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Tweet : Mar 28th 2017 15:04
Photo-session in The Roost - Chris does it with one hand. #skillz
Tweet : Mar 24th 2017 11:29
RT @WKDOfficial: Flip it ????
Tweet : Mar 23rd 2017 14:17
If you need a local steer on what's hot, where's good or what not to order, ask @BrayLeinoSg
Tweet : Mar 22nd 2017 15:27
Looking for somewhere great to work? We've got #marketingjobs for excellent people.
Tweet : Mar 20th 2017 12:00
RT @BradleyStacey: @kcox16 @brayleino I'd love to see what we can do with @WeChatApp as an outbound channel for marketing automation
Tweet : Mar 20th 2017 11:45
RT @TefalUK: Which type of spring cleaner are you?
Tweet : Mar 20th 2017 09:59
Doing business in China? We need to talk about WeChat.
Tweet : Mar 16th 2017 11:35
RT @WKDOfficial: Totally NKD.
Tweet : Mar 16th 2017 10:47
RT @markritson: Deloitte confirm death of TV in USA also officially cancelled. They also explain why.
Tweet : Mar 16th 2017 10:18
RT @TheGrocer: Logistics firm Wincanton secures five-year contract with UK retail chain Wilko.
Tweet : Mar 14th 2017 09:34
RT @BrayLeinoYucca: This girl is loving her VR at @googlefiber #sxsw #googlefiber #googlecardboard
Tweet : Mar 13th 2017 13:47
Grabbing the #OTCAwards by the horns with Covonia.
Tweet : Mar 10th 2017 16:20
Pow! Best Social Media at the #OTCAwards Here it is:
Tweet : Mar 10th 2017 10:18
Already best in show. #OTCawards 'Best Social Media' winner last night!
Tweet : Mar 9th 2017 23:20
Best social media #winners @OTCAwards Congratulations Thornton Ross and @Covonia #OTCawards
Tweet : Mar 9th 2017 23:20
Hanging with @Halcruttenden @OTCAwards
Tweet : Mar 9th 2017 22:46
RT @OTCAwards: Best OTC social media award for @covoniauk - well done!
Tweet : Mar 9th 2017 15:47
We're up for no less than 7 gongs at tonight's #OTCAwards. Good luck to everyone. Should be a belter!
Tweet : Mar 9th 2017 11:02
RT @MarketingB2B: The top 75 B2B marcomms agencies, along with their incomes, have been revealed @amazeltd @OLIVER_
Tweet : Mar 9th 2017 10:56
Sound advice from @vickimaguire137 on the importance of all-round diversity in creative depts, & the danger of hiring to type #adfest100
Tweet : Mar 9th 2017 10:45
Is this the era of gender-free advertising? Has it gone too far? Current debate on stage is lively. #adfest100
Tweet : Mar 9th 2017 10:34
@vickimaguire137 enlightens the crowd; beware the 'pound game'. Cue gasps all round ???? Thankful for changed times! #adfest100
Tweet : Mar 9th 2017 10:23
@FayWeldonWriter on women in advertising 'back in the day': 'I only got the job because my boyfriend was a writer there'. #adfest100
Tweet : Mar 9th 2017 10:17
This morning we've hit #adfest100. Great line up. These women ROCK.
Tweet : Mar 9th 2017 10:10
.@asifkapadia rewriting the rules on how to develop a great commercial for #Burberry @MWL2017 #MWL17
News : Mar 9th 2017 by Matt Henkes
Gold in the OTC Awards for Covonia: Feel the Power. Read more:
Tweet : Mar 8th 2017 17:51
Epic #adbreakers in the can. Starring @nicola65536699 @TheDrum. Thanks @DollyDeighton
Tweet : Mar 8th 2017 15:24
@the7stars wasn't House of Cards originally written in the early 1990s, then rebooted by Netflix?
Tweet : Mar 8th 2017 15:06
.@tpoynter Great article. Kent? imagine how good an agency in North Devon is to succeed and grow for over 40 yrs
Tweet : Mar 8th 2017 14:56
This is the real challenge ahead for the marketing industry, in whatever area you work in #isbaconf
Tweet : Mar 8th 2017 11:50
.@ISBAsays Chat around 3yr contracts. With cost of pitching + investing in the win, Agency only gets payback in yr 3 #BrokenSystem #ISBAconf
News : Jan 19th 2017 by Matt Henkes
We're in the top 3 B2B Agencies for the fifth year running
News : Dec 16th 2016 by Matt Henkes
We decided to do something to make a difference this Xmas:
News : Nov 17th 2016 by Matt Henkes
Our head of social media started a hugely successful campaign to raise money for Refuge, find out more:
News : Apr 28th 2016 by Matt Henkes
We've appointed a new Executive Creative Director Nicola Roberts. Read more:

Crabtree - The product of our obsession
The product of our obsession
Advertising/Creative, Integrated marketing
A B2B campaign that cuts through like nothing else in its category.
Feb 20th 2017 15:09:43
Covonia - Feel the Power
(Thornton & Ross)
Feel the Power
Advertising/Creative, Integrated marketing
Have you got the bottle to 'Ride the Bull'?
Nov 21st 2016 12:08:53
Jägermeister - Zombie takeover #JagerZombie
Zombie takeover #JagerZombie
Integrated marketing
UK pubs and bars turned into scenes of zombie apocalypse this Halloween:
Oct 28th 2016 09:10:27
Golden Wonder - In Your Face
Golden Wonder
In Your Face
Advertising/Creative, Integrated marketing
Golden Wonder returns to TV with a bang, launching a new cmapaign designed to shake up the category.
Oct 13th 2016 13:36:37
Rodda's Cornish Clotted Cream - A brand match made in heaven
Rodda's Cornish Clotted Cream
A brand match made in heaven
Integrated marketing
Making Rodda’s the ‘official cream of British Tennis’.
Sep 12th 2016 12:43:07

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