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Tweet : May 23rd 2017 12:40
RT @Campaignmag: Which? appoints @GreyLondon to position it as a campaigning force for consumers
Tweet : May 23rd 2017 12:39
@Oystertweet @WhichUK Cheers guys!
Tweet : May 19th 2017 11:38
RT @Campaignmag: New @marksandspencer ad gives the brand a "youthful, adventurous edge", says @unrulyco in our latest viral review https://
Tweet : May 18th 2017 14:08
RT @BirdsEyeUK: Birds Eye is proud to be a part of tea time for mummies everywhere. Thank you, mums! #solidaritea
Tweet : May 18th 2017 09:56
'Food porn with added pizzazz..there's life after Clean Bandit' thanks @gemma_charles @Campaignmag for making our M&S spot pick of the week!
Tweet : May 16th 2017 15:56
Here's a nice take by Adam Graham of @Kiwi_Gray (no relation!) on our rebrand, and what agencies should stand for
Tweet : May 11th 2017 12:40
Does your food excite you? Does it stir the soul? If it doesn't, then say no. Pick up your knife & fork and get ready to travel #spenditwell
Tweet : May 10th 2017 14:38
RT @WPP: Vote now to watch Martin Sorrell in conversation with @RealRonHoward and Robert Kraft @Patriots at #canneslions
Tweet : May 5th 2017 15:15
When even senders of unsolicited mail get behind your new name and diversity initiative... ????????
Tweet : May 5th 2017 12:22
RT @RiffRaffFilms: Great review from Jason over @davidreviews for our new @marksandspencer spot with @GreyLondon
Tweet : May 4th 2017 11:29
"I’ve been @marksandspencer's biggest fan and biggest critic for years" - @vickimaguire137. Read more about #SpendItWell here ??
Tweet : May 4th 2017 09:23
RT @marksandspencer: Life’s short. Let’s spend it well. #SpendItWell. See what's new here >
Tweet : May 4th 2017 09:16
Life's short. Let's #SpendItWell. Our first work for M&S breaks this morning.
Tweet : Apr 29th 2017 23:06
RT @LucozadeSport: ???????? @anthonyfjoshua #MadeToMove #JoshuaKlitschko #AJBoxing #AJ #AJKlitschko
Tweet : Apr 29th 2017 20:41
Tonight's the night. Go on @anthonyfjoshua! Our biopic film is last up before the fight ????#madetomove #JoshuaKlitchsko @LucozadeSport
Tweet : Apr 29th 2017 15:24
RT @LucozadeSport: From Watford to Wembley @anthonyfjoshua #MadeToMove #JoshuaKlitschko
Tweet : Apr 27th 2017 11:23
Look what's arrived (after getting detained in customs - you couldn't make it up): a 1960s oil painting of Larry Valenstein. Pride of place.
Tweet : Apr 26th 2017 14:10
Three days to fight night. Last night, @anthonyfjoshua was on BBC News discussing his past and our film (23 mins in)
Tweet : Apr 25th 2017 09:24
Hey guys we've found the worst ad you'll see in a while
Tweet : Apr 21st 2017 14:37
Tweet : Apr 21st 2017 14:01
@RAPP_UK Apparently neither of our captains have played before. So that bodes well.
Tweet : Apr 21st 2017 13:58
RT @jinka: This. Is. Fucking. Awesome. Well done Livs. Well done @GreyLondon What a team.
Tweet : Apr 21st 2017 13:58
@jinka Cheers John!
Tweet : Apr 20th 2017 10:59
Tweet : Apr 20th 2017 10:45
Very excited to appoint the fantastic Olivia Browne as MD, and thus completing our (now 58% female!) management team
Tweet : Apr 19th 2017 17:04
SEEN in the office. ¯\_(?)_/¯ (n.b. the second part was, justifiably, added later)
Tweet : Apr 19th 2017 10:06
Nobody ever moved forward standing still. @anthonyfjoshua, from Watford to Wembley #MadeToMove #JoshuaKlitschko @LucozadeSport
Tweet : Apr 18th 2017 17:00
Today, the brilliant Caroline Pay joins @vickimaguire137 in the creative hotseat. Here's an insight into their plans
Tweet : Apr 18th 2017 09:59
"I’m still as scared, hungry, nervous and angry as I ever was..." @vickimaguire137 chats to @Digiday
Tweet : Apr 10th 2017 12:10
We've been enjoying this hilariously scathing piece of writing from @jayrayner1 this weekend. Superb.

Marks & Spencer - Spend it Well - Food
Marks & Spencer
(Marks & Spencer)
Spend it Well - Food
M&S Spend it Well food spot celebrates the power of food to move you emotionally.
May 12th 2017 15:37:34
Marks & Spencer - Spend it Well
Marks & Spencer
(Marks & Spencer)
Spend it Well
‘Spend it Well’ is designed to inspire and enable people to make every moment special.
May 4th 2017 11:45:05
Lucozade - Made To Move - Anthony Joshua
Made To Move - Anthony Joshua
Building on the Lucozade's Made to Move platform, a tribute to the life story of Anthony Joshua.
Apr 18th 2017 13:48:23
Lucozade - Lucozade - Made To Move
Lucozade - Made To Move
You were made to move and Lucozade Sport was made to help you.
Nov 8th 2016 08:55:26
Bose - Bose - Get Closer
Bose - Get Closer
Dancer Maëva Berthelot moves alone through the quiet and empty streets of London for Bose.
Nov 4th 2016 12:47:19

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