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Tweet : Jun 20th 2018 14:41
.@DavidSchwimmer talks Super Bowl ads at #CannesLions #OgilvyCannes
Tweet : Jun 20th 2018 14:17
Remember clients are humans too say Anna Qvennererstedt & Silla Levin #cannesLions #OgilvyCannes
Tweet : Jun 20th 2018 12:32
RT @IBM_UK_news: We are delighted to be recognised at #CannesLions2018 for our 2017 #WhatMakesGreat #Wimbledon campaign! Congratulations t
Tweet : Jun 20th 2018 12:21
RT @WPP: ICYMI: why creativity is not on pause in #CannesLions 2018 - @ReadMark @campaignmag: #WPPCannes https://t.
Tweet : Jun 20th 2018 12:21
RT @Ogilvy: Happening Now at #CannesLions –> How Will Generation Z Save Us? @FrancesJSSA of the @UN moderates a conversation with model a
Tweet : Jun 20th 2018 12:21
RT @WPP: Don’t miss our COO @ReadMark in discussion with @meredith_levien @nytimes, @MattBrittin @Google and @speichert @GSK at 2pm tomorro
Tweet : Jun 20th 2018 09:27
Following his panel at #CannesLions we caught up with our CEO @grumpyPRgit to get the lowdown on storytelling in a distrusting world #OgilvyCannes
Tweet : Jun 20th 2018 09:01
Our first win is in! Hugely proud to win a Silver Outdoor Lion in the Innovation - Technology subcategory for our work with @IBM #whatmakesgreat #CannesLions #OgilvyCannes @IBMWatson
Tweet : Jun 19th 2018 17:49
Enough talk - it's time to act! Today at #CannesLions @thandienewton called for action on diversity. More here #OgilvyCannes
Tweet : Jun 19th 2018 16:43
When it comes to YouTube "dive in & have a play" says @hairychesters. We caught up with him following his session at #GoogleBeach #CannesLions today #OgilvyCannes
Tweet : Jun 19th 2018 14:45
RT @ThamKhaiMeng: When we want to persuade someone and move them, we talk to their heart not their head, using stories. #CannesLions #Ogilv
Tweet : Jun 19th 2018 14:44
Goals & plans are important when thinking about your progression - hearing from 'badass leader' @Akon at #canneslions! #ogilvycannes
Tweet : Jun 19th 2018 14:41
RT @Ogilvy: Hackvertising: 5 Steps to Hack Advertising at #CannesLions. #OgilvyCannes
Tweet : Jun 19th 2018 14:40
RT @Ogilvy: The top 5 #virtues that young people value that brands must always remember: 1. Respect 2. Kindness 3. Compassion 4. Honesty
Tweet : Jun 19th 2018 14:40
RT @Campaignmag: . @Ogilvy pledges to hire more senior female creatives globally by @ClaireBeale
Tweet : Jun 19th 2018 14:39
RT @ThinkGoogleUK: Thank you to our #YouTubeWorksforBrands judges @AlisonHoad @BBHblacksheep, @Jenny1997 @CraftyTweeters, @hairychesters @O
Tweet : Jun 19th 2018 13:08
Today's #canneslions shortlist is with our work for IBM #whatmakesgreat in Digital Craft! #OgilvyCannes
Tweet : Jun 19th 2018 11:28
Our own @hairychesters talks storytelling at @google beach #canneslions #OgilvyCannes
Tweet : Jun 19th 2018 11:24
"Be brave & take risks" - @hairychesters on making great work & storytelling #canneslions #OgilvyCannes
Tweet : Jun 19th 2018 08:17
Our Young Lions are at #CannesLions this week! Follow all the action here on Twitter & Instagram with #OgilvyCannes
Tweet : Jun 19th 2018 07:45
"Rapid evolution is the order of the day here at Cannes" says @ThamKhaiMeng #canneslions #ogilvycannes
Tweet : Jun 18th 2018 15:49
RT @ThamKhaiMeng: Creatives need to be restless! You can't spend your life thinking there is a box! #canneslions #ogilvycannes
Tweet : Jun 18th 2018 15:44
A conversation on diversity & creativity with @ThamKhaiMeng @JenRisi @blokedownpub @ClaireBeale #CannesLions #OgilvyCannes
Tweet : Jun 18th 2018 14:16
Our first shortlist is in! IBM #Whatmakesgreat has been shortlisted in Outdoor! Results tomorrow night #CannesLions #OgilvyCannes
Tweet : Jun 18th 2018 14:07
RT @blokedownpub: Just heard we've been Shortlisted for IBM in Outdoor. Great start to Cannes! #OgilvyCannes #OgilvyUK #CannesLions2018 #ib
Tweet : Jun 18th 2018 14:00
"Bringing creativity from artists into the tech world is something beautiful and special" @Snapchat #CannesLions #OgilvyCannes
Tweet : Jun 18th 2018 12:29
There's a business case to be made for greater gender equality - Michael Kimmel, prof sociology & gender studies #canneslions #ogilvycannes
Tweet : Jun 18th 2018 12:06
RT @Ogilvy: "Diversity and inclusion aren't just buzzwords at Ogilvy, they are a part of the very fabric of our culture." -@JenRisi, our Ch
Tweet : Jun 18th 2018 12:05
RT @Ogilvy: How to actually say “#Cannes” RT for bosses, colleagues, friends, and family #CannesLions #OgilvyCannes
Tweet : Jun 18th 2018 12:05
We plunged into the depths of masculinity to find out its impact on creativity - @FaithPopcorn #canneslions #ogilvycannes

Screwfix - Legends of the Game
Legends of the Game
Integrated marketing
‘Legends of the Game’ hails the unsung heroes who share the names of footballing legends
Jun 15th 2018 15:44:55
Boots - Summer Like You're 7
(Boots )
Summer Like You're 7
Integrated marketing
Summer is full of joy and playfulness, especially through the eyes of seven-year-old Livvie....
Jun 11th 2018 12:07:29
Soltan - Be certain with Soltan
Be certain with Soltan
Integrated marketing
Our new campaign raises awareness of the long-term effects of UVA damage:
Jun 11th 2018 11:50:32
Vodafone - V by Vodafone
V by Vodafone
Integrated marketing
To demonstrate Vodafone's new range of smart devices, we follow Martin Freeman on his travels.
Mar 21st 2018 16:12:57
Boots - #ShowThemYouKnowThem
Integrated marketing
A meaningful gift this Christmas can show someone just how much you know them.
Nov 13th 2017 12:23:40

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