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Mr. President


look good. do better.

A brand awareness campaign that emulates method’s vibrant visual aesthetic and sustainability ethos.

Disciplines: Advertising/Creative

Sector: FMCG

Agency: look good. do better., Mr. President

BITE Insight

If you didn’t share it, did it even happen? It’s a frequently used, often ridiculing phrase that highlights a common trait of the younger generation, that which Mr President has labelled as “narcissistic altruism”. Everything must be shared, especially when you’re acting in a way that you deem ethical, whether that’s drinking from your KeepCup or marching for change.

Mr President’s first work for method, the eco-friendly cleaning products company, is a brand awareness campaign that encourages consumers to look good. do better. The tagline reinforces the brand’s message that you should use method’s cleaning products because it makes you look good on social media.

In the colourful, vivid, stylised world of method, the characters do good, but look even better while doing it. We see a glamorous, elderly woman recycling her champagne bottles, a dapper gentleman polishing his peace prize trophy and a female firefighter feeding her cat.

Framed in an Instagram square, the spots emphasise method’s vibrant visual aesthetic and sustainability ethos. With a tongue in cheek attitude, the brand taps into a genuine social media pattern of behaviour to highlight, slightly satirically, how looking good is even better when you’re doing good too.

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