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It's not magic that got Magic Johnson where he is today. @SimonFitz listened to him talk and got some tips on how to be successful.
Tweet : May 22nd 2018 17:35
Science fiction with a human touch: What trade shows can teach us about the digital revolution
Tweet : May 21st 2018 17:33
#SleepLikeAHero, just like @JohnBoyega. (Stylish PJ / Dressing gown combo optional; app works just as well if you wear a Spongebob onesie.)
Tweet : May 21st 2018 15:33
It's a hard job, but someone's got to do it. #SleepLikeAHero
Tweet : May 21st 2018 12:33
That's one off the bucket list. #SleepLikeAHero
Tweet : May 19th 2018 14:25
RT @text100uk: Are advertisers better off elsewhere? Facebook's recent crises are having an impact. All the latest #SocialMedia news, just
Tweet : May 16th 2018 16:52
@JennaKempie @courtneyharwood @J_Mignano @Kalie_Hudson @SamKayDry Thanks for visiting and being #WiredDifferently with us!
Tweet : May 16th 2018 08:20
A wonderfully proud moment for us at Text100. Congratulations, @Aedhmar!
Tweet : May 14th 2018 20:30
Book appointments on Instagram? Get secret messages on Twitter? All of this week's #SocialMedia news, now:
Tweet : May 9th 2018 17:33
No more boring reports: Make your data exciting, or don't bother.
Tweet : May 9th 2018 16:03
Make your data stand out (not by eating gummy bears)
Tweet : May 9th 2018 12:33
We're pretty flipping pleased with this! Proud to be recognised by the Holmes Report as the best agency to work for in EMEA.
Tweet : May 8th 2018 17:32
Woohoo! A huge congratulations to our European Texties, for being recognised *officially* as the best agency to work for in EMEA!
Tweet : May 8th 2018 17:31
Don't fear our robot workmates: Welcome them
Tweet : May 8th 2018 16:17
The future we've been taught to dread is here. Time to celebrate!
Tweet : May 8th 2018 12:31
Will robots drive us to hell in a digital shopping cart? Not so much.
Tweet : May 1st 2018 16:00
What drives our choices? @RodCartwright explains why fundamental human values are so powerful.
Tweet : May 1st 2018 12:34
How does our perception of a brand affect the decisions we make? @RodCartwright explains why it really, really matters.
Tweet : Apr 30th 2018 18:32
We're #27 in both the PRWeek and Holmes Report Agency Rankings this year! This calls for a 5-minute dance party in the boardroom. Bring your best moves.
Tweet : Apr 30th 2018 17:32
We’re thrilled to be ranked #1 US Technology firm in PRWeek’s Agency Business Report Rankings this year!
Tweet : Apr 25th 2018 18:39
Teamwork makes the dream work: How to improve your office relationships
Tweet : Apr 25th 2018 17:39
Ever sent an email you've regretted later? We've got a couple of tips that might help...
Tweet : Apr 25th 2018 12:39
It's not all about the smarts: Your EQ matters at least as much as your IQ
Tweet : Apr 25th 2018 09:19
*Good news klaxon* We've been shortlisted for the @holmesreport Digital Consultancy of the Year in EMEA!
Tweet : Apr 23rd 2018 16:35
RT @text100uk: Reason for a lunchtime dance party: We've jumped a whopping 17 places to number 30 in @prweekuknews's Top 150 UK Consultanci
Tweet : Apr 20th 2018 16:00
It's Friday, the sun is shining and here's your weekly #SocialMedia roundup. Yeah.
Tweet : Apr 20th 2018 12:36
Stop the (digital) presses: Here's this week's #SocialMedia roundup:
Tweet : Apr 16th 2018 18:38
It's time to evolve - @Aedhmar shares her vision for the future of @awpagesociety
Tweet : Apr 16th 2018 17:38
Want brilliant B2B? Ban the boring.
Tweet : Apr 16th 2018 16:14
In the future @Aedhmar sees, a company's actions must be made to match its words

Coca-Cola - The Ultimate Christmas Sleepover
(The Coca-Cola Company )
The Ultimate Christmas Sleepover
Experiential marketing, Public relations (PR)
A sneak peek into the iconic red truck as the doors opened for the ultimate Christmas sleepover.
Feb 6th 2018 17:10:45
Diet Coke - The Diet Coke Creator's Collective with Stylist Magazine
Diet Coke
(The Coca-Cola Company)
The Diet Coke Creator's Collective with Stylist Magazine
Experiential marketing, Public relations (PR)
Diet Coke & Stylist Magazine: The Creator's Collective bursary winner is announced at Stylist Live.
Nov 13th 2017 16:41:39
Pizza Hut Restaurants - Pizza Hut Restaurants Pizza Box Remixer
Pizza Hut Restaurants
(Pizza Hut Limited)
Pizza Hut Restaurants Pizza Box Remixer
Public relations (PR), Social
Launching the world’s first ever Pizza Box Remixer with Love Island star Kem Cetinay
Oct 31st 2017 10:54:53
Pizza Hut Restaurants - Hawaiian Pizza Lip Balm
Pizza Hut Restaurants
(Yum! Brands)
Hawaiian Pizza Lip Balm
Public relations (PR)
We launched a Hawaiian pizza flavoured lip balm with Pizza Hut Restaurants for National Kissing Day
Jul 28th 2017 13:34:25
Open University - Infinity Reflection Cube
Open University
(Open University)
Infinity Reflection Cube
Experiential marketing, Public relations (PR)
We launched a giant mirrored cube which encouraged people to spend time self-reflecting.
Jul 4th 2017 10:26:23

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