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Tweet : Aug 14th 2018 09:11
@Pau_Marques @YouTube Cheers Pau!
Tweet : Jul 26th 2018 14:39
The non-alcoholic drinks category has boomed in recent years but a lack of mental availability and innovative distribution threaten to slow its success. Read here: #softdrinks #fmcg #marketing #brand #neverquiet
Tweet : Jul 25th 2018 15:00
WATCH: What happens when you customise an airport buggy and give the keys to an action movie stunt driver? Take a look at how we launched the new Star Alliance Connection Service for the World’s largest airline alliance: #Marketing #Airlines #Travel
Tweet : Jul 19th 2018 14:23
A insightful look at the way retail brands should structure their business from our CEO, Jon Goulding. #neverquiet #brand #marketing #retail #service
Tweet : Jun 29th 2018 09:29
Our striking new brand campaign for Britain's best newspaper – @theipaper features in @Campaignmag today.
Tweet : Jun 27th 2018 17:27
RT @freedmanagency: Seems like only yesterday we we're selecting our Top 20! Now we are 2 days away from the F.I.T. final! Here's how @Atom
Tweet : Jun 26th 2018 12:44
@LinoCarbosiero Thanks for the re-tweet @LinoCarbosiero, Atomic developed the app over the past year with a number of key partners. We would love to tell you more about the app and how it could make a difference if you had 10 minutes...
Tweet : Jun 19th 2018 15:55
@freedmanagency @MCSaatchiLondon We're working on it!
Tweet : Jun 6th 2018 12:52
RT @TheDrum: If new business wants more respect, it needs to become more proactive, @Atomic_London's Jack Williams writes
Tweet : Jun 5th 2018 17:14
@IamPaulWhiting @paddypower @MetroUK Here is what we think Paul...
Tweet : Jun 4th 2018 09:04
RT @DigidayAwards: “Connecting Cultures” took us on a unique journey filled with new experiences. Congrats to @WSJCS and @NatGeo for winnin
Tweet : Jun 4th 2018 09:03
Incredibly happy to have won another award for the Connecting Cultures documentary series featuring @reidontravel. ???? Special thanks to @WSJCS
Tweet : May 24th 2018 14:16
Super interesting panel hosted by @LucyJameson_ @WACL_Gather @WACL1 on setting up your own business
Tweet : May 24th 2018 09:08
We're very excited to be @WACL_Gather today, bring it on! @WACL1
Tweet : May 11th 2018 13:22
Out today. Our hard-hitting new campaign for NSPCC, directed by Chris Palmer.
Tweet : May 1st 2018 14:24
Another nice bit of coverage from The Drum for our Peperami promotion. #neverquiet #peperami #brand #activation #marketing
Tweet : May 1st 2018 10:20
RT @Campaignmag: Peperami's 'animal' is back. The reboot sees the character visit Thorpe Park and Alton Towers in a new ad campaign by @Ato
Tweet : May 1st 2018 10:00
Nice to see the first glimpse of our work on Peperami going live, a great promotional campaign with Merlin's Thorpe Park and Alton Towers. The two TV spots feature a newly animated 'animal' fresh for the brand re-launch later this year. #neverquiet #marketing #FMCG #peperami
Tweet : Apr 19th 2018 12:11
RT @freshawards: Meet Our Judges: The amazing @Guy_Atomic is Founding Creative Partner of @Atomic_London and will be joining us as one of o
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The pleasure is all ours!
Tweet : Apr 13th 2018 17:02
What are your thoughts on Facebook? Is it time for brands to unfriend Facebook?
Tweet : Apr 11th 2018 08:21
Fox on the run. @Nick_Atomic
Tweet : Apr 5th 2018 12:40
RT @dervnewbold: What a day. The lovely folk at @Atomic_London extend our freelance stay. Newspaper Client likes our new campaign then live
Tweet : Mar 22nd 2018 20:30
@MAA @robantonycope Great day had all round! Thanks again! ????
Tweet : Mar 22nd 2018 13:57
We are so delighted to have won the Not For Profit award for the @MAA #DoDifferent Awards for @RememberCharity's Last Pirate FM!
Tweet : Mar 22nd 2018 13:44
RT @robantonycope: Woo hoo!! Well done @Atomic_London. Absolutely delighted that our @RememberCharity campaign is a winner! See you in a co
Tweet : Mar 22nd 2018 13:44
Tweet : Mar 22nd 2018 13:42
Another great win for Atomic at the MAA #dodifferentawards for our work with Remember A Charity. Check the campaign out here: #neverquiet #advertising
Tweet : Mar 20th 2018 17:53
Delighted to say that we are finalists in the @MAA #DoDifferentAwards!
Tweet : Mar 14th 2018 15:48
Hey @VirginTrains, thought you might want a read of this... #neverquiet #virgintrains #Avocard

Star Alliance - Connection Service
Star Alliance
(Star Alliance)
Connection Service
Advertising/Creative, Brand strategy, Integrated marketing
What happens when you customise an airport buggy and give the keys to an action movie stunt driver?
Jul 25th 2018 15:45:57
Hunch - The early warning app
The early warning app
Advertising/Creative, Brand strategy, Integrated marketing
Hunch is an app built to help fight against knife crime. The app was created and built by Atomic.
Jul 10th 2018 14:27:36
NSPCC - 'Guardians'
Advertising/Creative, Brand strategy, Integrated marketing
A hard-hitting advertising campaign for the NSPCC’s legacy platform.
May 11th 2018 14:27:33
Peperami - The Animal is Back (Merlin Promotion)
(Jack Links)
The Animal is Back (Merlin Promotion)
Advertising/Creative, Brand strategy, Integrated marketing
Campaign to launch a promotional offer for Peperami with Merlin Entertainments.
May 2nd 2018 10:00:21
Remember A Charity - Last Pirate FM
Remember A Charity
(Remember A Charity)
Last Pirate FM
Advertising/Creative, Brand strategy
Bringing back the sound of the swinging 60s to raise awareness for Remember a Charity week in style.
Sep 15th 2017 13:01:16

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