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Arm & Hammer, You Can Do Better by Therapy
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Habitat , Habitat Voyeur by Portas
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Berocca, Be More Berocca by J. Walter Thompson London (JWT)
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Meantime, Packaging by Above+Beyond
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Optrex, Helping Optrex in the blink of an eye. by Havas London
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Hippeas, Hippeas: Give Peas A Chance by Jones Knowles Ritchie
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Rimmel , Volume Shake Mascara by BETC London
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Virgin Media, This is Fibre by Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) London
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“In a short span of time, Creativebrief were able to understand Group’s brands, objectives and culture. Come deadline date, we were super excited to have found an amazing agency that was the right fit for our business and culture”.

Shakur Shidane, Head of Brand , Group

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iris, LEGO & a group of aeronautical engineering students turn children's LEGO fantasy…
21.04.2017 16:01:52
Nike On Demand
Nike On Demand is a human-driven 1:1 service on WhatsApp that keeps athletes engaged…
R/GA London
21.04.2017 13:39:55
Kenzo x H&M
Global Campaign Launch
Fashion meets Unexpected: the 2016 KENZO x H&M collection
B-Reel Ltd
21.04.2017 13:03:19
Pixel Wallpapers
Design and Development
Creating a premium wallpaper experience for Google Pixel
B-Reel Ltd
21.04.2017 13:01:31
Gorillaz App
Mixed Reality mobile app
A mixed-reality mobile experience that erases the line between Gorillaz and you.
B-Reel Ltd
21.04.2017 12:58:11
King Arthur: Legend…
King Arthur Tour
A touring unit featuring a rotating mechanical arm to capture 180 degree content
21.04.2017 11:41:02
Chiltern Railways
Summer Retail
Retail campaign to promote the 2 for 1 offer on loads of attractions when you go…
The Gate London
21.04.2017 10:03:10
Chi Chi
Fast growing fashion brand needed a new kind of campaign fit for omnichannel customers
20.04.2017 12:21:51
MYA Cosmetic Surgery
MYA World
Distrupting the cosmetic surgery sector with a fashion led, multichannel TV Campaign
20.04.2017 12:15:34
CBeebies & Northern Ballet at Eureka!
Event design, production and management at this free 2 day family festival.
20.04.2017 11:16:58
Hotter Shoes
Spring 2017 Campaign
Refresh a classic brand for a new generation of Hotter customers
20.04.2017 09:14:24
Bamford Grooming Department
Bamford Grooming Department Product Packaging
Product packaging design for a range of mens grooming products.
Creative Research and Development Ltd.
19.04.2017 18:20:52
Website and visual identity toolbox
A visual identity toolbox and website for the new Aquavit restaurant in London.
Emakina SE
19.04.2017 16:32:40
EcoTools Launch Event
We hosted an event to launch Ecotool's 2017 collection to top tier media and influencers.
3 Monkeys | Zeno
19.04.2017 14:25:52
A Squidgy Bit Soreen
Cinema spot promoting Soreen as an ideal lunchtime snack for children.
Red Brick Road
19.04.2017 10:05:39
Hollywood to your Home
Panasonic brings Hollywood to your Home in an epic movie trailer.
18.04.2017 17:48:51
All The Jeans
When it comes to jeans, perhaps it’s time to retire the skinny. Topman introduces…
Somethin' Else
18.04.2017 15:34:53
Ready As Ever
Stunt double Amanda Foster stars in the latest No7 Age-Defying Serums campaign
Mother London
18.04.2017 14:26:01
To celebrate the heart of BrewDog - the 5k equity punks.
Studio of Art and Commerce
18.04.2017 14:21:52
Made To Move - Anthony Joshua
Building on the Lucozade's Made to Move platform, a tribute to the life story of…
Grey London
18.04.2017 13:48:23
Robinsons Fruit Shoot…
Robinsons Fruit Shoot Hydro
Part of an integrated campaign, iD has launched sampling activity for Robinsons…
18.04.2017 11:38:38
Croydex Rebrand
The rebrand for routine innovators, Croydex – the bathroom accessory specialists.
18.04.2017 11:37:38
That Superdrug Feeling
Our aim was to reposition ‘That Superdrug Feeling’ & show Superdrug in a new Brave…
18.04.2017 09:59:11
Major League Soccer
Mexico vs. U.S.A. Viewing Party (June 11)
Collaborating with Dentsu alumni MKTG to create viewing party for Mexico v U.S.…
18.04.2017 00:20:06
Arm & Hammer
You Can Do Better
Arm & Hammer's new Life Coach is on a mission to convince people they can do better.…
12.04.2017 19:12:59
Media, creative & social. Including new website, new product packaging & promotional…
12.04.2017 18:15:16
DreamWorks' The Boss…
The Wheel of (mis)Fortune
Social Influencer campaign to launch a new movie. But we don't do ordinary Influencer…
12.04.2017 17:47:19
Combogesic Stories
Goodbye boring pain killer ads, hello Combogesic. See more:
Bray Leino
12.04.2017 11:49:09
Vichy - IDÉALIA peeling with DJ Becky Tong #donthidetheglow
Vichy partners with DJ Becky Tong to promote new peeling product for a fast-paced…
Red Brick Road
12.04.2017 10:17:39
Peroni Nastro Azzurro
The House of Peroni: Experience Art Like Never Before
Peroni invites you into an immersive, virtual world that blends Italian art, technology…
M&C Saatchi PR
11.04.2017 18:58:28
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