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RT @projectnextup: Leadership > sponsorship when pairing brands & bands. Create something meaningful. @Alex_Clough of @SplendidComms #FFWD2
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RT @fastforward_xyz: Our first FastFifteen session with @Alex_Clough talking 'Brands and Bands' #FFWD2017
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RT @cheriehu42: don't try to engineer your aesthetic. be honest about your point of view and stick with it. - @Alex_Clough #FFWD2017 https:
Tweet : Feb 22nd 2017 10:52
Ahead of the NASA announcement today we got intergalactic for this week's #TuesdayTuneClub playlist. Listen Here:
Tweet : Feb 21st 2017 11:59
RT @PRCA_UK: #BritsSoDiverse? - a #blog by @Emma00lloyd & @lottsmills @SplendidComms
Tweet : Feb 20th 2017 14:07
.@Spotify puts users at the heart of its #campaign again with these 3 peculiar videos about playlists #SplendidLoves
Tweet : Feb 20th 2017 14:03
1 actor, 4 roles, lots of questions. @BKBMG hits on issues of #race & idendtity for @TheAtlantic #SplendidLoves
Tweet : Feb 20th 2017 13:57
Reinveting the tradition of #KissCam to send a message of #love & #equality. Well played @LoveHasNo_: #SplendidLoves
Tweet : Feb 20th 2017 12:37
A celebration of diversity or a blatant patching-up job? We look into the controversy surrounding The #BRITS:
Tweet : Feb 15th 2017 13:00
Welcome to Twitter @fora_space! Beautiful, professional, flexible workspace - give them a follow... #client
Tweet : Feb 14th 2017 16:04
RT @Alex_Clough: #LoveTrumpsHate ? @SplendidComms
Tweet : Feb 13th 2017 17:39
On Friday @showcasecinemas launched their new Cinema de Lux in S’hampton. @rosiejohnstone got a sneak peek #cl
Tweet : Feb 13th 2017 14:51
We're working with @Tesco to spread the love between friendships today. Who needs a partner hey? #galentinesday #cl
Tweet : Feb 13th 2017 12:33
Sometimes you have to ignore those little voices in your head, says the new campaign by Gamble Aware #SplendidLoves
Tweet : Feb 13th 2017 12:26
Two wars, two refugees, same challenges: @UNICEF #SplendidLoves
Tweet : Feb 10th 2017 13:22
Should brands bet on Instagram? Interesting session with @spredfast yesterday. We'll just say one thing - 550M global users... #InstaIdeas
Tweet : Feb 6th 2017 13:19
It’s safe to say there was tom-foolery a-plenty at last week’s Splendid outing. @ThomFoole’s House Party was something else!
Tweet : Feb 6th 2017 10:52
An emotional rollercoaster video from @tv2danmark shows how deep down, we're not so different... #SplendidLoves
Tweet : Feb 6th 2017 10:49
Dark humour brings an important message to light in @NPWF's #ALongFiveYears #SplendidLoves
Tweet : Feb 6th 2017 10:46
Turning fairy tale advertising on its head, @GreatOrmondSt hits home with its #OrdinaryWorld campagin #SplendidLoves
Tweet : Feb 1st 2017 14:23
Not us @MassMovementLon but we do think the idea is pretty splendid!
Tweet : Feb 1st 2017 14:20
Yesterday we honoured the birthday of a true great, this week's #TuesdayTuneClub is @JustinTimberlake! Playlist here:
Tweet : Feb 1st 2017 10:14
Bacon-infused Bourbon? 'Age-defying’ gin? Just a few of @spiritsbusiness Top 50 Innovative Spirits Launches of 2016
Tweet : Jan 30th 2017 18:30
Is this the future for #alcohol? @VirginHolidays and IBM create the perfect holiday rum using #social #data
Tweet : Jan 30th 2017 17:06
#Facebook are testing Facebook Stories, directly competing with #InstagramStories. But will people use them?
Tweet : Jan 30th 2017 15:14
#AI is finally disrupting the #travel world via online search & booking platforms
Tweet : Jan 30th 2017 13:55
#Pantone teams with #Airbnb in a colourful collaboration to create an apartment inspired by the colour of the year
Tweet : Jan 30th 2017 12:45
Convenience proved key in 2016, as next-day was the top delivery option for 31% of online #retail orders (26.8% in 2015) – IMRG & MetaPack
Tweet : Jan 30th 2017 11:27
#Fabric Freshers: doors open to 18 year olds for one night only tonight
Tweet : Jan 30th 2017 11:06
A well thought through campaign from @Tostitos is getting drunk snackers home safe: #SplendidLoves
News : Jul 30th 2012 by Kuldeep Nazran
Splendid celebrates Diamond Jubilee with Ma’amite and Marmite Afternoon Tea via media relations and social campaign
News : Jul 18th 2012 by Kuldeep Nazran
Splendid celebrated collaboration between D*Face and Smirnoff, looking after event management & media relations
News : Jul 18th 2012 by Kuldeep Nazran
Latest case study on multi-faceted media relations campaign for Amnesty International's Secret Policeman's Ball
News : Jul 17th 2012 by Kuldeep Nazran
Spotify and Splendid Communications welcome new Artist Apps with exclusive event featuring Quincy Jones and Bruno Mars
News : Oct 26th 2011
Splendid received a highly commended accolade for its Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project in the Product & Promotion – Global PR... read more
News : Oct 23rd 2011
Splendid Communications has been shortlisted for the Some Comms Awards 2011 in the Best Use of Facebook category for its Smirnoff Nightlife... read more
News : Aug 18th 2011
The Smirnoff Co. partners with Madonna for the world’s biggest nightlife exchange in 50 countries. The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange... read more
News : Aug 13th 2011
Splendid conceived the Smirnoff Presents Sensation partnership, which proved to be a truly spectacular night.

Hendrick's Gin - Hendrick’s Gin UK Ministry of Marginally Superior Transport
Hendrick's Gin
(William Grant & Sons)
Hendrick’s Gin UK Ministry of Marginally Superior Transport
Public relations (PR)
We brought good travel etiquette to the streets of London and Edinburgh
Sep 16th 2016 10:48:00
Hendrick's Gin - Hendrick's Gin World Cucumber Day
Hendrick's Gin
(William Grant & Sons)
Hendrick's Gin World Cucumber Day
Integrated marketing
We restored harmony between cats and cucumbers with unusual advice ahead of World Cucumber Day
Aug 2nd 2016 13:29:43
ONE by MADE.COM  - ONE by MADE mattress launch
ONE by MADE mattress launch
Integrated marketing
Tongue in cheek video to launch the mattress by parodying issues people 'have in bed'
Jan 18th 2016 18:15:34
MoneySuperMarket Car Insurance - The Car Insurance Epic Mind Drive
MoneySuperMarket Car Insurance
The Car Insurance Epic Mind Drive
Integrated marketing
We championed mindful driving by getting people to drive a mind controlled car
Nov 13th 2015 11:05:29
Jack Daniel's - Jack rocks Holmfirth
Jack Daniel's
Jack rocks Holmfirth
Integrated marketing
We brought rock stars Rival Sons to the quiet town of Holmfirth to kick off their World Tour and give residents an unforgettable experience
May 28th 2015 16:21:49

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