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Tweet : Dec 14th 2017 15:10
Trend: New wave men’s grooming. Men’s skincare was one of the year’s most-searched beauty trends. New retailers and design objects reflect a sophisticated clientele moving beyond stereotypes #Future100
Tweet : Dec 14th 2017 13:34
The Future 100 charts 10 emerging trends across 10 sectors, spanning marketing, culture, travel and more :
Tweet : Dec 14th 2017 12:42
Thanks @TheMarketingSoc for re-posting this fantastic piece by our CD @JoWallaceTweets giving 9 ways agencies can foster more diverse creative departments.
Tweet : Dec 13th 2017 20:21
Massive props to the our Christmas party organisers. Fantastic effort.
Tweet : Dec 13th 2017 20:15
@jezzalee Definitely not a usurper. Thanks for coming along.
Tweet : Dec 13th 2017 13:25
Early next year, we'll reveal the 2017 predictions that trended this year. Watch this space for more global trends...
Tweet : Dec 13th 2017 10:24
RT @JWTIntelligence: The Innovation Group presents The Future 100, our snapshot of the year ahead and the 100 most compelling trends to kee
Tweet : Dec 13th 2017 08:20
More great ideas from our CD @JoWallaceTweets.
Tweet : Dec 13th 2017 08:20
RT @shesaysuk: Day 34, solution no.34 of #51days51ways is from Jo Wallace, Creative Director at JWT London & Founder of Good Girls Eat Dinn
Tweet : Dec 12th 2017 15:15
Carey Smith, Publishing Director at @EburyPublishing “We are thrilled to be working with both Rachel, clearly a pioneer in her field, and the world-famous branding and communications agency" #FemaleTribes
Tweet : Dec 12th 2017 14:11
"JWT London Signs Book Deal with Virgin Books to Publish The New #FemaleTribes"
Tweet : Dec 12th 2017 13:13
RT @LBBOnline: .@JWT_London and Rachel Pashley sign book deal with Virgin Books to publish The New Female Tribes
Tweet : Dec 12th 2017 12:54
RT @ethicalmarket: J. Walter Thompson London and Rachel Pashley sign book deal with Virgin Books to publish The New Female Tribes https://t
Tweet : Dec 12th 2017 12:10
Our fantastic @RachelP21 has signed a book deal with one of the UK's biggest publishers @virginbooks to write a #Femaletribes book to be launched next year.
Tweet : Dec 12th 2017 10:44
RT @SarahSuch: My big news this week: Huge congrats to @RachelP21 @JWT_London on her publishing deal for #TheNewFemaleTribes with @EburyPub
Tweet : Dec 12th 2017 09:48
#FemaleTribes: "Ebury takes on book 'exploding' gender stereotypes"
Tweet : Dec 12th 2017 09:27
RT @Forge_SP: J Walter Thompson named Campaign Big Awards joint winner for #Experiential in Best of the Best via @c
Tweet : Dec 12th 2017 09:11
RT @marcommnews: .@JWT_London's @RachelP21 sign #book deal with @PenguinRHUK's Virgin Books to publish #TheNewFemaleTribes
Tweet : Dec 12th 2017 09:11
RT @_ZETTELER_: Delighted to find @_thezlist_ and ourselves included in @JWT_London Intelligence's The Future 100: Trends and Change to Wat
Tweet : Dec 11th 2017 09:29
Our #ashtoart campaign for @GSofA picks up the Best of the Best award in Experiential at the @Campaignmag @CampaignBig Awards.
Tweet : Dec 10th 2017 13:04
RT @CreativeEquals: Your Friday night read. And if you want some female creatives, hire a Creative returner.
Tweet : Dec 10th 2017 13:03
RT @alanhorngsa: @jwt_london @GSofA #Mackintosh
Tweet : Dec 8th 2017 17:41
Our #ashtoart campaign picks up the Best of the Best award in Experiential in the @CampaignBig Awards. That's the 20th award this year for the work for @GSofA.
Tweet : Dec 8th 2017 17:15
"Stop limiting the briefs you give teams based on your own judgement of what they might be good at" - @JoWallaceTweets
Tweet : Dec 8th 2017 16:02
"If you don’t have any creatives who aren’t white, male, heterosexuals, return to point 1. " - @JoWallaceTweets for @TheDrum
Tweet : Dec 8th 2017 15:41
"Stop saying the words I just hire the most talented people" - @JoWallaceTweets for @TheDrum on 'What marketing agencies can do right now to make diversity more than just talk'
Tweet : Dec 8th 2017 09:27
"Tindall-gate reaffirmed that a lot of people are sleeping on the job when diversifying creative departments beyond white, pale, stale males." Our CD @JoWallaceTweets gives 9 ways everyone can wake up and do it right.
Tweet : Dec 8th 2017 09:21
A brilliant 16 days of Activism might be coming to an end but that doesn't mean Violence Against Women and Girls is. We still need to #drawaline. Please help us support @UNWomenUK
Tweet : Dec 7th 2017 16:23
Our CD @JoWallaceTweets gives her proactive 9-point plan for making creative departments more diverse and inclusive, turning the diversity conversation into action via @TheDrum
Tweet : Dec 7th 2017 16:18
It’s time to redefine ‘femininity’ and change the narrative around how brands speak to women vi @TheDrum

UN Women - Draw A Line
UN Women
(UN Women)
Draw A Line
Integrated marketing
UN Women and JWT believe violence against women and girls is a line that must not be crossed.
Nov 28th 2017 11:35:09
Debenhams - #YouShall
Integrated marketing
JWT created Debenhams’ most ambitious Christmas work to date with a modern retelling of Cinderella.
Nov 21st 2017 14:11:24
Berocca - Be More Berocca
Be More Berocca
Integrated marketing
Introducing Roccy the body popping chameleon who is energising the nation this Spring #BeMoreBerocca
Mar 30th 2017 14:14:27
International Fund For Animal Welfare - Pups
International Fund For Animal Welfare
Integrated marketing
Raising awareness of an epidemic of breeders and smugglers producing puppies solely for profit
Nov 24th 2016 12:13:17
National Centre For Domestic Violence - #breaktheroutine
National Centre For Domestic Violence
Integrated marketing
Film raising awareness of domestic abuse
Nov 24th 2016 12:13:11

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