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Tweet : Jan 19th 2017 12:13
Sophie, Rebecca and Lucy busy usability testing on a prototype for a new & exciting #mobile #app. #ux #tec #london #digital #userexperience
Tweet : Jan 16th 2017 16:06
RT @KWiddopia: Learn more about @ThisIsTangent's work with clients like @centrepointuk on -
Tweet : Jan 13th 2017 09:02
Seven ways Google helps you unlock the secrets to creating killer content via @Econsultancy
Tweet : Jan 12th 2017 17:05
@Instagram credits competitors for Stories feature as it introduces ads
Tweet : Jan 11th 2017 16:45
Interesting user research happening in the office. The #UX team are certainly making use of the stationary cupboard & available wall space.
Tweet : Jan 5th 2017 17:29
RT @KWiddopia: Exciting moment as @ThisIsTangent acquires @DecibelDigital for £1m Read @TheDrum piece here #UserExp
Tweet : Jan 3rd 2017 16:14
RT @EYH_UK: Check out our brand spanking new website thanks to @ThisIsTangent - highly recommended creative technol
Tweet : Sep 9th 2016 17:31
The latest & greatest property apps!
Tweet : Sep 9th 2016 08:01
10 of the most unusual homes around the world
Tweet : Sep 8th 2016 08:01
Jeremy Corbyn proposes digital 'Bill of Rights'
Tweet : Sep 7th 2016 08:30
Is the Buy-to-Let boom over?
Tweet : Sep 6th 2016 12:31
Northern house prices predicted to reach London prices
Tweet : Sep 5th 2016 08:30
Home buying in 2025 will be like playing The Sims
Tweet : Sep 2nd 2016 12:30
Generation Rent: Young, married, pregnant and stuck in a house share
Tweet : Sep 2nd 2016 08:43
After the uncertainty caused by Brexit, we decided to look at the trends, decisions & technology currently affecting the property market.
Tweet : Aug 26th 2016 12:31
IBTimes UK has compiled a list of tech inventions created by women that we use in our everyday lives
Tweet : Aug 26th 2016 08:30
Girls explain how boobs, menstruation and more keep them from coding in satirical campaign
Tweet : Aug 25th 2016 12:31
Marvel’s first female-led superhero movie
Tweet : Aug 24th 2016 08:30
Nominees for the annual #femvertising awards
Tweet : Aug 23rd 2016 12:31
The rise of the Stay-At-Home dad
Tweet : Aug 22nd 2016 12:30
Freakonomics radio recently asked “What Are Gender Barriers Made Of?”
Tweet : Aug 22nd 2016 08:30
Female millionaires are on the rise (but men are still way ahead)
Tweet : Aug 19th 2016 15:46
After Saatchi & Saatchi boss resigned amid a sexism row, we thought we'd celebrate women over the next week!
Tweet : Jul 21st 2016 09:15
RT @divio: @codeinthehole @TangentSnowball! See you on Aldryn! Feedback warmly welcomed.
Tweet : May 19th 2016 13:19
RT @tangent_labs: A few of the Devs @TangentSnowball are using their lunch break to stay active and go for a run #London
Tweet : Apr 15th 2016 18:02
Team @hatchedlondon making sure the palm trees stay inflated
Tweet : Apr 15th 2016 17:16
Let the #Friday party start. #punchdup @hatchedlondon hosting the drinks with @theduppyshare
Tweet : Mar 7th 2016 15:47
RT @citf_tweet: #RITA2016 #Digital #Project of the Year - Congrats to @pepsico_uk @UnitedBiscuits -
Tweet : Feb 29th 2016 14:53
RT @ModernRetailUK: @TangentSnowball found it takes 12 minutes for customers to purchase #online here are some tips to help them buy https:
Tweet : Feb 19th 2016 15:00
RT @hatchedlondon: Today is the final day that you can vote for us for people's choice for the @Creativepool Awards. Vote for #hatched! htt

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