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Nike, Nike ID by Stereo Creative
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Unilever, Knorr World Cuisine by Flourish
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Not on the High Street, The Home Of Thoughtful Gifts by Mother London
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CALM/ Topman, L'Eau de Chris/ #DontBottleItUp by BMB
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Hostelworld, #MeetTheWorld by Lively
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Domino's , The Official Food of Everything by VCCP Partnership
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Fortnum & Mason, Oddi-Teas Packaging Design by Otherway
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“Creativebrief’s BITE INSPIRE session was a brilliant way to look at some of the key trends that shaped 2016. Also hugely valuable to observe and learn from the behaviour of brands in other markets outside our own. We all left feeling enlightened and inspired to consider how our brands might capitalise in the year ahead”.

Adrian Troy, Marketing Director, AG Barr

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BT Sport
Being Dele
Dele Alli demonstrates the range of sport available on BT Sport.
20.10.2017 16:31:05
Plan International UK
Plaster Pads
Designed to highlight the absurd social stigmas that girls still face around their…
20.10.2017 16:30:42
Bodyform and Libresse…
Blood Normal
Fem care brands Bodyform and Libresse abandon the blue liquid in favour of a real…
20.10.2017 16:30:09
Nescafé Gold
Those Few People
Exploring why it's important to spend time with the ones we care about in Nescafé…
Publicis UK
20.10.2017 14:12:19
Nescafé Gold
Those Few People
Exploring why it's important to spend time with the ones we care about in Nescafé…
Publicis London
20.10.2017 14:04:41
London Pride
Ride With Pride
New integrated campaign to support the rebrand of Fuller's London Pride.
20.10.2017 13:09:12
Get Dressed
Whatever the scenario, the poetic Georgia Jones implores us to 'Get Dressed'
20.10.2017 12:04:33
The Australian Football League Women's girls: OOH campaign
The AFL started a women’s league in ‘16, so we decided to celebrate these stylish…
20.10.2017 11:11:14
Close Brothers
Modern Merchant Banking
Positioning Close Brothers as the bank for SMEs.
The Gate London
20.10.2017 09:50:41
Reshaping stalls as makerspaces
Market stall inspired logotype for @Manufactory — an event by #KingstonSchoolofArt…
BOB Design Ltd
19.10.2017 18:05:27
Babor Ampoules
The Famous Babor Ampoules, a total beauty enhancement by DRAGON ROUGE Hamburg
Dragon Rouge
19.10.2017 16:28:45
Flopomania - Skip To the Action
We're taking back the game and skipping to the action, where the thrills begin!
19.10.2017 16:05:50
London Essence Company
London Essence Company - Bar Convent Berlin
We're excited to share our stand design from BCB for the exceptional London Essence…
Wonderworks Communications Ltd
19.10.2017 15:02:25
Jaguar Land Rover
Tech Fest
JLR launched Tech Fest this September, with the theme of ‘Technology with Heart'.
The Brooklyn Brothers
19.10.2017 13:35:32
Stopover Pass
A show stopping performance that put staff at the heart of unique in-flight entertainment.…
The Brooklyn Brothers
19.10.2017 13:32:33
London & Partners
London's Autumn Season
The annual celebration of London’s inspirational cultural season.
The Brooklyn Brothers
19.10.2017 13:27:15
40 Shades 40 Powers - Beauty Advisors
This campaign shows the power and diversity of 40 amazing Lancôme Beauty Advisors. 
The Brooklyn Brothers
19.10.2017 13:22:26
Nike ID
Make them yours.
Stereo Creative
19.10.2017 12:10:32
Inspired by Iceland
The A-Ö of Iceland 
A sing-a-long film, highlighting the uniquely different pronunciation of the Icelandic…
The Brooklyn Brothers
19.10.2017 11:24:27
Destination Westfield AW17 with Anthony Joshua
Heavyweight boxing champion hung his gloves for the day to star in his first ever…
18.10.2017 14:02:12
National Geographic…
Wild October Terrarium
We installed an immersive tropical terrarium on Southbank's observation point
18.10.2017 10:10:34
FABB Sofas
'Guaranteed Christmas Delivery' Campaign
FABB get festive with our GXD campaign including TV, radio, press and digital collateral.
17.10.2017 16:51:19
Are You Type R?
We developed a campaign called “Are You Type R?” which included a range of filmic…
17.10.2017 15:47:12
The Benevolent
Here to Help
Creative campaign comprising digital advertising, posters and support literature…
Davison Williams
17.10.2017 15:09:33
Endless Connections
VOXI is Vodafone's youth offering - our new brand platform puts youth generated…
Ogilvy UK
17.10.2017 12:30:22
Le Scarecrow Suprême
Le Scarecrow Suprême will stop at nothing to guard the unique Strisslespalt hops…
Ogilvy UK
17.10.2017 12:30:06
No Commission
A series of global events to celebrate and reignite Bacardi's deep heritage in art…
Ogilvy UK
17.10.2017 12:26:16
Stoptober Bot
We developed a chatbot to help quitters right in their moment of need: a real-time…
Ogilvy UK
17.10.2017 12:25:39
Utility Poles
Using film to encapsulate the innovative, life-changing work of the world’s largest…
Leagas Delaney London
16.10.2017 17:29:35
Visa contactless
Tapping into Christmas with Visa
Working with Visa to use social active promotions to engage with consumers during…
Bright Blue Day
16.10.2017 15:35:00
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