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Tweet : Jan 20th 2017 17:15
Get the scoop on Snapchat ’s newest features
Tweet : Jan 20th 2017 12:25
Crystal ballin’: 2019 will bring a renamed Glastonbury. Find out about the change here:
Tweet : Jan 20th 2017 09:10
Real-life experiences are everything for Gen Z, according to @Urban_Nerds’ @LukeaHodson
Tweet : Jan 19th 2017 17:27
Live thru a lens: Instagram has brought live video to their platform in the UK
Tweet : Jan 19th 2017 13:01
Lexus is thinking 700 years into the future with their latest partnership
Tweet : Jan 19th 2017 09:35
#TBT to Airbnb's #LiveThere Haus, a physical space that celebrated the real spirit of the city
Tweet : Jan 18th 2017 18:25
Today’s young people share a clear ambition: they want to be happy. Check out our Young Blood research for more
Tweet : Jan 18th 2017 17:08
.@MindCharity and @percolate_music are turning up the volume and talking about mental health at this panel next week
Tweet : Dec 15th 2016 17:06
@susiebubble Hi Susie, we are working on a project that we thought you would be really interested in! Could we get your contact details? x
Tweet : Dec 15th 2016 11:58
@amylame Hi Amy! Could we possibly grab a contact to discuss an exciting project we're working on here! We think you'll like it! :) x
Tweet : Dec 1st 2016 23:00
As winter draws in, we're throwing back to our work @Converse, stick two fingers up to the weather @creativebrief:
Tweet : Nov 30th 2016 14:00
"By gamifying charity, there is a lot of scope for brands to start fundraising in a new + exiciting way". Read more
Tweet : Nov 30th 2016 10:00
Love this #XmasAd from @72andSunny + @XFINITY. Heartwarming, savvy and tongue in cheek:
Tweet : Nov 29th 2016 10:00
Tech empowerment: how can we game for good? Our brand editor @jade_french explores:
Tweet : Nov 25th 2016 13:00
Big up @creativebrief for a great event @BarbicanCentre it was a pleasure to be involved. #fomo? check it out here:
Tweet : Nov 25th 2016 12:08
Ace sustainable brand @patagonia announced profits from #BlackFriday will be donated to environmental orgs:
Tweet : Nov 25th 2016 11:00
Branding Bud: How Cannabis is Getting Creative. #FridayFeeling from @LeafsBySnoop and beyond:
Tweet : Nov 24th 2016 15:00
#tbt to an interview with one of our favourite artists @WilfridWood:
Tweet : Nov 23rd 2016 17:00
Does our need for instant fashion gratification mean we can't be sustainable too? #AmplifyPresents investigates:
Tweet : Nov 22nd 2016 18:40
Plus our friends @Seed_Marketing1 + @UrbanNerdsCrew are nominated. Share the love @Eventmagazine's Event 100 awards:
Tweet : Nov 22nd 2016 18:39
Give our founder @JonathanEmmins a vote for @Eventmagazine's Event 100 awards. We want to see him blush:
Tweet : Nov 22nd 2016 10:00
Can Fashion Brands Innovate Sustainability? We're inspired by @birdsonglondon, @NobodysChild and @StellaMcCartney:
Tweet : Nov 21st 2016 15:00
Check out our @Google Cardboard and Inside @AbbeyRoad case study on @creativebrief:
Tweet : Nov 18th 2016 15:00
Some top music picks from @coolhunting for all those Friday vibes. From A Tribe Called Quest to The xx:
Tweet : Nov 18th 2016 13:00
.@thehundreds have a new collab with @deathrowmusic – and a badass #FridayMix to celebrate with:
Tweet : Nov 17th 2016 16:27
A #GIF that keeps on giffing... #Throwback @GoogleUK's epic social party this year. Check it out @creativebrief:
Tweet : Nov 16th 2016 14:00
Check out #AmplifyPresents, our blog platform for #marketing #insights and more!
Tweet : Nov 16th 2016 11:37
RT @MissPadidar: Burn Battle School, Moscow 2016. Over and out! #events #ProducerLife #bustarhymes
Tweet : Nov 16th 2016 11:30
How far can we take crowdsourcing in #marketing? Our brand editor @jade_french investigates:
Tweet : Nov 15th 2016 10:00
We're pysched for @HUCKmagazine's photo exhibition. Never-Ending Truths at @71aLondon, Nov 15-19... Check it out:

Sonos - #ListenBetter
Events, Experiential marketing, Integrated marketing
Amplify and Sonos help Londoners #ListenBetter with speaker amnesty...
Nov 14th 2016 12:13:13
Airbnb - #LiveThere Haus
#LiveThere Haus
Events, Experiential marketing, Integrated marketing
Amplify help Airbnb create a behind-the-scenes Berlin, for locals + tourists alike...
Oct 10th 2016 14:59:23
Converse - Converse Custom x Notting Hill Carnival
Converse Custom x Notting Hill Carnival
Events, Experiential marketing, Integrated marketing
Amplify help give carnival a customised Converse touch with influencers, Moxie + Lady Leshurr...
Sep 8th 2016 11:47:45
method - #themethodway
(Method Products)
Events, Experiential marketing, Integrated marketing
Amplify share #themethodway with this quirky film, directed by Abbie Stephens…
Jul 29th 2016 09:43:00
Hunter - The World's Smallest Festival
(Hunter Boot Ltd)
The World's Smallest Festival
Events, Experiential marketing, Integrated marketing
Amplify helped Hunter Boots + GIPHY create classic festival vibes with live music, in a portable loo
Jul 26th 2016 17:25:12

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