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Tweet : Jan 31st 2017 11:10
Check out our agency Instagram ????
Tweet : Jan 4th 2017 11:01
Here it is! The #DriveTogether campaign for @Mazda_UK makes it's TV debut tonight!
Tweet : Jan 4th 2017 10:17
RT @Campaignmag: Mazda fights back against automation in campaign celebrating the love of driving
Tweet : Nov 9th 2016 16:41
RT @adamestrup1: Roberto Monticello, Meatpacking Mayor, stopped by #NYSKIN - "best pop-up I've seen in a long, long time. Thank you." 446 W
Tweet : Nov 8th 2016 18:35
RT @adamestrup1: #nyskin #mannequinchallenge Come have you portrait taken by Rankin's team, 3 more days, 446 West 14th Street, #ElectionDay
Tweet : Oct 31st 2016 09:54
RT @rankinphoto: Here's a picture of the lovely @cindygallop for #NYSkin
Tweet : Oct 30th 2016 21:25
Family fun in our #NYSKIN photobooth today for the @LEOHealthySkin visual census of the city - 446 West 14th #NYC
Tweet : Oct 29th 2016 18:30
Fantastic to see so many people at #NYSKIN today. Come join us - 446 West 14th.
Tweet : Oct 28th 2016 17:46
Come down to 446 West 14th Street! #NYSKIN #Rankin #LoveYourSkin
Tweet : Oct 28th 2016 13:11
RT @rankinphoto: I’m @ #NYSkin for the next five days photographing New York’s skin in all its forms. Come on down to 446 West 14th Street
Tweet : Oct 28th 2016 11:11
Tweet : Oct 27th 2016 21:37
we have to thank @rankinphoto for his extraordinary contribution to #NYSKIN. check out the portraits he's taken at
Tweet : Oct 27th 2016 21:30
We've just launched #NYSKIN for @LEOHealthySkin with the help of @Hot_Pickle - celebrating New York's Skin in all it's beauty
Tweet : Oct 26th 2016 10:32
Join us: 446 West 14th Str. NY, 28 Oct - 10 Nov. We're launching a popup for LEO Pharma to make a visual census of NY with help from Rankin!
Tweet : Sep 13th 2016 12:02
RT @BrandRepublic: Cats Not Ads! yes we did just type that - check out the cat takeover at Clapham Common > https:/
Tweet : Aug 15th 2016 09:25
RT @a7xweeman: *Record scratch* *Freeze frame* Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.
Tweet : Aug 9th 2016 12:46
This is nice, but how does one eat their spag bol? #questionsthatneedanswers
Tweet : Aug 4th 2016 11:37
It''s finally here! #China #publictransport
Tweet : Jul 26th 2016 09:40
Clean up #lifehacks at your fingertips. Like this tweet to save it in your favourites! #thankuslater
Tweet : Jul 22nd 2016 09:34
This weather is making people go to great lengths just to cool down... #London #heatwave
Tweet : Jul 21st 2016 09:24
RT @JohnTheFame: #FamousMelaniaTrump "My Daddy Alabama, Momma Louisiana you mix that negro with that creole make a Texas Bama"
Tweet : Jul 19th 2016 09:20
#notetoself avoid any reflective materials... #London #heatwave
Tweet : Jul 18th 2016 09:54
New age shizzle to lighten your #Mondaymood. Loving this @thisisinsider #design playlsit
Tweet : Jul 13th 2016 12:18
We all have a "thing". Now you can #LoveYourThing unashamedly with UKTV Play
Tweet : Jun 20th 2016 13:07
@googlearts, Hi! wondering if we could enquire about the google art cam? Planning an exciting and ambitious project in New York in Autumn...
Tweet : Jun 14th 2016 16:48
Tweet : Jun 10th 2016 17:45
and so the saga continues @Pret
Tweet : Jun 8th 2016 16:31
RT @Unforget_James: Meeting dragons & tea with Royalty - This week's blog -
Tweet : Jun 8th 2016 09:51
ROAR 'It's like Walt Disney went insane and shot a snuff film' Greatest film trailer ever?
Tweet : Jun 8th 2016 09:30
Excellent written and definitely worth a few Wednesday morning chuckles.
News : Feb 11th 2013 by Henry Chilcott
Antidote have been appointed to the Hastings Direct account to create a multi channel campaign to launch in Spring 2013
News : Feb 6th 2013 by Henry Chilcott
Antidote appointed to develop Olympic Champion Becky Adlington's new swim school brand - SWIMSTARS.
News : Aug 14th 2012 by Henry Chilcott
This month during Olympics fever we’ve been asked our view on the power of athletes as brands in The Independent.

Travel Republic - Welcome to The Travel Republic
Travel Republic
(Travel Republic)
Welcome to The Travel Republic
Advertising, Integrated marketing
Ladies and Gentlemen, stand for The National Anthem of The Travel Republic.
Jan 14th 2016 14:23:48
Royal Ascot - Like Nowhere Else
Royal Ascot
(Ascot Racecourse)
Like Nowhere Else
Advertising, Integrated marketing
The making of the artwork behind this year's Royal Ascot campaign.
Mar 4th 2015 17:06:17
Evans Cycles - Kids Bikes
Evans Cycles
(Evans Cycles)
Kids Bikes
Advertising, Integrated marketing
Our competitors' kids bikes can be low quality lead-weights, advertised like toys with little respect for the needs of their intrepid riders...
Feb 27th 2015 10:00:54
Royal Ascot - Like Nowhere Else
Royal Ascot
(Ascot Racecourse)
Like Nowhere Else
Advertising, Integrated marketing
We commissioned an intricate embroidery to capture the unique majesty of Royal Ascot and secure its status as the go-to event of The Season
Feb 17th 2015 09:45:24
blinkbox Movies - Fresh From Cinema
blinkbox Movies
Fresh From Cinema
Advertising, Integrated marketing
Our new campaign to establish blinkbox Movies as the place to go for the very latest movies from cinema.
Oct 30th 2014 16:36:09

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