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Tweet : Apr 28th 2017 11:08
POP UX! LEGO Teaches us About the Power of Near-Perfect User Experience | UX Magazine
Tweet : Apr 27th 2017 12:57 partners with Spotify to target music-loving travellers via @Econsultancy
Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 12:21
We have recently launched a #website for a private #sports club in #Monaco. Take a look at our work here - #fitness
Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 10:56
Take a look the video, showcasing our work for luxury #fashion brand, Charlotte Simone - delivering their new site.
Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 10:53
We speak to Visual #Design Lead, Ray Ho @ZalandoTech SE about the role UX plays for their #ecommerce store #fashion
Tweet : Apr 25th 2017 09:44
Three ways marketers improve customer experience from within via @Econsultancy
Tweet : Apr 24th 2017 16:13
Nice article about our client - British Int. #School in #Brussels #Belgium here- abt, their Sports Centre #education
Tweet : Apr 24th 2017 10:50
Delighted to share that our agency will be re-building the web (#ecommerce) shop for The Children's Society, a leading UK youth #charity
Tweet : Apr 23rd 2017 20:34
As part of the user research piece, the Tangent team travelled to #portsmouth this weekend. We
Tweet : Apr 21st 2017 16:56
RT @LEGO_Group: @ThisIsTangent Awesome!!! Now that is some serious play!
Tweet : Apr 21st 2017 15:31
@LEGO_Group Here's one. Will provide more when available ;)
Tweet : Apr 21st 2017 11:22
Scrum simulation with @lego_group bricks. We're presenting the benefits of using #agile in a fun
Tweet : Apr 21st 2017 10:22
Preparing for a meet this morning. We will be using the @lego_group 'serious play' methodology
Tweet : Apr 19th 2017 14:40
Choosing the right CMS for your business: A best practice guide via @MarketTechNews @KWiddopia
Tweet : Apr 19th 2017 10:13
Launching a New Website: Your SEO Checklist - Whiteboard Friday via @moz
Tweet : Apr 18th 2017 13:51
Here's the website we created for Charlotte Beecham's #ecommerce #fashion store Charlotte Simone. via @YouTube #web
Tweet : Apr 16th 2017 07:00
Happy #Easter to all of our followers
Tweet : Apr 13th 2017 12:04
13 examples of dark patterns in ecommerce checkouts via @Econsultancy
Tweet : Apr 13th 2017 09:24
Here is the fun website that our team created for #luxury #london based #fashion brand @csimone_
Tweet : Apr 13th 2017 09:01
Talk: Paul Boag on The User Experience Revolution via @YouTube
Tweet : Apr 12th 2017 12:38
Our #UX designers and strategists discussing user flows. #website #design #creative #digital
Tweet : Apr 11th 2017 09:23
The UX that time forgot: Online travel agents must step up via @Econsultancy
Tweet : Apr 10th 2017 09:20
RT @Cathy_Boland: Please share @lordlancaster @JackParsons_CEO @mcintoshlee @ThisIsTangent @TechNorthHQ @campusnorthuk @JdR_Tech @ReasonDig
Tweet : Apr 7th 2017 15:55
Nice treat for the team today courtesy of our Director, following a hugely exciting new client
Tweet : Apr 5th 2017 15:17
April sunshine flooding through into #paddington station today. Our project manager Lucy is on
Tweet : Apr 5th 2017 09:22
Interested in driving sales via #digital campaigns? Check out our work with @LOreal_UKI on @creativebrief
Tweet : Apr 3rd 2017 17:49
@MissBPhotos Hi Annette, thanks for getting in contact. For personalised wrapping paper, please visit - Hope this helps :)
Tweet : Mar 30th 2017 17:22
It hasn't taken long for the new glass wipe board to be put to good use. Nice addition for the
Tweet : Mar 29th 2017 15:32
What’s the Impact of Investing in #UX?
Tweet : Mar 29th 2017 09:20
RT @people4research: Take a look at the 2017 map of #UserResearch & #UX events > PFR's @JesseLewReviews will be spe

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