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Marketing Manchester, VisitBritain and Virgin Atlantic  - It all starts in Manchester
Marketing Manchester, VisitBritain and Virgin Atlantic
(Marketing Manchester)
It all starts in Manchester by RAPP
CRM/Customer Engagement,Social / Travel/Tourism
Online, OOH & PR stunts. Promoting Manchester to US travellers’ using Virgin Atlantic’s new routes.
Virgin Media - Stream Demon
Virgin Media
Stream Demon by RAPP
CRM/Customer Engagement,Social / Media & Entertainment
CRM, creative, tech. solutions & proposition development & customer acquisition including analysis.
Krispy Kreme - Friends of Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme
(Krispy Kreme Food)
Friends of Krispy Kreme by RAPP
CRM/Customer Engagement / Food & Drink
CRM & Digital delivering strategies, comms & existing loyalty programme (Friends of Krispy Kreme).
L'Oréal - CRM Hub
CRM/Customer Engagement / Beauty/Cosmetics
CRM hub for 27 brands, 80+ campaigns a month & Club Matrix, a platform for distributors & salons.
i - For a concise, quality election
(Johnston Press)
For a concise, quality election by Atomic
Advertising/Creative / Publishing
If party leaders wore their policies.
PLAY-DOH - PLAY-DOH Imagination Tour
PLAY-DOH Imagination Tour by iD
Brand Activation,Experiential marketing / Toys & Games
Interactive experiential tour, encouraging families to get creative with PLAY-DOH.
Coors Light - Ice Cave Rave
Coors Light
(Molson Coors)
Ice Cave Rave by Sense
Brand Activation,Experiential marketing,Staffing / Alcoholic Drinks
A 30 minute rave in an ice cave - the quest for ultimate refreshment is answered this summer!
RNLI - Float to Live #RespectTheWater
Float to Live #RespectTheWater by krow communications
Advertising/Creative,Integrated marketing / Charity
RNLI make it their mission to keep us safe in the water, whether we intend to end up there or not.
NatWest - NatWest TechXperts Roadshow
NatWest TechXperts Roadshow by Seen Presents
Experiential marketing / Financial Services
Educating customers on mobile and digital banking services up and down the UK throughout summer
Mothercare - I Wonder...
I Wonder... by The Grid
Advertising/Creative,Branding / design / Retail
Mothercare creative campaign, capturing all the bubbling curiosity that runs around a parents mind
Lexus International - Shift
Lexus International
Shift by CHI&Partners
Integrated marketing / Automotive
Shift showcases the extraordinary imagination, craftsmanship, design and engineering behind Lexus.
ITV - Saturday Night Take Away - ITV Marketing
Saturday Night Take Away - ITV Marketing by Somethin' Else
Social / Media & Entertainment
A slice of Saturday Night Takeaway on social to encourage ITV's followers to check out the show
Aldi - Henry the Hippo
Henry the Hippo by McCann Manchester
Advertising/Creative / Retail
Aldi’s latest TVC featuring Henry the Hippo. All CGI/VFX work done in-house at McCann Manchester
Amazon Music Unlimited - Moments
Amazon Music Unlimited
Moments by Above+Beyond
Advertising/Creative / Online/E-commerce
Phase 1 of global online and offline video and radio campaign celebrating music for every moment.
New Balance - My Future Self
New Balance
(New Balance)
My Future Self by BMB
Advertising/Creative,Digital,Social / Sports/Leisure
The moment you think you’ve made it, you’re finished...What would you tell yourself? #myfutureself
STRONG by Zumba - STRONG by Zumba
STRONG by Zumba
STRONG by Zumba by Unity
Public relations (PR),Social / Health & Wellbeing
UK launch of STRONG by Zumba
Ford - Blownups
Blownups by Recipe
Social / Automotive
A safety video with a comedic approach, warning young drivers not to drive like a dummy.
Kelly's of Cornwall - School of Cornish
Kelly's of Cornwall
(R&R Ice Cream)
School of Cornish by isobel
Advertising/Creative / Food & Drink
Take a lesson in Cornish with Dawn French.
Three Olives Vodka - Find Otherness
Three Olives Vodka
(Proximo Spirits)
Find Otherness by The VIA Agency
Advertising/Creative / Alcoholic Drinks
Choose to live a colorful life. A Life of Otherness.
T. Rowe Price - Adjustments
T. Rowe Price
(T. Rowe Price)
Adjustments by The VIA Agency
Advertising/Creative / Financial Services
T. Rowe Price shares the art of Target Date Fund management.