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Tweet : Mar 14th 2018 15:48
Hey @VirginTrains, thought you might want a read of this... #neverquiet #virgintrains #Avocard
Tweet : Mar 14th 2018 08:00
Increasingly, consumers are turning to brands that demonstrate a brand purpose beyond profit. Brands that are using their position to push change are finding success over their competitors. #neverquiet #marketing #lacoste #starbucks
Tweet : Mar 8th 2018 20:30
#ThrowbackThursday It's always nice to see you logo up on the big stage at The @IMAX. It is even better when it is for a great reason. Can't wait to launch the Canvey not Cannes initiative. #neverquiet #canveynotcannes
Tweet : Mar 7th 2018 15:44
Sit back and pour yourself a cold one. We've taken a look at some of the latest campaigns in the beer category. Enjoy. #neverquiet #brand #marketing #beer
Tweet : Mar 2nd 2018 15:31
@innocent @innocent when is the new dates? We'll do the invites...
Tweet : Mar 2nd 2018 15:23
Great little animation of the @southbankcentre from @maxsizeland #animation #neverquiet
Tweet : Feb 27th 2018 13:34
RT @MAA: 2/3 This year #DoDifferent award winners’ trophies will be delivered to agencies – shortlist for a visit 22 March afternoon catego
Tweet : Feb 21st 2018 12:52 Is social media changing the fabric of society? We take a look at the current state of our social media channels and how it is no longer the 'safe haven' we once knew. #marketing #brand #socialmedia #content #advertising #neverquiet #psychology #trend
Tweet : Feb 20th 2018 09:00
Atomic's latest thoughts on the snacking industry:
Tweet : Feb 13th 2018 09:00
'Snacking is the new fuel of modern culture':
Tweet : Feb 12th 2018 08:45
“Chocolate can serve as the fundamental dose of necessary relaxation in an intense world full of noise. It’s time for chocolate to grow into this fresh definition and its time for chocolate brands to start shouting about it.”
Tweet : Feb 6th 2018 09:00
'Snacking is the new fuel of modern culture'
Tweet : Feb 5th 2018 12:09
RT @RememberCharity: Very excited that our Last Pirate FM campaign has made the #DoDifferent Awards shortlist!
Tweet : Feb 1st 2018 15:00
A huge opportunity for chocolate brands...? #neverquiet #marketing #chocolate #snacking #brand #Content
Tweet : Jan 31st 2018 10:08
A great start to 2018! We are delighted to announce that we are shortlisted for 3 awards in the @MAA #DoDifferent Awards!
Tweet : Jan 30th 2018 09:00
Take a look at our latest report on the snacking industry:
Tweet : Jan 26th 2018 08:50
'Snacking is the New Fuel of Modern Culture': #snack #chocolate #Marketing #contentmarketing #trend
Tweet : Jan 25th 2018 16:30
Is your creative agency working hard enough for your brand?
Tweet : Jan 25th 2018 09:25 Wow, this looks amazing @dotdotdot_UK. "Where hyperreality and virtual reality meet a multi-sensory experience with immersive technologies." Who wants to come with us? #VirtualReality #AugmentedReality #live #Marketing #theatre
Tweet : Jan 23rd 2018 10:30
We are so sad to hear of the passing of Hugh Masekela. A true legend, it was an honour to work with him. RIP.
Tweet : Jan 23rd 2018 09:08
Tweet : Jan 12th 2018 12:30
Tweet : Jan 12th 2018 11:23
"The definition of snacking is in flux. Snacking is no longer a bad or indulgent taboo. It is the essential fuel of modern culture." #brand #marketing #content
Tweet : Jan 11th 2018 15:01 #marketing #MarketingStrategy #brand #beer #thoughtoftheday #neverquiet
Tweet : Jan 10th 2018 12:48
RT @MAA: #GreenJam underway, @Richard_Atomic @Atomic_London in full flow
Tweet : Jan 9th 2018 14:52
Is your creative agency working hard enough for your brand? Here are five questions to ask yourself to discover whether you and your agency are pulling in the same direction... #brand #creative #agency
Tweet : Jan 8th 2018 10:46
RT @reidontravel: The highlight of my 2017 was hosting these five @StarAlliance videos:
Tweet : Jan 5th 2018 13:29
@MAA @worldofinitials Looking forward to it @MAA
Tweet : Dec 19th 2017 14:28
When a 3D TV you don’t need glasses for comes into the agency. #canwekeepit #christmascameearly

Remember A Charity - Last Pirate FM
Remember A Charity
(Remember A Charity)
Last Pirate FM
Advertising/Creative, Brand strategy
Bringing back the sound of the swinging 60s to raise awareness for Remember a Charity week in style.
Sep 15th 2017 13:01:16
i - For a concise, quality election
(Johnston Press)
For a concise, quality election
If party leaders wore their policies.
May 26th 2017 13:27:51
Star Alliance - Connecting Cultures with Robert Reid
Star Alliance
(Star Alliance)
Connecting Cultures with Robert Reid
Advertising/Creative, Brand strategy, Integrated marketing
Inspiring people to discover new cultural experiences in places they have been to many times before.
May 16th 2017 09:05:52
The i newspaper - Sponsors Dave
The i newspaper
(Johnston Press)
Sponsors Dave
Advertising/Creative, Brand strategy
We put the 'i' centre stage in our campaign to drive awareness with a witty take on current events.
Mar 28th 2017 13:28:58
Cancer Research UK - Because of You
Cancer Research UK
(Cancer Research UK)
Because of You
Celebrating the mums who are still being mums because of Cancer Research UK’s amazing supporters.
Mar 14th 2017 13:14:37

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