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Royal Opera House, Feel Something New by Atomic
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Wagamama, From Bowl to Soul by MullenLowe Group
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Aerstone, Aerstone. Single Malt. Two Choices. by Space
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NLWA, Save Our Stuff by Therapy
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Gay Times, THE FLAG WE SHOULDN'T BE PROUD OF by The Gate London
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Perrier Juices, Perrier extends its brand territory to natural beverages with low calories by Dragon Rouge
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adidas, adidas Official Match Ball Launch & Tango League by TRO
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“Creativebrief was a key part of the review process. Their advice and support supplemented our search and we were happy to work alongside someone who took agency selection as seriously as we do”.

Emma Hunt, Head of Marketing , Nichols plc

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Air Canada
Air Canada's #COOLNOTCOLD Pop-Up Poutinerie
JWT London re-launched the ‘Poutinerie by Air Canada’ in London’s Old Spitalfields…
J. Walter Thompson London (JWT)
15.10.2018 16:24:34
Master Origins: We Are the Choices we Make
J. Walter Thompson London launches fully integrated global campaign for Nespresso
J. Walter Thompson London (JWT)
15.10.2018 15:59:39
The King of Soho
How do we create a Gin fit for a King?
We encapsulated the eclectic and hedonistic values of Soho to bring this new Gin…
1HQ Brand Agency
15.10.2018 15:32:55
Aston Martin
Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Launch
JWT Live and Prism created, designed and produced the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera…
J. Walter Thompson London (JWT)
15.10.2018 15:24:30
Men of the Moment
A boxing-themed social campaign for Lynx Gold Body Spray to coincide with Anthony…
TMW Unlimited
11.10.2018 16:41:22
Super Cereal
Taking our new Naturya identity and expanding the brand into the cereal category.
11.10.2018 13:25:02
Thanks A Bunch
Reigniting the art of saying thank you with a flower shop of limited edition Cadbury…
11.10.2018 11:30:22
Plan International
Girls Get Equal
Our multi-year campaign to inspire and drive support for the fight for equality…
Mr. President
11.10.2018 10:47:18
Cadbury Boost
The 2:58pm lull. It's Boost time!
To highlight the 'lulliest' minute of the day, we opened up a Boost kiosk for one…
VCCP Partnership
10.10.2018 09:32:22
Guide Dogs
Sponsor A Puppy DRTV Advert
Guide Dogs new DRTV ad reveals inspirational ambitions of a tattoo artist following…
Proximity London Ltd
09.10.2018 17:21:00
adidas - Manchester United kit launch 18/19
Introducing a new kit for the world's biggest football club.
The Corner
09.10.2018 14:26:25
CEG Kirkstall Forge
Online Presence for a new neighbourhood development
Website for a pioneering new place to live and work:
Intermarketing Agency
09.10.2018 12:23:20
BioBeats rebrand
Brand strategy and identity for BioBeats whose AI products are created to improve…
09.10.2018 10:18:56
Launching the new NOW TV hayu pass
Helping NOW TV customers to stream the freshest reality shows from the US with the…
08.10.2018 14:21:01
Burger King
Act of History
The winner of the nationwide search for someone to try the new Crispy Chicken Burger.…
BBH London
08.10.2018 13:50:40
Yorkshire Water
Behaviour change campaign introducing Wipesaur to schools to discourage kids from…
08.10.2018 13:07:20
Empowering future generations to live healthily through the use of technology
Expert panellists and influencers launched Beko's thought leadership at IFA Berlin…
08.10.2018 12:46:14
Red Stripe and Desperados
FInd Your Beat
A promotion running in UK stores that offers students a chance to win music themed…
08.10.2018 12:21:28
HSBC encouraged young people in the UK to pursue new opportunities, and avoid future…
We Are Social
08.10.2018 11:40:36
My Morning After
A new campaign aimed at ending the stigma and misconceptions around emergency contraception.…
Havas UK
05.10.2018 12:34:15
SELFHOOD - Decoding Youth Identity in the Social age
16-24s are burning down the house. Is your brand in flames?
05.10.2018 11:53:42
The Hive - Online Hub
An internal change management campaign to support a huge company merge:
Intermarketing Agency
04.10.2018 15:30:30
Octopus Group
Octopus Group - Naturally Different
Brandpie creates a digital-first, consumer-led brand for Octopus Group.
04.10.2018 15:10:10
Star Alliance
The Most Rewarding Journey With Tim Bengal
We visited the Himalayas with viral sensation and world-renowned artist Tim Bengel.
04.10.2018 11:17:58
Let's Do Something
Taking control of the female intimate health conversation through #EndEmbarrasment…
04.10.2018 11:10:02
first direct
first direct 'Apologises' To Other Banks
first direct wanted to tell the world that they were voted #1 in the UK for overall…
We Are Social
03.10.2018 11:47:38
Small Talk
A series of campaigns championing the unsung hero of our day to day existence -…
BBH London
03.10.2018 10:15:27
Capital FM
Play Capital
Just say the words 'Play Capital' and the star-studded world of Capital FM bursts…
Mr. President
03.10.2018 09:25:17
look good. do better.
A brand awareness campaign that emulates method’s vibrant visual aesthetic and sustainability…
Mr. President
03.10.2018 09:25:11
Best for Britain
Brexit's Stop Button
We gave the British public a 'STOP' button to push for the final say on the Brexit…
Mr. President
03.10.2018 08:55:49
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