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Over 1,200 entries were submitted for the CAA's #400ft Britain campaign (Image: Lake District, Thomas Henderson)

"It was a ground-breaking step in how we try to achieve our aims. This has been a game changing bit of work for the aviation industry." - Jonathan Nicholson, Assistant Director, CAA (Image: Combine Harvester, Lores)

Within just four months, we raised awareness of the Dronecode from 1-in-9 to 1-in-6. (Image: River Nene Northampton, Neil Smith)

"Although the CAA is often falsely maligned as 'the fun police', nothing quite humanises the regulators as much as seeing them send home the message that the CAA is here simply to encourage people to have fun with their drones - albeit safe and responsible fun." - Drone Magazine (Image: Eggardon Hill Fort, Adrian Wood)

"Identifying the need to communicate directly with an audience we don’t usually connect with gave us the opportunity to think differently about how we approached this work and gave it real depth." - Richard Stephenson, Communications Director, CAA (Image: Larrybane Quarry, North Antrim Coast, Edgar England)

"Normally, as a regulator, we use the 'stick' approach and the whole aviation industry expected us to do so with drones. As such, to be this brave and use the 'carrot' approach was something few were expecting..." - Jonathan Nicholson, Assistant Director, CAA (Image: Leeds Castle)

Partnering with VisitEngland, the campaign also engaged drone users across the United Kingdom (Image: Stonehenge, Adam Stanford)

The Client

Civil Aviation Authority

The Problem

Drone owners have no idea that there is something called a ‘Drone Code’, which means safety and irresponsible use of drones is becoming an annoying priority for the CAA.

The Strategy

Celebrate don’t castigate - change consumer behaviour positively by celebrating rather than criticising drone use.

The Idea

400ft Britain - collaborating with VisitEngland, we created a drone photography and videography competition that creatively brought the Dronecode to life.

The best of the video and stills from entries were shared through social, digital and traditional media channels. The content was supported by endorsement and support from the aviation and drone industries.

The Impact

Within 6 months, the campaign raised awareness of the Dronecode among the public from 1-in-9 to 1-in-6.


competition entries - double the expected amount


pieces of coverage, including 15 nationals and 100% message penetration


individual social posts responding to 400ft Britain


drop in public perception of drones as 'dangerous'


drop in public perception of drones as 'unregulated'


drop in public perception of drones as 'risky'



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