that spoke to the global creative direction. Throughout the store we created a number of surprise and delight spaces and a bold brand zone, for the duration of the launch period.




Over 5 days:


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