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Santa Forgot is a campaign created by freuds for Alzheimer's Research UK, with the incredibly simple premise 'what if Santa had dementia?'

The campaign is a poignant, bittersweet look at a world where Santa has Alzheimer's, and how one little girl sets out to help him because she believes he can be cured. The story shows that Alzheimer's can affect absolutely anyone, but it has an overwhelming sense of hope in the form of young Freya, showing how future generations hold the key to defeating this disease - and that this can only come through research.

Animated by Aardman and voiced by Stephen Fry, the content has become a leading Christmas advertising campaign for 2016.

Before launch, the content saw blanket national print & broadcast coverage, and thousands of social posts including prominent influencers - all causing much debate and conversation, raising huge awareness of this disease and the vital need for research.

Alzheimer's Research UK saw thousands of donations in the first 24 hours.

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