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Tweet : Mar 16th 2018 10:22
Great to see collage work from Toaster's Shagun Puri featuring in Mix & Match, a book showcasing cutting-edge contemporary art from all over the world. #sandupublishing #Urbintage @shagunpuri90
Tweet : Jan 5th 2018 12:09
How cute little monsters launched a new era of Augmented Reality #augmentedreality #ar #futurology @gromitski
Tweet : Nov 20th 2017 14:15
Voice user interfaces challenge traditional brand identities. But what does this mean for agencies and brands in the future? #VoiceFirst @mrjakecooper
Tweet : Nov 13th 2017 14:43
Hollywood predicted the rise of voice assistants long ago. Tech-lead Stu shares how they've gone from science fiction to science fact. #voicefirst #voiceassistant @gromitski
Tweet : Nov 1st 2017 10:16
We are growing mos to raise awareness for men’s health this Movember #movember @MovemberUK @MovemberUS
Tweet : Oct 31st 2017 11:29
How we simplified travel logistics for over 80 people across 5 different timezones with a PWA #PWA @BenCheston
Tweet : Oct 25th 2017 12:09
Has your brand got good chat? We explore how to make the most of conversational interfaces #VoiceFirst #VUX @zanya
Tweet : Oct 24th 2017 10:14
AR experiences on mobile web_there are so many ways this ‘A game’ mechanic could be used for more than just play #ARcore
Tweet : Oct 19th 2017 09:43
We've been exploring potential AR experiences on mobile web_check out 'a gallery of faces'. Thanks Jonny! #ARcore
Tweet : Feb 24th 2017 12:44
"Every time you use Facebook or Instagram, your experiences are being powered by AI.” - Joaquin Candela ~
Tweet : Feb 24th 2017 10:44
RT @Monotype: See what today’s customers care about, how brands can prepare for the future, and why type ties it together.
Tweet : Feb 23rd 2017 14:20
RT @365typo: David Bowie’s Blackstar wins Grammy for best recording package. A review by @BaldCondensed
Tweet : Feb 23rd 2017 11:47
#Tbt to when Toaster #dev @liabru coded this Fractal Gears #GoogleExperiment back in 2014. ~ @d3js_org #d3js
Tweet : Feb 22nd 2017 17:28
Fast, responsive and the ability to load offline. Your intro to Progressive Web Apps. ~
Tweet : Feb 21st 2017 16:26
RT @designtaxi: Get inspired by these cool color, design and photography trends in 2017
Tweet : Feb 21st 2017 11:43
RT @designtaxi: Mind-blowing video proves that all Pixar films are connected
Tweet : Feb 15th 2017 12:13
Senior Python devs, this is your chance to do great things with your skills. Apply within. ~ #SeniorPythonDev #Ldn
Tweet : Feb 14th 2017 12:01
RT @CreativeReview: “This is a man who has clearly reached a breaking point", the controversial winner of the @WorldPressPhoto contest htt
Tweet : Feb 14th 2017 11:55
RT @WiredUK: Elon Musk wants us to all become cyborgs, or risk total eradication
Tweet : Feb 10th 2017 12:46
Google streamline their music services. ~
Tweet : Feb 10th 2017 10:37
Best photography magazines on the best #photography platform. ~ #Instagram
Tweet : Feb 8th 2017 10:23
RT @designtaxi: Two kinds of graphic designer in the world
Tweet : Feb 7th 2017 13:05
What effect will A.I. have on your industry? ~ #AI
Tweet : Feb 6th 2017 11:31
Ride Elon Musk's hyperloop in #VR. #technology
Tweet : Feb 3rd 2017 16:49
RT @verge: Google is finally making web apps first-class citizens on Android
Tweet : Jan 25th 2017 10:03
Dalai Lama approved #DataVisualisation. ~
Tweet : Jan 23rd 2017 12:48
RT @WiredUK: The UK's #IndustrialStrategy will help to develop robotics, artificial intelligence, 5G, and more http
Tweet : Jan 20th 2017 15:14
RT @designtaxi: These humorous ‘oh no’ comics will perfectly sum up your adult life
Tweet : Jan 20th 2017 15:13
RT @superbland: Robots Have Secrets Too: Google DeepMind AIs Create Own Encryption:
Tweet : Jan 19th 2017 12:23
We love a good run here at Toaster. Here's why. ~

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