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Tweet : Jan 20th 2017 15:45
What's better - Yoshi, or apples?
Tweet : Jan 20th 2017 15:32
RT @DMA_UK: Here's our Gold #dmaawards winner in film and audio: @LeoBurnettLDN & @NSPCC
Tweet : Jan 20th 2017 15:32
RT @DMA_UK: Here's our Silver #dmaawards winner in writing: @LeoBurnettLDN & @NSPCC #copywriting
Tweet : Jan 18th 2017 13:34
Nomadic tents, little projectors, and the American Dream - it's this week's Frisk >>>
Tweet : Jan 17th 2017 10:57
Our latest Wall of Links. It's like a wall, but made of links.
Tweet : Jan 16th 2017 10:55
@jcrules Katie Redford - ex-Corrie, and coming soon to The Archers!
Tweet : Jan 13th 2017 10:29
"...we had to bury him in a shoebox" >>>
Tweet : Jan 12th 2017 17:56
RT @LeoBurnett: .@LeoBurnettLDN reminds us that @McDonalds Chicken Selects are too good to share, even when stuck in an elevator. https://t
Tweet : Jan 12th 2017 15:42
RT @LeoBurnett: .@LeoBurnettLDN’s Monopoly experience for @McDonalds & @Hasbro named one of @EventMagUK’s Top Event Stories of 2016 https:/
Tweet : Jan 11th 2017 16:21
RT @LeoBurnett: .@LeoBurnettLDN presents its annual predictions report for 2017. What's in store? Read on: https://
Tweet : Jan 11th 2017 13:40
Wines, trains, donation jackets... it's this week's Frisk! >>>
Tweet : Jan 10th 2017 12:20
Sharing? Lovely. Sharing your Chicken Selects? Yeah, not so much...
Tweet : Jan 10th 2017 10:59
Our first Wall of Links of 2017 is full of stuff. And things.
Tweet : Jan 9th 2017 09:07
RT @Canvas8: Six things that will probably happen in 2017, in collaboration with @LeoBurnettLDN
Tweet : Jan 6th 2017 14:43
Kale?! #myperfectbowl
Tweet : Jan 6th 2017 14:14
Ice cold milk and warm peanut butter? Hmm... #myperfectbowl
Tweet : Jan 6th 2017 13:51
What's your perfect bowl of Kellogg's Corn Flakes? #myperfectbowl
Tweet : Jan 5th 2017 11:25
New year, new Remark... take a peep at what our Sponsorship team have to say for themselves this month >>>
Tweet : Jan 5th 2017 09:32
RT @Canvas8: From anxieties around AI to the rise of the 'side hustle', we gave @LeoBurnettLDN our predictions for 2017
Tweet : Jan 4th 2017 16:57
Hey, look - it's our 2017 Predictions. Fancy that.
Tweet : Jan 4th 2017 15:10
Fake news, small boxes, techy bog roll. It's a new Frisk, innit? >>>
Tweet : Jan 3rd 2017 12:24
- not bad, you? - yeah, you too - yep, and to you - I know, so hard getting up today - not bad, you? - yes, and to you #2017
Tweet : Jan 1st 2017 00:19
Oh look, it’s 2017. ????????????????
Tweet : Dec 25th 2016 19:20
Hope you all enjoyed our rollercoaster live-tweeted Christmas. Now, when’s Only Fools and Horses on...?
Tweet : Dec 25th 2016 15:46
Tweet : Dec 25th 2016 10:02
Tweet : Dec 24th 2016 23:10
RT @PublicisGroupe: .@LeoBurnettLDN rounds up the agency's most important moments of 2016 :
Tweet : Dec 22nd 2016 12:32
Some bits of 2016.
Tweet : Dec 21st 2016 11:00
Ho, ho, and thrice ho! It's a festive edition of Remark, our sponsorship newsletter! Jingle your bells hitherwards >
Tweet : Dec 20th 2016 20:43
RT @LeoBurnett: .@LeoBurnettLDN’s @McDonalds Christmas campaign warms our hearts and packs a powerful technical punch, too. See how: https:

Corn Flakes - #myperfectbowl
Corn Flakes
Our #myperfectbowl campaign is an invitation for people to celebrate their own Corn Flakes rituals.
Jan 20th 2017 12:19:20
End Youth Homelessness  - Get Them to a Safe Place
End Youth Homelessness
(Centrepoint )
Get Them to a Safe Place
An online film to raise awareness of the dilemma faced by 80,000 young people in the UK.
Jan 20th 2017 11:51:43
McDonald's  - Juliette the Doll
(McDonald's )
Juliette the Doll
A vintage wooden doll comes to life after fearing being left on the shelf for another year.
Dec 6th 2016 10:44:02
McCafé - McCafé
The best of South and Central America straight to your hand.
Sep 14th 2016 16:50:35
Flash - Flash A-HA Dog
Flash A-HA Dog
A new campaign for Flash's multi-surface cleaning product with the help of a singing dog and Queen!
Aug 2nd 2016 16:37:21

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