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InstruMMents - 01

Client: MM Tools

Global Product Launch




   The world’s first

   Dimensioning Instrument -

   The 01.



We helped launch innovation start-up InstruMMents, and their very first product – 01, the world’s first Dimensioning Instrument. InstruMMents is an innovation company founded by the creators of fitness and lifestyle tracker Misfit Shine.



01 rolls over straight, curved or contoured objects to intuitively capture, log, and share dimensions. Elegantly carved in aluminum, 01 is contained within a pen, pencil or stylus, and wirelessly connects to smartphones.



As well as using their expertise to create InstuMMents product and launch films, B-Reel developed the brand positioning and manifesto, product naming structure and approach, language tone and voice, social content strategy and concept. 



01 uses a proprietary multi-sensor system, requires only one hand to dimension, and is the only such device in the world that works on 3D surfaces. 

Used to design buildings, fit clothes or hang pictures, it helps makers and weekend decorators intuitively capture linear or contoured lengths. Users can log, search, and share dimensions using the InstruMMents iOS and Android apps.



Smashing their £100k target in less than 24 hours –       01 is available for order here


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