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Making Dove matter. 


After 13 years of communications, our Campaign for Real Beauty is as fresh now, as it ever was, picking up awards each and every year on the international stage. The campaign has generated over 34.5 billion global impressions and value to the tune of 210 million 30” spots in earned media. With an ROI more than 3 times the category average, it makes women the world over feel better about themselves. We can’t put a value on that.

The Challenge

In 2003, Dove was a 40+ year old brand known for its soap bar and little else. It certainly wasn’t in cultural conversation and nor was it being noticed.

Campaign for Real Beauty 

Since the conception of the Campaign for Real Beauty, we’ve evolved the DOVE brand whilst staying true to DOVE’s mission - to make all women feel beautiful. By challenging the beauty ideal and inspiring women to take great care of themselves, we have developed what has been hailed as one of the most famous campaigns of the 20th Century.

13 years on, the Campaign for Real Beauty lives alongside women around the globe and consistently challenges the current, stifling beauty ideal.

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