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Tweet : May 5th 2017 11:32
.@LinkedInUK thanks for a helpful and insightful morning!
Tweet : Mar 23rd 2017 16:30
Day one, featuring a moody bedroom, an abundance of bubbles and big hair. #Advertising #therapyagency
Tweet : Mar 22nd 2017 23:31
Final prep for our new Arm & Hammer shoot tomorrow. Watch this space...
Tweet : Mar 22nd 2017 16:44
Instagram to roll out shopping feature internationally in the coming months. Exciting news for brands!
Tweet : Mar 9th 2017 20:03
Fantastic to meet the OTC team @OTCAwards
Tweet : Mar 9th 2017 11:47
Looking forward to tonights @OTCAwards. Did our Give Toothache the Finger campaign for Orajel pack a punch?
Tweet : Mar 6th 2017 19:01
Our new campaign for @PearlDropsUK is now live! #ThisIsReal
Tweet : Feb 15th 2017 11:33
Very much enjoyed the incredible, inspiring talk this morning from @jeremywaite at the @Hootsuite_UK #hootsocialbreakfast.
Tweet : Feb 15th 2017 11:31
"Likes don't pay bills." - Sid Mankour from @facebook at the @Hootsuite_UK #hootsocialbreakfast
Tweet : Jan 27th 2017 17:13
Chuffed to see that our work for Orajel 'Finger Fighters' has been shortlisted for Best Campaign on a Small Budget at the @OTCAwards!
Tweet : Jan 19th 2017 09:33
#SaveOurStuff hits the Metro. Take the poll!
Tweet : Jan 17th 2017 17:41
#SaveOurStuff: the first element of our campaign with the NLWA encouraging recycling in North London.
Tweet : Jan 9th 2017 20:41
An interesting look back at video trends in 2016 and what the future holds for 2017:
Tweet : Nov 23rd 2016 17:38
'Video is where the fun takes place.' - @TheLadBible on the power and the future of content. #socialtherapy
Tweet : Nov 23rd 2016 17:14
'In 2016 there have been more searches for #GameofThrones than #climatechange.' - YouTube @ #socialtherapy
Tweet : Nov 23rd 2016 16:34
'The emphasis should be on quality of content rather than followers and quantity.' - @pulsar_social on social listening. #socialtherapy
Tweet : Nov 23rd 2016 15:45
'The audience will reject anything that's not authentic.' - @teamgleam on the power of influence in social media. #socialtherapy
Tweet : Nov 23rd 2016 15:07
All geared up for a day of #socialtherapy
Tweet : Nov 16th 2016 18:21
Therapy meets @BritishVogue #InsideVogue
Tweet : Nov 15th 2016 16:35
Just finished shooting our next TV campaign...We can already hear the clippety-clop of clogs coming your way!
Tweet : Nov 9th 2016 20:36
Mannequin challenge, Therapy style. #mannequin #mannequinchallenge #therapy #agencylife
Tweet : Nov 3rd 2016 14:44
Creative research fun at the @NPGLondon with @BradieLewis1
Tweet : Oct 26th 2016 13:09
Super creative intern Dani has fallen in love with Bruce, who wouldn't!
Tweet : Oct 25th 2016 22:01
Super proud of the team, great to see our work in the latest @LuerzersArchive
Tweet : Oct 14th 2016 15:43
Our 2016 Orajel campaign, Give Toothache the Finger, has been featured in @LuerzersArchive latest issue.Check it out
Tweet : Oct 11th 2016 11:59
RT @BrandRepublic: Facebook has launched email killer "Workplace" - previously known as Facebook at Work https://t.
Tweet : Sep 28th 2016 16:23
...and to chairman @HarveyFretten for 'longest drive'. Good game!
Tweet : Sep 28th 2016 16:22
Congrats to Fretten Society golf weekend double winner @georgelangham, winning both days 1 & 2, as well as the prize for 'nearest the pin'!
Tweet : Sep 28th 2016 11:55
Big congrats to our very own @alice_rose92 on her @Buzz_Awards nomination! The office is currently filled with moves like this in her honour
Tweet : Sep 26th 2016 16:06
RT @thisisdare: Snapchat isn't called Snapchat anymore. It's called Snap. Yep, the future is here and it's hipster shaped. #Snap https://t

Arm & Hammer - You Can Do Better
Arm & Hammer
(Church & Dwight)
You Can Do Better
Digital, Integrated marketing
Arm & Hammer's new Life Coach is on a mission to convince people they can do better.
Apr 12th 2017 19:12:59
Femfresh - Feels Like Femfresh
Feels Like Femfresh
Integrated marketing
Multi-media launch of the New Intimate Shaving Collection from Femfresh.
Mar 24th 2017 13:38:35
Pearl Drops - Pearl Drops - Real Whitening
Pearl Drops
(Pearl Drops)
Pearl Drops - Real Whitening
Integrated marketing
Pearl Drops hits 2017 with a major integrated campaign that celebrates smiles of all shapes & sizes.
Mar 6th 2017 13:46:49
NLWA - Save Our Stuff
(North London Waste Authority)
Save Our Stuff
Integrated marketing
Save Our Stuff makes the benefits of recycling more tangible and motivating for millennials.
Jan 17th 2017 11:35:24
Nair - Nair Smooth Styling
Nair Smooth Styling
Pairing beauty & fashion content with a smart social media plan. Result? A sales uplift of 104%
Jan 9th 2017 13:32:00

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