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Tweet : Nov 22nd 2017 15:35
@kyleohenderson @text100 Well, shucks! (NB - flattery on Twitter won't help your application. ;)
Tweet : Nov 14th 2017 09:00
Before joining this session, ask yourself: Do you really want to do this? Are you willing to take a risk? On Tues 28th November, we're at @eurobest with @suntrust. See you there?
Tweet : Nov 10th 2017 18:36
This week's #SocialMedia roundup: Facebook and Insta tweaked, Twitter goes big
Tweet : Nov 10th 2017 17:36
Tweaks to Instagram, gifs in Facebook polls & that Twitter thing you probably already noticed. #SocialMedia news
Tweet : Nov 10th 2017 16:11
Social news 10th Nov: Facebook gifs, double-tweets, Insta-tweaks and more
Tweet : Nov 3rd 2017 17:39
Facebook continues move towards entirely paid media channel by killing organic reach for brand pages
Tweet : Nov 3rd 2017 12:39
Another step forward in Facebook's quest to own all the money: Fin out more in our #SocialMedia roundup
Tweet : Oct 31st 2017 17:34
The way we consume video content is changing dramatically. Hot from #SouthSummit17, @VirginiaHuerta explains it all.
Tweet : Oct 27th 2017 12:33
PayPal integrates with Facebook Messenger: Now you've no excuse for not paying back that £10 you owe. For example.
Tweet : Oct 27th 2017 08:15
Social Media news: Facebook finds more ways to mess with your feed, and more
Tweet : Oct 25th 2017 18:39
Augmented Reality is starting a quiet revolution in certain industries.
Tweet : Oct 25th 2017 16:13
Despite the image, @AdamSelwyn & @LeeDevine1 aren't releasing a single. They're our new Regional Creative Directors
Tweet : Oct 25th 2017 15:39
Welcome to the Text100 creative family, @LeeDevine1 and @AdamSelwyn!
Tweet : Oct 25th 2017 12:39
New technology is good; happy customers is better. The two aren't mutually exclusive.
Tweet : Oct 24th 2017 12:37
It's time for high street retailers to start fighting back against online-only brands
Tweet : Oct 23rd 2017 17:55
Augmented vs Virtual: Time to choose a Reality? Regional Director for APAC @LeeNugent tells it like it is.
Tweet : Oct 20th 2017 18:36
What a time to be alive.
Tweet : Oct 20th 2017 17:36
The future is truly here: Facebook can bring you food. #WhatATimeToBeAlive
Tweet : Oct 17th 2017 15:40
Tailoring VR content to advocates and influencers can send brand loyalty levels skywards
Tweet : Oct 12th 2017 16:12
Mental health matters. @samtheobald explains our stance and ongoing efforts to help.
Tweet : Oct 11th 2017 18:35
When it comes to VR, brands need to tread carefully. Here's what not to do.
Tweet : Oct 11th 2017 12:35
Building a vertical bridge: Best practices to consider
Tweet : Oct 10th 2017 18:33
We're sharing our stories today on #WorldMentalHealthDay.
Tweet : Oct 10th 2017 15:14
#ICYMI @Aedhmar discussed technology, humanity & the infinite possibilities when the two work together #ICCOSummit
Tweet : Oct 10th 2017 09:33
It's good to talk. Our teams in Europe are sharing their stories today on #WorldMentalHealthDay.
Tweet : Oct 9th 2017 18:31
It's not always easy keeping the PR/Journalist relationship healthy, but it's definitely worth it.
Tweet : Oct 6th 2017 12:32
The future is video, something about fish, and virtual monkeys. Or so we're told.
Tweet : Oct 5th 2017 16:12
Virtual FOMO is a real thing; Love Island more impressive than expected
Tweet : Oct 4th 2017 18:38
Just because the cool kids are doing it doesn't mean you should, too.
Tweet : Oct 4th 2017 17:38
Is #InfluencerMarketing right for your brand? (Hint: Not always)

Diet Coke - The Diet Coke Creator's Collective with Stylist Magazine
Diet Coke
(The Coca-Cola Company)
The Diet Coke Creator's Collective with Stylist Magazine
Experiential marketing, Public relations (PR)
Diet Coke & Stylist Magazine: The Creator's Collective bursary winner is announced at Stylist Live.
Nov 13th 2017 16:41:39
Pizza Hut Restaurants - Pizza Hut Restaurants Pizza Box Remixer
Pizza Hut Restaurants
(Pizza Hut Limited)
Pizza Hut Restaurants Pizza Box Remixer
Public relations (PR), Social
Launching the world’s first ever Pizza Box Remixer with Love Island star Kem Cetinay
Oct 31st 2017 10:54:53
Pizza Hut Restaurants - Hawaiian Pizza Lip Balm
Pizza Hut Restaurants
(Yum! Brands)
Hawaiian Pizza Lip Balm
Public relations (PR)
We launched a Hawaiian pizza flavoured lip balm with Pizza Hut Restaurants for National Kissing Day
Jul 28th 2017 13:34:25
Open University - Infinity Reflection Cube
Open University
(Open University)
Infinity Reflection Cube
Experiential marketing, Public relations (PR)
We launched a giant mirrored cube which encouraged people to spend time self-reflecting.
Jul 4th 2017 10:26:23
M&S - M&S Summer Press Show
(Marks and Spencers)
M&S Summer Press Show
Experiential marketing
We transformed Soho's Vinyl Factory into a Mediterranean adventure to launch the M&S Summer range.
Mar 28th 2017 13:02:54

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