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Whilst you can search for and review agencies and sponsorship partners without registering, you won't be able to use the additional functionality that makes Creativebrief such a valuable service for brands.

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Create your own personal alerts to deliver you agency content that's relevant to your brand.


Confidentially send RFIs, request tailored credentials and review responses to ensure you shortlist the best agencies.


See which agencies are currently online and communicate with them at the click of a button.

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Manage a list of your followed agencies agencies and monitor their work and activity.

Registering with makes intelligent marketing connections more likely. Alternatively, we offer a face-to-face service to many clients who want to talk to us, so don't hesitate to call and tap into our unrivalled market knowledge.

Keep in touch with the very best of the industry by using Creativebrief as a dynamic research tool. It's ideal to identify what your competitors are up to and to find out who's behind that new TV ad or marketing campaign.

Search for, select and brief marketing service companies and view their case studies. They refresh their information regularly, so you'll see up-to-date information and examples of recent work.

Develop your personal knowledge of the marketplace and those services that particularly interest you. And when you have a specific marketing need, take control by finding your ideal marketing partner without third party interference. Use the search to instantly view a comprehensive list of agencies and consultants that match your criteria.

Confidentially interact online, send a quick message if you have a specific question, or write and send a brief.

Your anonymity is assured at all times, and the responses you receive will always be objective and easily comparable. Once you've shortlisted who you would like to meet, simply contact them direct.