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RT @TeddyGarland: How was my weekend? It was #RESTful. #computerpun
Tweet : Jan 31st 2017 14:02
RT @SydNadim: Great #job opportunity @UniofHerts to roll out a university-wide incubation service for students and businesses.
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Life plus Linux: Look before you paste from a website to terminal
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RT @SoftwareJokes: I don't enjoy computer jokes - Not one bit.
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RT @Distinctly_Digi: Great game of football against @clock last night. Looking forward to the next one!
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RT @UniofHerts: Last chance to apply! Degree Apprenticeship opportunity with @Clock & UH. Learn & get paid while doing your degree! https:
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At the end of four years, you'll have an accredited degree, four years work experience and no student debt. Bingo. Share with a friend.
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RT @UniofHerts: Degree Apprenticeship opportunity with @Clock and UH. Learn & get paid while doing your degree! Closing date 18 Jan https:/
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Atlassian acquires Trello for $425M via @techcrunch
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We're excited to be working with @Gearbox records to help build a #IoT highend turntable. Get your pledges in now!
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Gartner Launches FrontRunners; a New Type of Quadrant - Anthony Bradley
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New Stairs installed @clock and official opening by @claireWilson31 on her last day! Good luck on your adventures #wemissyoualready
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RT @PrincesTrust: Back in '97, Syd set up @clock - a digital agency. He's created an app which helps people find Secret Santa presents. Giv
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.@SydNadim is our tree angel this year
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RT @SydNadim: A lovely surprise from the guys @GrantThorntonUK for speaking at #hertsltd2016 Thank you I can do it again next week if you
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RT @tallpaul75: Great to hear from @SydNadim from @clock at #HertsLtd2016 - great personal journey and thoughts on #fakenews
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RT @chuck_facts: Chuck Norris can compile syntax errors.
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The Watch Volume 9 - Digital audience growth - Google AMP - Newspapers and online profit - Site speed #GoogleAMP
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RT @Emmahahn1191: We are delighted to announce our guest speaker at #Hertsltd2016 is @SydNadim . If you would like to attend this event, pl
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Can a neural network learn to recognize your doodles? Play Quick, Draw to find out! #aiexperiments #quickdraw
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Christmas is coming so check out our Secret Santa app Spin the Tombola & jingle bells we'll find the perfect pressie
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RT @SydNadim: Congrats to all the students @bournemouthuni graduating today! Proud to be presenting the @clock grad of the year award to As
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RT @emilybfreya: Happy Halloween ????????
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Google now lets you hail an Uber straight from mobile search results
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Everything is fine with JavaScript
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Why is the Telegraph on Amazon’s Echo now without having a clear role for it yet?
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RT @thisismp: Team prepped for the @clock_limited #clocktreasurehunt #teambuilding
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RT @SydNadim: #ClockTreasureHunt

Retail+ - A new online hub for retailers of The Sun and The Times & Sunday Times
(News UK)
A new online hub for retailers of The Sun and The Times & Sunday Times
Creative technology, Digital
A self serve platform for newsagents to specifically help them increase their newspaper sales.
Dec 15th 2016 17:01:45 - Re-designing a news site
(The Jewish Chronicle)
Re-designing a news site
Designing a modern site for the Jewish Chronicle that is a resource hub for the entire community.
Dec 14th 2016 12:49:12
Urbano - What's On App - Urbano
(DC Thomson)
What's On App - Urbano
Creative technology, Digital
Clock have launched a new app to add to our mobile credentials for yet another top client.
Aug 9th 2016 12:20:37
Metro - Mobile APP
Mobile APP
Creative technology, Digital
Creating an engaging mobile app for time poor urbanites for one of the UKs leading publishers
Jul 12th 2016 16:51:39
Bobby Moore Gold Discs -
Bobby Moore Gold Discs
(Brilliant Memorabilia)
Creative technology, Digital
Clock built a ecommerce site to house a limited collection of 1,966 commemorative goal discs.
Jul 7th 2016 11:49:22

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