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Damien Poelhekke, Managing Director of @madedotcom, is a strong believer in social #commerce & #empowering people by creating unique brand #experiences. Damien will join us on 22 Nov to share his #DTC insights on how to make your brand successful. Book now
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Lesley Cordial, Director Sports Nutrition @FrieslndCampina, is the champion behind the launch of the Vifit Sport brand onto the Dutch market @VifitSportNL. Lesley will be sharing her #DTC tips with us on 22 Nov in Amsterdam. Book tickets at
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RT @ceutagroup: We're delighted to be featuring in Our Future King: Prince Charles at 70, a biography that celebrates the heir to the thron
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On 22 Nov @tm_wallace, CEO of @CuteNutrition, will share with us how his company conquered the #DTC market by helping consumers be healthier, happier & stronger versions of themselves. Book tickets now at
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The monkey business continues, driving us to watch and form an opinion on @IcelandFoods #NoPalmOilChristmas advert. But what are the learnings for other brands? Read our latest thoughts article by @clare_cotton1 at
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#WednesdayWisdom “In the direct-to-consumer channel, we continue to look at the entire world as an extension opportunity for all our brands” - Richard Hayne, CEO Urban Outfitters Join us on 22 Nov as we share our expertise on DTC. Book tickets now ????
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It’s been an inspiring day @thefoodpeople Trends Event. We love this fantastic board summarising today’s talks as illustrated by John Ratford ???? #thefoodpeople
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RT @ameliaboothman: Alessandro Finetto of Whirlpool’s design map is a very interesting visualisation of emerging home design ?@thefoodpeopl
Tweet : Nov 13th 2018 14:58
After lunch by @ChefTomKerridge & the @LushHospitality team, we’ve heard from Kateline Porritt Creative Head at @thefoodpeople with focus on plant-based & Liz Cherry, from @Mville_College talking about the new #vegan movement. #thefoodpeople
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Ian Cranna VP @Starbucks Siren Retail Marketing & Category, shares the Reserve Roastery concept as we enjoy a Starbucks cold brew lemon sour #thefoodpeople ????
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Book your tickets now for our #DTC event in Amsterdam on 22 Nov, where we share #insights on how to build the right strategy to successfully trade your brand directly with consumers. #TuesdayThoughts
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RT @StiritupMag: A brilliant presentation delivering the Social and Cultural Trends that shape the food trends that drive our amazing indus
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This morning @ameliaboothman is discussing the social & cultural forces and drivers in Food & Beverage @thefoodpeople Trends Event @The_RHH in London ????
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.@IcelandFoods has long been the rather surprising pioneer in environmental retailing, leading the way on #GM free & pledging to remove #plastics but does this build a Sustainable Shared #Purpose? Read our thoughts on the new #NoPalmOilChristmas advert
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We're very proud of the beautiful '2019-20 Food & Drink Trends' book we #designed for @thefoodpeople. Looking forward to joining a host of great speakers with interesting #predictions at tomorrows event!
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Is @IcelandFoods advert a brilliant lesson in promoting their #Sustainable Brand Purpose? The 1HQ model says yes... Clare Cotton, 1HQ Associate Director of Brand & Innovation Strategy shares her thoughts on #NoPalmOilChristmas
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Join us 22 Nov in Amsterdam as we explore what it takes to become a successful Direct to Consumer brand & give advice on avoiding common pitfalls and securing brand value. Book tickets now ????
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We hear from Glenn Tutssel on the power of #story telling & the importance of knowing your art history as a designer. #ThursdayThoughts
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RT @EnglishProvCo: Naturally delicious and great with succulent sausages, smoked cheddar and honey roast ham. With just the right blend of
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We're looking forward to #tfptrends18 on 13 Nov where 1HQ Strategy Director, Amelia, will be discussing The ‘Social & Cultural’ forces and drivers in Food and Beverage. ????
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Want to learn how to crack the DTC market? Join us in Amsterdam on 22 Nov as we share insights on how to effectively deliver to the demand for a seamless experience.
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1HQ Communications Strategy Director, Guy, will be speaking at #CeutaC18 on how “connectivity” is becoming integral to the ability of brands, societies, and each other to flourish in the future!
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In the #DTC era expectations are high... as is failure if the brand promise is not evident at every touchpoint of the customer journey. Join us on 22 Nov in Amsterdam as we share key #insights to help your brand succeed in the DTC future. Book tickets:
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We're pretty proud of these colourful tubs, #designed to reflect the disruptive nature of the product & stand out on shelf... or in your freezer! ? Find out more about our work here: #impossiblepossible
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Join us in Amsterdam on 22 Nov alongside guest speakers, @CuteNutrition @madedotcom & @FrieslndCampina, as we uncover the secret of how brands can thrive in a DTC era. Book your tickets now:
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Happy Friday ???? We're delighted to share the news that @Day2DryWash has won in the ‘Consumer Product’ category at the @MeaningCentred Design Awards. Read more @
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What are your thoughts on direct to consumer sales? ???? Bas Van Herten, Managing Director of 1HQ Amsterdam, shares his opinion on the topic:
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Our incredibly talented 1HQ Design Strategy Director has published a book! Find out more & where to download at
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Join us on 22nd Nov in #Amsterdam as we discuss the rise of Direct to Consumer sales & the evolution of #purchase behaviour with speakers from @madedotcom, @MediaMonks and @FrieslndCampina Book your tickets now:
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RT @BrandingInAsia: 1HQ Appoints Karen Cole Creative Director in Singapore @1HQbrandagency
News : Oct 22nd 2018 by Alice Plaskett
As 1HQ Brand Agency expands into South East Asia, Karen Cole has been appointed Creative Director for 1HQ Singapore. Story @

The King of Soho - How do we create a Gin fit for a King?
The King of Soho
(West End Drinks)
How do we create a Gin fit for a King?
Brand strategy, Branding / design
We encapsulated the eclectic and hedonistic values of Soho to bring this new Gin brand to life.
Oct 15th 2018 15:32:55
St Ives - How do you plant yourself as a sensorial experience?
St Ives
(Unilever )
How do you plant yourself as a sensorial experience?
Brand strategy, Branding / design
Using nature’s vitality in a contemporary pack design to build credibility with millennial consumers
Aug 1st 2018 16:08:54
Origins  - How do we breathe new life into the garden?
How do we breathe new life into the garden?
Branding / design
Introducing Origins, a new brand born from the desire for clean and natural living.
May 14th 2018 12:23:33
The English Provender Co. - How do we avoid a pickle and create a brand to relish?
The English Provender Co.
How do we avoid a pickle and create a brand to relish?
Branding / design
By rejuvenating the packaging design and brand identity we helped EPC to regain premium position.
Apr 25th 2018 11:06:54
InterContinental Hotels  - How can we make IHG’s new Slovenian hotel the place to be?
InterContinental Hotels
(InterContinental Hotels Group plc, )
How can we make IHG’s new Slovenian hotel the place to be?
Branding / design
Creating a new visual identity and introducing premium cues to communicate the hotel's quality.
Apr 17th 2018 14:16:37

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