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The Coconut Collaborative

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A World of Good

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Disciplines: Branding / design

Sector: FMCG

Agency: Otherway

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We are continually bombarded with mixed messages about what we shouldn't be eating. First it was sugary cereal (so long Golden Nuggets), then it was gluten, quickly followed by dairy. The growing trend for ‘free from’ products leaves shoppers regularly searching for alternatives to what they may have traditionally eaten.

The Coconut Collaborative is a dairy-free coconut yoghurt company that was founded in 2014 just as the dairy-free trend was taking off. Picked up by the early adopters, it needed to cement itself as a key brand on the dairy-free shelf, as well as appeal to a more mainstream audience.

The brand worked with Otherway to refresh their packaging, brand strategy and advertising to create a dairy-free world of goodness. The World of Good plays out on the inside of the yoghurt’s packaging, telling the brand’s story and putting the coconut tree at the heart of the tale.

They also launched their first outdoor advertising campaign, Dear Dairy, across London, to appeal to the growing popularity of ‘free from’ products favoured over traditional dairy foods. The fun, playful ads depict traditional dairy yoghurts being left broken-hearted by the new kid on the block: the coconut yoghurt.

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