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Tweet : Jan 19th 2017 15:05
we did miss your input @dukelovesfergie
Tweet : Jan 18th 2017 15:05
Looks like 2017 could just be the year that @Pinterest takes on the giants of social advertising:
Tweet : Jan 18th 2017 09:25
Is the only purpose of advertising to present a brand or product in a world saturated by options?
Tweet : Jan 18th 2017 09:22
4 Questions To Help Leaders Define Their Brand #TheInnovationMentality via @Entrepreneur by @GlennLlopis
Tweet : Jan 16th 2017 17:19
8 Top Hashtag Mistakes and How to Avoid Them via @socialmedia2day
Tweet : Jan 16th 2017 17:10
RT @Creativepool: Disney Dream Big Princess #CPSpotlight by @www.stephenfirth, @Gravitythinking, Martyn Gooding htt
Tweet : Jan 13th 2017 14:14
Great start to the year !
Tweet : Jan 12th 2017 13:30
Great new inspiring work from Hyundai Motor UK for a dull and dismal January
Tweet : Jan 12th 2017 12:46
AI Robot rights! ????????? MEP's vote on whether to give robots legal status as "electronic persons" v @janewakefield @BBC
Tweet : Jan 12th 2017 12:29
Social Media News -> Facebook will let Pages broadcast live videos from desktop web via @marketingland
Tweet : Jan 12th 2017 12:28
2017 is the Year of Emotional Intelligence #AWHub
Tweet : Jan 12th 2017 10:08
Things got #virtuallyreal at the @RoyalAcademy last night... forget looking at art... you can live it ????
Tweet : Jan 11th 2017 16:25
RT @PAceleron: So we got to chat with @GravityThinking and @Hyundai_UK recently. Had a great convo about @PAceleron 's work ! https://t.c
Tweet : Jan 10th 2017 10:51
Really enjoyed making this ???? BIG thanks to @tomreader, Carlton of @PAceleron, @beccacaddy and Chris of @hackneycityfarm - More to come!
Tweet : Jan 10th 2017 10:41
Cheers! #CPSpotlight
Tweet : Jan 9th 2017 13:33
@Amywilsonhardy Hey! We've got an innovative project on with a global brand & would love to chat with you about a potential collaboration?
Tweet : Jan 9th 2017 11:43
Some great principles here that everyone should resolve to follow in 2017 - let's do this !
Tweet : Jan 9th 2017 11:06
"How real do our brains think VR really is?" Insightful @wearable article on violence in VR by @beccacaddy -????
Tweet : Jan 9th 2017 10:51
@SighSam Hey, just checking you got our email last week? We'd really love to feature you in this project. All cool if you're too busy tho :)
Tweet : Jan 4th 2017 12:38
Twitter CEO Asks Users How They'd Improve the Platform via @Entrepreneur by @lydiabelanger
Tweet : Jan 4th 2017 09:38
Facebook now flags and down-ranks fake news with help from outside fact checkers via @techcrunch
Tweet : Jan 3rd 2017 09:39
Start the year ahead -> Social Media Trends in 2017 via @bitly
Tweet : Dec 21st 2016 18:09
RT @thisiskays: Whoop! @HendricksginUK in Top 100 & our MOMST campaign is credited! @GravityThinking @VillageComms @SplendidComms https://t
Tweet : Dec 16th 2016 17:19
Toooo clever :) #HappyFriday
Tweet : Dec 16th 2016 16:29
BEST photo from our Christmas party! @stephenfirth you look GREAT =D=D=D
Tweet : Dec 16th 2016 09:15
Oh, that's cool -> Why not save Instagram posts for later with this new feature? via @latermedia
Tweet : Dec 16th 2016 09:13
Twitter Finally Debuts 360 Live Video For Users
Tweet : Dec 15th 2016 09:41
"Brands must be true to themselves. It's really as simple as that" says our strategist @janainascalise via @thedrum
Tweet : Dec 14th 2016 09:59
Snapchat beefs up its capabilities with features including group chat and Shazam via @thedrum
Tweet : Dec 13th 2016 18:31
Well done everyone =)
News : Jul 19th 2016 by Andrew Roberts
Hyundai UK has launched a series of films that test whether or it’s possible to drive using the positive thought alone
News : Dec 16th 2015 by Andrew Roberts
Following a four-way pitch, Gravity Thinking has been appointed as Hyundai Motor UK’s first ever-retained social media agency.
News : Dec 16th 2015 by Andrew Roberts
Why Glenfiddich chose emotional storytelling through video

Hyundai - What would you do with two more minutes a day?
(Hyundai UK)
What would you do with two more minutes a day?
Branded content, Digital, Social media
Inspired by the 2 more minutes of light Jan brings we asked 4 inspiring influencers how they use it.
Jan 12th 2017 13:29:23
Hyundai  - Hyundai IONIQ Presents: Light The Way With Jake Humphrey
(Hyundai )
Hyundai IONIQ Presents: Light The Way With Jake Humphrey
Digital, Social media
Jake Humphrey launching the Hyundai IONIQ lighting the way towards the future of electric vehicles.
Nov 11th 2016 09:27:28
Hyundai Cars - Essentials
Hyundai Cars
(Hyundai Motor Company)
Branded content, Digital, Social media
A selection of 5-6 lifestyle videos highlighting the usefulness of the different Hyundai models
Nov 3rd 2016 11:30:04
Hyundai Cars - A different kind of in-car tour - Hyundai Kids Car Tours
Hyundai Cars
(Hyundai Uk)
A different kind of in-car tour - Hyundai Kids Car Tours
Branded content, Digital, Social media
What happened when one of our dealers took a different audience through 4 of our cars? #KidsCarTours
Aug 18th 2016 13:57:34
Disney - Dream Big
(Walt Disney Company)
Dream Big
Branded content, Digital, Social media
Always dare to dream big and have the courage to make those dreams come true.
Jul 22nd 2016 16:33:38

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