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Tweet : May 25th 2018 17:23
Ahead of her #Nudgestock2018 talk we chat to @ProfRuthMorgan about the misinterpretation of forensic evidence
Tweet : May 25th 2018 12:02
It's GDPR day! Find out what this means for B2B marketing from Paul King & Duncan Butt
Tweet : May 25th 2018 11:13
Proud to have attended the launch of @mindshare_uk Roots this week, as our Roots network expands to champion greater cultural & ethnic diversity within our industry.
Tweet : May 25th 2018 11:04
Catch the highlights from #healthBOT2018, the first 'chatbot' conference dedicated to AI, messaging & chatbots for health & wellness in the UK here
Tweet : May 24th 2018 19:00
RT @FloWare90: Team Boots @OgilvyUK at #waclgather
Tweet : May 24th 2018 16:45
Our own Liz Stanbridge has gone to tremendous effort raising money for Many Ogilvy Hands' charity project in Nepal with @INeedsUK - reported in local paper @Woking_NewsMail Our next team of volunteers leave for Nepal next week - stay tuned for updates...
Tweet : May 24th 2018 13:02
We chat to @NAChristakis, named one of the most influential people in the world, ahead of his #Nudgestock2018 talk on using social networks for good
Tweet : May 24th 2018 12:21
RT @alexririe: Standing room only at the #innovationzone @londonwinefair - using psychology to sell.
Tweet : May 24th 2018 12:21
RT @alexririe: Big up the men that turned up! Diversification of thought leadership is EVERYONE’S concern, not just women’s. #LWF18 @Regin
Tweet : May 24th 2018 12:19
Ahead of his talk at #Nudgestock2018, we catch up with @MichaelPawlyn to learn about the beauty of biomimicry
Tweet : May 24th 2018 12:00
Want to supercharge your online dating skills? We catch up with online dating expert @internet_dating to talk the psychology of Internet dating ahead of his talk at #Nudgestock2018
Tweet : May 24th 2018 11:11
RT @prweekuknews: PR superstars – another shout for this year's 30 Under 30 list: @KetchumUK @WS_London @OgilvyUK @
Tweet : May 23rd 2018 16:03
RT @ColeyPorterBell: This week, our Managing Partner, @alexririe joined a panel discussion at the #LWF18, along side @joefattorini, @Andy_M
Tweet : May 22nd 2018 21:53
RT @ritters90: On now .. Alexandra Newman showcasing examples of the pioneering @OgilvyUK is doing in the chatbot arena for public health E
Tweet : May 22nd 2018 21:52
RT @ritters90: On now .. Lexi Kaplan from @convershealth educating us on how to build a successful chatbot for healthcare @OgilvyUK #health
Tweet : May 22nd 2018 21:52
RT @ritters90: Everyone is still here and hopefully learning something new about chatbots in health @OgilvyUK #healthBOT2018
Tweet : May 22nd 2018 17:10
RT @OgilvyRED: .@convershealth's Lexi Kaplin closes the #healthbot2018 event with an insightful session on Building the #Health Bot Canvas
Tweet : May 22nd 2018 16:47
“The days of build it and they will come, from a chatbot perspective, are over.” Lexi Kaplan of @convershealth covers tips on chatbot development in health #healthBOT2018
Tweet : May 22nd 2018 16:20
Mike McFadden delves into what drives a great user experience in the healthcare space #healthbot2018
Tweet : May 22nd 2018 15:43
RT @ritters90: Adam from @Infermedica on now talking about their amazing platform @OgilvyUK #healthBOT2018
Tweet : May 22nd 2018 15:43
RT @ColeyPorterBell: @alexririe discussing the importance of diversity within the wine industry on a panel at the @londonwinefair #diversit
Tweet : May 22nd 2018 15:43
RT @OgilvyRED: .@adahealth is constantly learning to hyper-personalize your chatbot experience, but they put trust first. #healthcare #phar
Tweet : May 22nd 2018 14:38
Dr. Vishaal Virani @adahealth takes the #healthBOT2018 stage to unveil why the healthcare app was created
Tweet : May 22nd 2018 14:36
RT @ritters90: De. Vishaal Virani introducing us to @adahealth @OgilvyUK #healthbot2018
Tweet : May 22nd 2018 14:14
How do we get people to trust AI in the same way they trust a doctor? Jonathan Carr-Brown @yourdotmd on healthcare tech #HealthBOT2018
Tweet : May 22nd 2018 14:04
RT @ritters90: Jonathan Carr-Brown speaking about @yourdotmd regaling is about how he got into the business @OgilvyUK #HealthBOT2018 https
Tweet : May 22nd 2018 13:51
RT @OgilvyRED: "People are trying to master artificial intelligence and chatbots to interact with humans" - @ritters90 #healthBOT2018 @Ogil
Tweet : May 22nd 2018 13:50
Healthcare brands can now talk to millions of customers altogether via bots says Dr John Reeves on new opportunities for healthcare companies #healthBOT2018
Tweet : May 22nd 2018 13:45
When it comes to AI and bots in healthcare, the human touch still matters says @ritters90 #healthBOT2018
Tweet : May 22nd 2018 13:39
RT @OgilvyRED: Why are chatbots great for Healthcare? They are instant and painless. @ritters90 shaking up the room. #healthBOT2018 @Ogilvy

Vodafone - V by Vodafone
V by Vodafone
Integrated marketing
To demonstrate Vodafone's new range of smart devices, we follow Martin Freeman on his travels.
Mar 21st 2018 16:12:57
Boots - #ShowThemYouKnowThem
Integrated marketing
A meaningful gift this Christmas can show someone just how much you know them.
Nov 13th 2017 12:23:40
VOXI - Endless Connections
Endless Connections
Integrated marketing
VOXI is Vodafone's youth offering - our new brand platform puts youth generated content at the heart
Oct 17th 2017 12:30:22
Kronenbourg - Le Scarecrow Suprême
Le Scarecrow Suprême
Integrated marketing
Le Scarecrow Suprême will stop at nothing to guard the unique Strisslespalt hops that make up 1664.
Oct 17th 2017 12:30:06
Bacardi - No Commission
No Commission
Integrated marketing
A series of global events to celebrate and reignite Bacardi's deep heritage in art and music.
Oct 17th 2017 12:26:16

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