Core disciplines: Advertising/Creative, Digital, Innovation/NPD/Service Design

An eye for design

We created an online destination to reignite passion and feed curiosity, where film buffs could discover more about their favourite motion pictures and explore the wider Curzon cinema collection. 

Dare took the traditional heritage of Artificial Eye and helped revamp it into a modern, digital-friendly experience – helping filmgoers fall in love all over again with one of the UK’s national art house treasures.

More control with Umbraco

To undertake such a dramatic transformation, we knew the scale of this project would be huge. So to make sure everyone was updated every step of the way, we produced working prototypes for Curzon to check over and once approved, allowed us to get on with the next stage. 

Once this was completed, we used our Umbraco expertise to build a flexible and customisable CMS. This gave greater control to Curzon, so they could quickly and easily publish new content and make sure their fans were the first to hear about it.

A red carpet-ready site

Success is measured on a number of metrics; from an increase in visitors to the amount of pages consumed. Few agencies get equally hyped about a reduction in obsolete content and improvement in content workflows. 

We do.

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