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Winner of The Drum's 'Creative Works Ad of the Week' January 2016



Create a lifestyle expression of the brand ethos, ‘Always in Beta’ and develop the first truly global platform for New Balance Lifestyle that all markets can be a part of, extend, and execute regionally.


Find a point of connection between performance orientated ‘Always in Beta’ and the lifestyle side of the business, that attracts early adopters without alienating brand fanatics (sneakerheads).



Our early-adopter audience are a heavily marketed-to cohort who are adept at filtering-out activity aimed at them. They want to be engaged with, not advertised to. They are interested in brands with a genuine story and purpose.


Create engagement with early adopter and sneakerhead audiences while giving meaning and resonance to ‘Always in Beta’ for the lifestyle sub-brand and lifestyle audiences. Shift mindset from being known just as the shoe brand with an ‘N’ on the side, to a brand that can play an active role in defining your own personal style.



From an athletics brand with unusual shoe numbering, to a brand that fundamentally believes that actions (what it makes, creates or does) speak louder than words.


We tapped into the brand’s belief that actions speak louder than words. We don’t shout, that’s not who we are. In the same way that New Balance name their shoes with numbers, we told the story of cultural influencers who share the brand’s passion for creativity, through numbers. Numbers, in this case, speak louder than words.

We deliberately chose cultural influencers whose own making/creating/doing story reflects the pillars of New Balance’s product design strategy, be that craftsmanship stories or an fusion of future and past thinking. We executed this from digital to in-store, including documentary films, static and av social content, shoe photography and key art for global use.


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