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Tweet : Nov 13th 2018 17:01
To get the best work, clients and agencies should respect each other’s abilities and roles within a project. Our Client Services Director Adrian Smart shares some thoughts with @TheDrum on best practice client agency collaboration
Tweet : Nov 9th 2018 16:12
Our Associate Director Nina Cooper shares some thoughts with The @Guardian newspaper on consumer insights and food trends, and the return of #Salsify. #foodtrends
Tweet : Nov 6th 2018 15:14
Great to see so many people saying that they are #WorldReady
Tweet : Nov 6th 2018 14:44
We're delighted to be in New York, taking our thought leadership series across the pond. We'll be sharing thoughts on pressing topics such as Keeping up with #GenZ, #Humanising Your Brand and #ChallengerBrand #Archetypes at 241 Center Street in Soho this morning. #drseminars
Tweet : Nov 6th 2018 09:57
Some more coverage of our #WorldReady campaign with @intaward It launched to great success in Ghana last week
Tweet : Nov 5th 2018 10:14
RT @intaward: Have you watched the World Ready film all the way to the end? Did you spot Gold Award holder Anish at the top of Mount Everes
Tweet : Nov 2nd 2018 15:58
Nice coverage for the launch of our #WorldReady campaign for @intaward via @thedrum
Tweet : Nov 2nd 2018 15:19
Great to see #WorldReady get the royal seal of approval! Loving the t-shirts @intaward
Tweet : Nov 2nd 2018 07:56
It's time to talk. Our Head of Voice Bee Pahnke spills the beans on how verbal identity has changed, and what you should be focusing on in the future. It's time to get Up Close. #verbalidentity #voice #toneofvoice #thoughleadership #brandlanguage #branding
Tweet : Nov 1st 2018 16:15
RT @intaward: As we launch a new campaign, shouting about the importance of non-formal education, join us and celebrate some of the inspira
Tweet : Nov 1st 2018 15:48
RT @intaward: It begins! Today @Intaward launches our new campaign to shout about the importance of non-formal education. Join over 1.3m
Tweet : Nov 1st 2018 15:08
@intaward is #WorldReady Are you?
Tweet : Nov 1st 2018 11:41
We're proud to have created the #WorldReady campaign for @intaward launching in Ghana today. Unifying the world with the power of non-formal education
Tweet : Oct 31st 2018 14:01
RT @MartinsNio: #SiSParis2018 @DragonRougeFR about @Paris2024 signature move : Sharing a brand should be as simple as shaking hands! https:
Tweet : Oct 31st 2018 13:14
RT @eloipome: Kheireddine Sidhoume, @DragonRougeFR in charge of visual identity of #Paris2024 : "#Design is not only about #creativity. The
Tweet : Oct 31st 2018 08:35
RT @simonprahm: “When designing the #Paris2024 logo we wanted to design something so simple that anyone could reproduce it” says Kheireddin
Tweet : Oct 31st 2018 08:21
Our Global Chief Creative Officer Kheireddine Sidhoum is live on stage at @sis Sports Innovation Summit in Paris, talking about the power of brand identity for the Olympics and more #SisParis2018 #branding #identity #sports #sportsbranding #sportbranding #olympics #olympicgames
Tweet : Oct 30th 2018 11:27
RT @JamesByrnebrand: Great to be here @sis Sport Innovation Summit Paris 2018 representing @DragonRougeUK with colleagues from @DragonRouge
Tweet : Oct 26th 2018 08:27
We're looking forward to next week @sis #SISPAris2018 sports conference! Looking forward to hearing interesting talks from @LaLigaEN, @TrailBlazerNews, @rydercup, @FCBarcelona, @49ers and our very own Kheireddine Sidhoum of @DragonRougeFR. #sports #sportsbrands #footballbrands
Tweet : Oct 25th 2018 07:55
Changing rooms - @premierinn introduces Zip, half sized rooms for half the prices - would you stay in one? (via @BBCNews) #micro #changingrooms #hotels #branding #zip #ziphotels #downsizing
Tweet : Oct 19th 2018 14:00
The 51 best brand #taglines of all time, according to Jordan Stevens @Trebrand. Do you agree? #tagline #brands #branding #slogan #brandstrategy #communications #brandexpression
Tweet : Oct 19th 2018 07:15
Creating the future of cancer and heart disease care - check out our latest work for @GenesisCareUK on our new website #branding #brandstrategy #branddesign #healthcare #healthcarebrands #design #branddesign #healthcarebranding
Tweet : Oct 18th 2018 12:07
When the Dragon fires up the Great Dane - check out our latest rebrand work for LOSC/Lille football club @LOSC_EN #branding #branddesign #football #footballbrands #brandstrategy #identity #brandidentity #design #logo #logodevelopment #ligue1 #dragonrouge
Tweet : Oct 18th 2018 11:03
In the third of our Up Close thought leadership video series, our Executive Director @antcox shares some top tips for service brands in the healthcare sector #healthcare #branding #brandstrategy #insight #healthcarebrands #behindthereddoor
Tweet : Oct 17th 2018 12:01
The top #marketingtrends of 2018 so far (via @MarketingWeekEd and @onechocolatec) #marketing #trends #customerexperience #genz #digital #DigitalMarketing
Tweet : Oct 17th 2018 07:15
Putting "advanced" at the heart of everything @AllenOvery does - check out our work for the #magiccircle law firm on our new website #brandstrategy #brandidentity #branding #design #law #lawfirm #brandesign #design
Tweet : Oct 16th 2018 12:01
Design will kill marketing, says Ikea's former design chief Marcus Engman @TheMarsq (via @FastCoDesign) - #design #experience #experiencedesign #marketing #branding #fastco #fastcodesign #brandexperience
Tweet : Oct 16th 2018 07:15
Independent in structure and spirit - check out our work for leading Luxembourg law firm Elvinger Hoss Prussen on our new website: #branding #design #brandstrategy #brandidentity #lawfirm #law #legalsector #branddesign
Tweet : Oct 15th 2018 12:01
Will designers from EU countries be able to work in the UK after Brexit? It's going to be tougher - find out how (via @Design_week) #design #designweek #brexit #design #branding #creative #creativeindustry #creativerecruitment #recruitment #designagency
Tweet : Oct 15th 2018 08:15
Inspiring a lifelong love of good food - check out our work for @organixbrands on our new website - #organix #organixbrands #babyfood #babysnacks #food #fooddesign #branding #design #packaging #packagingdesign #branddesign
News : Feb 22nd 2018 by James Byrne
Dragon Rouge is shortlisted for Design Effectiveness Award for work on Danone Light & Free.
News : Feb 22nd 2018 by James Byrne
News : Jan 29th 2018 by James Byrne
Dragon Rouge has been appointed by Media Prima Television to handle its branding initiatives in 2018 -
News : Aug 17th 2017 by James Byrne
We will be speaking at the Sustainable Brands Conference in Copenhagen, October 30th-November 1st 2018. We very much hope to see you there!
News : Feb 4th 2014 by Geraint Jones
We have been shortlisted for both the 2014 Transform Awards & the 2014 Marketing Design Awards for our work with Moscow Exchange & Danone
News : Nov 18th 2013 by Meyric Rawlings
Come and see us at the Sustainable Brands Conference, London, 18th - 19th November 2013
News : Sep 19th 2013 by Meyric Rawlings
Design and Desire, 100% Design, 19th September, 5pm. We'll be in a panel discussion on design, business and influence.
News : Apr 9th 2013 by Meyric Rawlings
This week we celebrated the launch of our new book Business is Beautiful looking at the art of a successful business
News : Feb 4th 2013 by Meyric Rawlings
Our spring seminar programme is revealed. From brand futures to brand architecture come and share your thoughts
News : Sep 1st 2012 by Meyric Rawlings
We worked with The Grocer to come up with design concepts transforming milk into an energy and sports drink.
News : Aug 30th 2012 by Meyric Rawlings
Our next Dragon tale event is presented by psychologist and broadcaster, Claudia Hammond, presenter of All in the Mind & Mind Changers.
News : Jul 18th 2012 by Meyric Rawlings
Dragon Rouge creates SWIFT a new corporate communication standard for engaging the stakeholder community.
News : Jul 11th 2012 by Meyric Rawlings
We've set the dates for the next two Dragon Tales - 13 September with Claudia Hammond and 15 November with Leo Hickman.
News : Jun 27th 2012 by Meyric Rawlings
We began work this year to evolve The QCA brand, focusing on their positioning, visual identity and tone of voice.
News : Jun 5th 2012 by Meyric Rawlings
The London event is being launched with specific initial support from Unilever, Dragon Rouge, Forum for the Future and SustainAbility.
News : Apr 24th 2012 by Kerry O'Connor
Savera Dairy wins best newcomer dairy brand. Dragon Rouge worked to bring the UK's first branded dairy Indian range to market.

GenesisCare - Creating the Future of Care
Creating the Future of Care
Brand Activation, Brand strategy, Branding / design
Relaunching GenesisCare, one of the leading providers of cancer and cardiac services globally.
Sep 21st 2018 08:17:10
Perrier Juices - Perrier extends its brand territory to natural beverages with low calories
Perrier Juices
(Nestlé Waters)
Perrier extends its brand territory to natural beverages with low calories
Brand strategy, Branding / design
Perrier extends its brand territory to natural beverages with low calories
Sep 5th 2018 15:15:08
The Laughing Cow - Laughing Cow USA redesign
The Laughing Cow
(Bel Brands USA)
Laughing Cow USA redesign
Brand strategy, Branding / design
The Laughing Cow releases new on-the-go cheese cups with North American redesign
Aug 21st 2018 07:48:31
Joyfills Oreo/ Joyfills Cadbury - Mondel?z introduces Cadbury and Oreo Joyfills biscuit range
Joyfills Oreo/ Joyfills Cadbury
(Mondelez International )
Mondel?z introduces Cadbury and Oreo Joyfills biscuit range
Brand strategy, Branding / design
Dragon Rouge has created the brand identity for Cadbury and Oreo's Joyfills NPD, just launched in UK
Aug 14th 2018 08:20:44
Light & Free - New brand identity for Danone Light & Free by Dragon Rouge
Light & Free
New brand identity for Danone Light & Free by Dragon Rouge
Brand Activation, Brand strategy, Branding / design
Dragon Rouge creates a compelling brand identity for Danone Light & Free in France.
Jun 26th 2018 15:28:10

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