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Tweet : Today about 14 minutes ago
How to sell a strange idea: Throwback featuring Honda Cog and Xbox Ear Tennis. Any other weird and wonderful stories out there? via @Adweek
Tweet : Today about 1 hour ago
@andrea_wirth Those damn bots!
Tweet : Today about 1 hour ago
@andrea_wirth We did a huge research piece about this earlier this year with help from omnichannel programmatic AI geo-fenced chatbots and the answer was 0.
Tweet : Today about 3 hours ago
"The brain is more like a still camera than a video camera, so consider your snapshots". More stuff like this please @Campaignmag
Tweet : Sep 20th 2018 12:12
I'm 99% sure Chris Evans' twins aren't called Ping and Pong. Besides, Tiddly and Winks would be way better.
Tweet : Sep 20th 2018 10:26
Could it draw... a pair of elephants juggling monkeys at an airborne tea party?
Tweet : Sep 19th 2018 11:06
@brucebrendon @Cannes_Lions @ RustyMcGee - we'll let you take this one
Tweet : Sep 19th 2018 10:34
Tweet : Sep 19th 2018 10:24
Agencies as pirates: Skipper Squidlips Scallywag Dirty Barnacle Buckets Plunderin' Dead Man Black Dirty Dirty Bones Captain Barnacle Silver Matey Swashbuckler Rusty Crabcakes @wklondon @TBWALONDON @AMV_BBDO @BBHblacksheep @JWT_London @LeoBurnettLDN @wwsaatchi
Tweet : Sep 19th 2018 10:05
Today we go by Peg Leg Spike Squidlips #TalkLikeAPirateDay
Tweet : Sep 18th 2018 17:23
Claude firing up for the interview episode #TheApprentice
Tweet : Sep 17th 2018 11:38
If a brief flies at you today and you're not sure how to tackle it, dare to Zlatan #MondayMotivation
Tweet : Sep 17th 2018 10:53
@babiarre We'll call that 1-1
Tweet : Sep 17th 2018 10:00
Gooood morning! Teece and Finch here with your #MondayMotivation - just think, Monday is practically Tuesday, which is basically Wednesday, which is one day from Thursday, which is the new Friday, which means IT'S THE WEEKEND!!!! Which means it's nearly Monday again...
Tweet : Sep 14th 2018 10:01
RT @ST3AMCo: SHOUT OUT: To the East London Creativity crews @GetPiTop @techwillsaveus @Digitas_UK @faris @wklondon @itsnicethat @onedotze
Tweet : Sep 13th 2018 15:31
????Having the best time at today's @DrumLiveEvents #DrumPitch event here in our London office - here's our own lovely @CharlyBarly3000, absolutely smashing this afternoon's 'Business development is the new normal' session. #unicornpower
Tweet : Sep 13th 2018 10:13
RT @natlibscot: Happy #RoaldDahlDay2018 everyone! Listen to Matilda - she's a canny one. #ThursdayThoughts
Tweet : Sep 12th 2018 13:26
We're SUPER proud of the experience-led platform we've created for F1. Fans can now enjoy fast-paced racing fun like lap-by-lap Grand Prix coverage, car telemetry and key team and driver stats ??????????????? Zoom over to @Campaignmag to read more -
Tweet : Sep 12th 2018 09:54
EDINBURGH! Get ready for the next @BIMA Breakfast Briefing, all about The Age of Assistance. We'll explore the needs and roles of consumers and brands, how assistance will develop with tech, and AI’s role in adding empathy. Info and tickets here -
Tweet : Sep 12th 2018 09:28
This has given my life a new sense of purpose. Please get on this right away.
Tweet : Sep 11th 2018 11:53
Sooner of later, someone will mention Amazon: a map of Amazon and modern marketing, from @djc1805 on @Medium -
Tweet : Sep 11th 2018 09:37
The #GBBO countdown is on. Terry pal, let's hope you're a breadster/breadmeister/breadhead, I don't think my nerves can take much more.
Tweet : Sep 10th 2018 15:01
@theweird1ne @RooThePug YES! The inevitable "is it meant to smell like that?" chat ????
Tweet : Sep 10th 2018 14:55
Hi Twitter! @RooThePug here for the week. Can confirm that winter has well and truly returned to Edinburgh: ten points to anyone who can remember how to turn the heating on.
Tweet : Sep 7th 2018 10:08
Welcome to the herd! #DigitasMalaysia
Tweet : Sep 6th 2018 10:31
???? NEW UNICORN ALERT ???? We’re hugely excited to announce that @Edlf is joining us as UK Chief Creative Officer ???????? More from @Campaignmag -
Tweet : Sep 5th 2018 15:58
RT @BIMA: The best of the best in Communications and Content: Impact are officially @wearesocial, @ThisIsTangent, and @Digitas_UK. Congratu
Tweet : Sep 4th 2018 10:02
@andrea_wirth We're going to miss you!
Tweet : Sep 4th 2018 09:58
Kick-starting Tuesday with some words on phantom pitching from our Head of New Business, who means business, @CharlyBarly3000 over on @TheDrum ????
Tweet : Sep 3rd 2018 11:23
"More than 60% of UK Media Ad Spending Is Digital" and our Unicorn Andrew Mason has some insight on this via @eMarketer ????

Honda Racing F1 - This Is Why We Race
Honda Racing F1
This Is Why We Race
We were briefed to create a film to launch the new 2018 Formula 1 season for Honda Racing.
Sep 4th 2018 16:47:54
Sky - A whole new way to buy Sky
A whole new way to buy Sky
Transforming how Sky connect with their customers
Aug 10th 2018 13:53:54
Pringles - Discover a World of Flavour
Discover a World of Flavour
Series of socially optimised videos that transport people to their own, vivid Pringles world.
Jul 10th 2018 09:38:44
Plume Labs - Pigeon Air Patrol
Plume Labs
(Plume Labs)
Pigeon Air Patrol
The world’s first flock of air pollution monitoring pigeons
Mar 20th 2018 17:11:34
Honda - Real View Test Drive
(Honda Motor Europe)
Real View Test Drive
A series of interactive films that aims to put our audience in the driver's seat.
Mar 20th 2018 17:11:14

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