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Tweet : Apr 19th 2018 17:11
RT @persuasioncomms: Perry Nightingale on importance of 10% projects; they earn attention; they are original, useful & entertaining; they b
Tweet : Apr 19th 2018 15:24
It’s finally here! We’re talking shop at our Festival of Future Creativity this afternoon #Festival #Future #Creativity #Grey #FOFC
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 12:36
ABSOLUTE STAR! Our own Lex Down has been named by @Campaignmag and @CreativeEquals as a Future Creative Leader. Congrats to all the women on the list who are defining creativity in our industry and shining as much as this springtime sun!
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 11:08
RT @vezre: Great to see @GreyLondon’s Lex Down in this list of excellent women
Tweet : Apr 17th 2018 19:13
RT @CircleUK: Trevor Robinson OBE of @QuietStormAdv will deliver the next @CCUKFoundation Workshop at @GreyLondon h
Tweet : Apr 17th 2018 19:13
RT @Alison_Ralph: Excited to be @GreyLondon tonight for the #SheKnowsSomeone event. #womenincreative #advertising
Tweet : Apr 17th 2018 19:12
RT @FunnyWomenLynne: @GGEatDinner @JoWallaceTweets @JWT_London @GreyLondon @DazeandOrla Thanks @vickimaguire137 for nice @funnywomen plug h
Tweet : Apr 17th 2018 16:02
@jillytooley @McVities Adorable!
Tweet : Apr 13th 2018 14:40
RT @The_Wayback_: Help us help those living with #dementia #Alzheimers remember the happy summer of 1966. Please pledge and help us create
Tweet : Apr 12th 2018 16:13
RT @creativebrief: New #BITEFOCUS Sport is universally, passionately & emotionally unifying, which creates an incomparable platform for bra
Tweet : Apr 11th 2018 11:00
The @UKHouseofLords has called for an investigation of Google and Facebook's digital ad market dominance in a report published today. Grey CEO @leorayman gave evidence alongside industry experts on issues including brexit, talent and the future for adland
Tweet : Apr 11th 2018 09:02
RT @Campaignmag: Lords call for investigation of Google and Facebook's digital ad market dominance
Tweet : Apr 10th 2018 08:36
RT @adsoftheworld: Learn about the latest Which? ad by @GreyLondon: Government's Lack of Urgency on Product Safety Called Out
Tweet : Apr 10th 2018 08:36
RT @TTF_HQ: @The_Wayback_ nominated for a @britisharrows craft award for #VR @GreyLondon @The_Quarry @750mph @MPC_Creative
Tweet : Apr 10th 2018 08:35
RT @Campaignmag: VR project @The_Wayback_ aims to help people living with dementia by immersing them in the happy summer of England's 1966
Tweet : Apr 9th 2018 13:49
RT @LBBOnline: .@GreyLondon's @WhichUK campaign calls for changes to #electric product safety
Tweet : Apr 9th 2018 12:54
Get involved and help change the lives of people with dementia. @The_Wayback_ are raising money to recreate the summer of 1966 to help bring back happy memories for people with Alzheimer's. See for yourself how it changes lives and how you can help
Tweet : Apr 9th 2018 07:48
RT @The_Wayback_: Want to help those living with #dementia #Alzheimers remember the summer of 1966? Help create @The_Wayback_ Pt 2, a #virt
Tweet : Apr 9th 2018 07:47
RT @ad_association: "In order to keep #London creative and competitive, we need policies that make it easier, not harder, to hire people fr
Tweet : Apr 9th 2018 07:47
Some awesome news to start the week with - massive congrats to our insanely talented CCOs @ladypay and @vickimaguire137 for being named as Ad Age Women to Watch Europe 2018 honourees. ????????
Tweet : Apr 6th 2018 15:46
RT @rachsholden: It's so important to understand the legalities of your career as a creative freelancer. Just knowing the basics will save
Tweet : Apr 6th 2018 11:44
RT @ad_association: The #UK & #London particularly is a #global hub for #creative #advertising, #media & #digital #tech services. We intend
Tweet : Apr 5th 2018 14:12
We love a side hustle here @GreyLondon so a huge congrats to our own Creative Director @joseph_ernst for becoming an @TheWebbyAwards honoree for his Sideline Collective's NOTHING ON THE INTERNET project! Try it yourself: #SidelineCollective #Webby
Tweet : Apr 5th 2018 14:07
RT @whatinspires_us: Well done for making people ask it every job @GreyLondon partners with 3% on diversity-focused creative brief https://
Tweet : Apr 4th 2018 17:34
Incredible proof of how creativity can change the world for the better. We couldn't be more proud of our work with @WildAid and many others @CITES @BornFreeFDN @DSWFWildlife @EIA_News @IFAWUK @NRDC @StopIvory @tusk_org @OfficialZSL @TheWCS
Tweet : Mar 29th 2018 13:26
Amazing to hear our CMO @SarahJenko744 talking about why diversity is a real problem in the ad industry. Thanks to @BBCNewsbeat for looking at such an important issue!
Tweet : Mar 29th 2018 11:10
GO SJ! Grey London's CMO, Sarah Jenkins, speaking on @VictoriaLIVE earlier this morning, on whether recent headline making offensive ads could have been made on purpose.
Tweet : Mar 29th 2018 10:56
Happy pretend Friday everyone! Get ready to constantly be unsure of what day it actually is.
Tweet : Mar 28th 2018 10:01
RT @TheDrum: After 3 careers, 5 firings and 1 ‘escort her off the premises’ incident, @GreyLondon's Vicki Maguire believes she's an expert
Tweet : Mar 23rd 2018 12:14
Fuck up, face the failure and move on: @ladypay and @vickimaguire137 stormed it at @AW_Europe with an honest review of the biggest mistakes of their careers. Find out why they think failure is essential for creative futures.

McVitie's - Sweeter Together - Crane
Sweeter Together - Crane
McVitie’s shows how the simple act of sharing a biscuit has the power to bring people together.
Mar 12th 2018 11:19:20
Lucozade Energy - Energy Beats Everything
Lucozade Energy
Energy Beats Everything
After 20 years, Lucozade partners up with Lara Croft again to launch "Energy Beats Everything" spot.
Mar 7th 2018 12:54:22
Birds Eye Fish Fingers - Live Simple
Birds Eye Fish Fingers
(Nomad Foods)
Live Simple
With the brand idea, ‘Live Simple’ Birdseye take a fresh approach to their trademark fish products.
Jan 8th 2018 13:48:30
Marks & Spencer - Paddington And The Christmas Visitor
Marks & Spencer
(Marks & Spencer)
Paddington And The Christmas Visitor
Advertising/Creative, Digital
Our tale of true Christmas spirit with our favourite Paddington Bear.
Nov 8th 2017 18:31:13
Bose - However You Feel - Bliss
However You Feel - Bliss
No matter what you are experiencing or listening to, emotional moments are intensified with Bose.
Nov 8th 2017 18:30:49

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