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Our most productive employee #Riley #BringYourDogToWorkDay
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RT @ThamKhaiMeng: Here's what happens in 60 secs on the internet. #canneslions #ogilvycannes
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@thechasefilms Oh no! Our office is actually the opposite.. ???? #airconwoes
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Everyone still OK out there? #heatwave #SummerSolstice
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Matt Watts, talks of the recent @UKLabour campaign success via @HuffPostUKPol
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A friendly reminder to follow the great advice below, this weekend... #summer
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Thanks for the nice mention @Campaignmag
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RT @KayHeenan: Great evening at #IPA44Club. Here's Matt of @hellokrow describing how #Labour succeeded in delivering a cultural campaign #g
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RT @ScubaRoss: A sneaky pic from behind the scenes of the latest @RNLI #RespectTheWater campaign film directed by @Ollygood at @niceshirtfi
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Nice election round up piece by @creativebrief with a mention of our own @johnquarrey
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Just a reminder. But today is the day! #GE2017 #vote
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Big thanks to @adforum for featuring our latest @RNLI work as #4 in their Best 5 Worldwide ads:
Tweet : Jun 6th 2017 17:22
Celebrate the love with our latest @FIAT_UK Fiat full of kisses. Mwah!
Tweet : Jun 6th 2017 12:18
Chatbots are getting pretty engaging in their offerings, but do consumers know they are there? #BotsInAction
Tweet : Jun 6th 2017 09:52
Interesting to see humans still have a role to play in the #chatbot space.. #botsinaction
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A quick look at our latest work with @UKLabour #VoteForMe
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When #Monday needs a little brightening...
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Join these guys and pop your voting cherry. June 8th. #Vote #GE2017
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Something like this..? #Covfefe
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Nine of us will soon run the #British10k in support of @RNLI That's approx 36,000 steps between us! #charitytuesday
Tweet : May 30th 2017 15:10
Updated new work, including our latest #integrated campaign with RNLI, now on @creativebrief :
Tweet : May 30th 2017 14:52
@zealous_co We love it! THIS much...
Tweet : May 30th 2017 12:10
Feeling chuffed about our 5 star review from #DavidReviews for our latest work with @RNLI ...
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That #FridayFeeling before the long weekend.. don't forget your factor 30! #SummerIsHere #makethemost
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RT @BearGrylls: I'm proud to support the @RNLI’s #RespectTheWater campaign Did you know that floating could save your life?
Tweet : May 25th 2017 12:52
Very proud to unveil our first piece of work with @RNLI #RespectTheWater #cinema #VOD #digital #OOH #social
Tweet : May 25th 2017 12:42
Great morning, getting our heads around (and prepared) for #GDPR day with @DMA_UK #250518
Tweet : May 24th 2017 09:19
"Don't treat brand and performance planning in silos, for most effective outcome" @TheDrum #breakfastsessions
News : Jan 17th 2017 by Jana Pleyto
We're so proud to announce that we have recently been appointed as lead creative agency for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI).

Labour Party - #VoteForMe
Labour Party
(Labour Party)
Advertising/Creative, Integrated marketing
Another social instalment for the election campaign. Focusing on young women, across the country.
Jun 5th 2017 13:10:30
Fiat 500 - A Fiat full of kisses
Fiat 500
(Fiat Group)
A Fiat full of kisses
Advertising/Creative, Integrated marketing
How do we show 60 years of love for style icon, Fiat 500? Put a car full of kisses on Piccadilly.
Jun 5th 2017 13:10:10
RNLI - Float to Live #RespectTheWater
Float to Live #RespectTheWater
Advertising/Creative, Integrated marketing
RNLI make it their mission to keep us safe in the water, whether we intend to end up there or not.
May 25th 2017 12:38:05
Labour Party - This Lady's for Turning
Labour Party
(Labour Party)
This Lady's for Turning
Advertising/Creative, Integrated marketing
One of a series of social films, created to question the Conservative's strong and stable leadership
May 11th 2017 12:29:22
DFS - Designers
DFS with Aardman share another sneaky peek, this time a behind-the-scenes look at product design.
Apr 4th 2017 09:45:30

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