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Magnum , Magnum X Moschino Pleasure Store by Hot Pickle
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The Distillery, The modern-day Gin Palace at 186 Portobello Road by analogue
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AC Hotels, Modern business travel by LikeFriends
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N°5 L'Eau, You Know Me and You Don't by Y&R London
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Vauxhall, Pyjama Mamas by Mother London
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Veet, The Only Way Is Beauty by Recipe
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easyGym, SWC Partnership is easyGym's Integrated Full Service Marketing Agency by SWC Partnership
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“BITE LIVE is a high caliber event that attracts a wide range of industry leaders looking to cut through the noise and walk away with valuable insight and inspiration for their brand. It highlighted not only what other brands in different sectors are doing incredibly well, but how they're actually doing it and the strategic thinking behind the success stories”.

Pete Markey, Brand Communications and Marketing Director,, Aviva

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Farm Safety Foundation
Farm Safety Week
Creative disruptive PR and content campaign to raise awareness of Farm Safety Week
TVC Group
25.07.2017 18:20:00
Northern Ireland
Game of Thrones - Tapestry
A giant, 77m long tapestry tells the GoT story so far, showcasing its most epic…
Publicis London
25.07.2017 17:16:25
Sharp's Brewery
There's an Adventure Brewing
Sharp's Brewery and Nathan Outlaw treat beer lovers to a unique Michelin Star meal…
Integer London
25.07.2017 13:32:34
Appleton Estate
Crafted With Joy
We've kicked off Crafted With Joy, a celebration of passion and craft with Appleton…
Seen Presents
24.07.2017 18:03:50
Chiltern Railways
It's a really big deal
The world's first radio ad recorded on the world's biggest slide.
The Gate London
24.07.2017 17:44:40
Koko Kanu
Discover Koko Kanu
We created and staffed The Frequent Flyers Cocktail Club to transport people to…
BD Network
24.07.2017 12:40:53
BAFTA Film Gala 2017 Brochure
Über’s partnership with BAFTA continues with this elegant brochure for the prestigious…
24.07.2017 11:42:46
Popup Cinema Sponsorship
SWC helped Eurowings launch their headline sponsorship of Popup Cinemas across London…
SWC Partnership
24.07.2017 10:42:58
I Chose to Teach
Our latest campaign for NCTL is designed to build potential teachers' confidence.…
FCB Inferno
21.07.2017 16:50:16
Grant's Whisky
The Journey
Our new global campaign for Grant’s Whisky sets out to reassert the quality of the…
FCB Inferno
21.07.2017 16:42:54
Outdoor Performances
Arts and Culture activations at Media City
20.07.2017 18:18:53
Sony Xperia
UEFA Champions League Final
Creation and delivery of Sony Mobile’s hospitality and on-site activation at the…
20.07.2017 17:42:26
BMW 4 Series
4 in 4
To dramatise the qualities of the new BMW 4 Series we created a suite of 4 second…
FCB Inferno
20.07.2017 16:52:22
H.L. Brown
H.L. Brown Website
Über developed the leading specialist luxury jewellers new ecommerce site working…
20.07.2017 14:38:12
Absolute Radio
Brekfest with Kasabian
Experience12 provided full production & event management of Absolute's Brekfest…
20.07.2017 14:30:34
Ultimate Brain
Set design
Set design and staging for Ultimate Brain at the Summer Social Festival
20.07.2017 12:49:07
Spider-Man: Homecoming
#IFoundSpiderman Campaign
Popped up over 3 locations to distribute 500 Spider-Man figurines, with locations…
20.07.2017 12:09:34
New Balance Football
Blackout Squad
Socially-driven brand engagement and advocacy programme
20.07.2017 09:19:19
Pip & Nut
Pip & Nut bring their Pipnic series to London. Serving nut butter treats with frame…
19.07.2017 16:38:25
Proving that Albert Square is the most dangerous location in soapland
19.07.2017 15:56:50
Great Thinkers for Uncertain Times
We produced a bespoke book - Great Thinkers for Uncertain Times - for Citigold’s…
The School of Life
19.07.2017 15:00:50
Open Door
'Stress Gnome' Campaign
The Open Door gnome character developed by Über, now a series of posed stress-ball…
19.07.2017 14:41:19
Robinsons Fruit Shoot
It's My Thing App
We've provided Fruit Shoot with an innovative AR alternative to the traditional…
19.07.2017 14:00:21
Music and Revolution Launch
Skepta's surprise performance at The V&A to launch the Music and Revolution campaign
Seen Presents
18.07.2017 17:41:32
Sheffield Doc/Fest
Sheffield Doc/Fest Mobile App
For the 4th year running, Über has created/built the app for the UK's biggest documentary…
18.07.2017 16:39:57
Renault UK
The Ultimate Test Drive
Renault celebrates 40 yrs in F1 with Rosemary Smith, 79, the oldest person to drive…
Publicis London
18.07.2017 11:49:43
Comedy sketches for Facebook bringing Hooch's irreverent, witty and no B.S. personality…
18.07.2017 11:02:37
Find Flavour
On-trade promotion and experiential sampling partnership with Joe & Seph's Popcorn.
17.07.2017 16:37:10
Amba Hotels
Amba Hotels Rebrand
Rebrand of the Amba Hotel chain, including brand strategy, design, and communications.
Hometown London
17.07.2017 16:03:18
Stopover Pass
Performances will take to the skies to entertain a new breed of passenger.
The Brooklyn Brothers
17.07.2017 14:57:10
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