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L'Oréal approached us to ask if we could help to create and launch the UK online presence for one of its leading foundation brands, Dermablend.

The Brief

Dermablend is a foundation designed to cover up skin conditions and tattoos. With a large cult following of celebrity make-up artists and beauty bloggers promoting the brand, Dermablend has gained mass-market interest from customers looking for a foundation with long-lasting hold and a smooth finish.



Our Solution

We hosted focus groups with Dermablend UK customers to better understand what it’s like living with a skin condition. Customers described how skin conditions affect their confidence and the impact it has on everyday activities - like going to a job interview or on a date.

We took the customers’ feedback and developed the campaign 'Lose the label’.

We conceptualised and art-directed three videos, featuring real customers telling their Dermablend story. At first glance the models appear to be normal, but as the story develops they slowly rub off their Dermablend foundation to reveal their skin condition. At the time of writing, the videos have been viewed 2,720,675 times on YouTube.

The campaign was seeded using banner, YouTube advertising, social promotion on Vichy channels and an exclusive beauty blogger PR launch event.

L'Oréal, who produce Dermablend in the UK and Europe, wanted to create a campaign to build on the new mass-market awareness, but not to ignore the brand’s traditional heritage of covering skin conditions and tattoos.


The brief was to devise a concept which could run across the media, online and press launches of the product. We were to help to position Dermablend as a leading camouflage make-up brand for those with minor to severe skin conditions, as well as a long-stay, hypoallergenic, water-resistant make-up range which could appeal to a more mass market audience.

After some work with the team at L'Oréal’s Active Cosmetics Division to identify the key USPs of the products and to understand the personality and positioning of the brand, the dominant theme we identified was: confidence.

From this we devised a series of lifestyle-related and abstract concepts, with associated straplines before agreeing on “Be Skin Confident”.


We were tasked with planning, designing and building a socially-driven website with real-life stories and 'how-to' videos at the heart of the site.

With no ecommerce functionality in place, the site’s ultimate conversion is to drive users to purchase the product through an online e-retailer. It quickly became apparent therefore, that the site’s role was to reassure users of the quality of the range, draw purchasers away from the grey market and ultimately to refer them to an approved retailer.

The site had to be content driven - using dynamic, relevant and ‘sticky’ content to engage users and signpost them through to a purchase. Content ideas included:

  • Real-life success stories, including the famous ‘Zombie Boy’ campaign from the US:
  • ‘How to apply’ videos, courtesy of a famous make-up artist and influential beauty blogger (also seeded through YouTube)
  • Tweet walls to showcase publicity and real-life experiences of the product (more on this below)
  • Product reviews and sharing

Our Be Skin Confident story series, showcased with a sleek UX


As part of the soft launch and in preparation for the consumer-focused launch this month, our SEO team was appointed to optimise the site to ensure that:

  • We achieved strong rankings for branded terms, competing with approved retailers and ‘grey market’ listings; and to be the ‘go to’ resource for approved information about ‘Dermablend’.
  • We commenced the process of optimisation for non-branded terms to support the marketing effort to increase market share of camouflage and long stay make-up.


Firstly, we created a buzz around the press event, with a soft launch of the hashtag #beskinconfident. The blogging community took the event up with fervour and offered their ‘virtual’ support and the hashtag was adopted to seed and share user reviews.



We don’t believe that the handover of a website should mark the end of our involvement. It is our job to track and report on the site’s performance against a number of pre-determined KPIs.

To track this, we installed Decibel Insight: a tailored analytics package which allows us to set goals in order to easily report on the most successful conversions, as well as identifying the keywords and sources they originated from and the journey the user took through the site.

Using this data, we are able to continually respond to user needs and adapt the site to deliver the best possible experience to meet those needs.

Take a look at the live site at





The Results:

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