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Havas UK


Love for Longer

Educating the public that much of the UK's annual 300,000 tonnes of clothes waste is avoidable.

Disciplines: Advertising/Creative

Sector: Clothing/Footwear

Agency: Love for Longer, Havas UK

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Globally, the fashion industry is second only to oil in its levels of pollution. In the UK, a booming high street market, the need for originality and a fast fashion culture has created a country in which over 300,000 tonnes of clothes waste occurs every year.

Vanish, working with Havas UK, have set out to remind the British public that this waste is, in actual fact, avoidable. They believe that a stain doesn’t have to be the end of your clothes. What we need to do is Love For Longer.

The ad shows Vanish employees dressed in head-to-toe protection kit sifting through a rubbish heap to find old clothing, which is then thrown into industrially-sized washing machines with a sprinkle of Vanish powder. With the tagline ‘love them for longer’, Vanish want to remind people that if you take care of your clothing it won’t need to be replaced so often.

Fast fashion, as it’s known, is convenient and often cheap. But it comes at the expense of the environment and the levels of pollution are such that we can no longer afford to ignore them.

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