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Tweet : Today about 4 hours ago
How @vickimaguire137 - a 'misfit' and an 'outsider' - is shaking up the world of advertising, by @MT_editorial
Tweet : Jan 23rd 2017 10:39
A good start: now even the parody train accounts are taking the piss.
Tweet : Jan 21st 2017 20:51
Talking of signs, this is amazing. The best from @womensmarch #WomensMarch ?????????people, especially women, are awesome
Tweet : Jan 21st 2017 19:14
#yourfaketanisshit @womensmarch today, pic from the lovely @EmmaNabridnyj ?????
Tweet : Jan 20th 2017 15:57
Uncanny. #Inauguration
Tweet : Jan 20th 2017 15:38
Why @realDonaldTrump = Henry VIII, by our very own @MB_Alhadeff #Inauguration #ughhh
Tweet : Jan 19th 2017 11:15
And congratulations to another ex-Grey-er @HollieNuisance, who's just about to have her first book published!
Tweet : Jan 19th 2017 10:23
Massive congrats to Grey alumni Mike Lean, who's joined BBC Creative as its first head of planning
Tweet : Jan 17th 2017 15:03
Tweet : Jan 17th 2017 11:50
@MichaelRaibin @juventusfc Agree. That's the trend, isn't it. Shame one's always at the expense of the other.
Tweet : Jan 17th 2017 11:23
@kero____ Yep. This is a sore subject for me. I'm a West Ham fan.
Tweet : Jan 17th 2017 11:19
@kero____ presume it's either a 'J' and the outline of a shield, a big cartoonish 'J' or an uppercase 'J' and a lowercase 'j' ¯\_(?)_/¯
Tweet : Jan 17th 2017 11:10
@Christ0pher___ @juventusfc 'brand' being the optimum word, there! It's certainly lost some (most) of its charm.
Tweet : Jan 17th 2017 10:59
Football club crest redesigns are all the rage at the moment. @juventusfc's is...bold. Smart? Scandalous?
Tweet : Jan 16th 2017 19:24
RT @Tweet_Dec: #blueMonday
Tweet : Jan 12th 2017 11:44
Best of luck to @OgilvyUK and the rest of the @WPP guys down at Sea Containers House with the @VodafoneUK account.
Tweet : Jan 11th 2017 20:26
@KayBeanZ @banteringben very good.
Tweet : Jan 11th 2017 20:17
Well, today seems as good a day as any to plug this: grind on Trump's face with Hateboards. A @banteringben project
Tweet : Jan 9th 2017 14:48
ECD @vickimaguire137 is judging the 2017 @CreativeReview Annual. Deadline extended to 27 Jan. Get involved:
Tweet : Jan 9th 2017 10:55
'The London tube strike has ended abruptly after commuters stormed trains and instantly mastered the controls.'
Tweet : Jan 5th 2017 11:43
A call to action: forget Dry January. In 2017, let's all live like Keith Richards instead
Tweet : Jan 3rd 2017 15:41
@TheCockTavernE8 I mean, it's not quite as beautifully artistic as that chalkboard sometimes is, but we liked it!
Tweet : Jan 3rd 2017 09:13
@imCellyn hi! Yes, although applications go via the government apprenticeship website, not us directly. See here:
Tweet : Jan 3rd 2017 09:09
We like how this pub realised the potential for a second pun right at the last minute.
Tweet : Dec 22nd 2016 11:51
The FT's @FTAlphaville Person of Interest 2016 longlist is quite something.
Tweet : Dec 20th 2016 12:56
Tomorrow is the darkest day of the year. With LifePaint now available online, it's also a cyclist's time to shine ????
Tweet : Dec 20th 2016 10:06
"Lost in music" ???? - thanks @vonclarke for naming our Bose work his ad of the year in @TheDrum
Tweet : Dec 15th 2016 12:21
Pleased to be named an agency of the year runner up today ????????Congrats @aandeddb @W2Optimism @LuckyGenerals @chiandpartners @saatchilondon!
Tweet : Dec 13th 2016 09:56
RT @GreyLondon: Hey, @WWF; we love your logo. But with climate change causing wildlife numbers to plummet, is it time for a refresh? https:
Tweet : Dec 12th 2016 19:33
RT @Adweek: Grey London wants to change the WWF logo from a panda to a disappearing polar bear:

Lucozade - Lucozade - Made To Move
Lucozade - Made To Move
You were made to move and Lucozade Sport was made to help you.
Nov 8th 2016 08:55:26
Bose - Bose - Get Closer
Bose - Get Closer
Dancer Maëva Berthelot moves alone through the quiet and empty streets of London for Bose.
Nov 4th 2016 12:47:19
Team Refugee - #TeamRefugee - Champions Against All Odds
Team Refugee
(Team Refugee)
#TeamRefugee - Champions Against All Odds
Grey London & SomeSuch tell the story of Team Refugee. The first ever Refugee Olympic Team.
Aug 9th 2016 12:48:18
Advertising, Digital
Jan 20th 2016 11:49:43
Orangina - C'est Shook
C'est Shook
Orangina - C'est Shook
Jan 20th 2016 11:49:38

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