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The City Tree

the city tree - technology

By the year 2050, 80% of the world’s population will live in cities. With air pollution the largest single environmental health risk, leading to 7 million premature deaths a year (according to the WHO), councils and governments are desperately seeking solutions.

Planting hundreds of trees is not really a viable option in cities that are becoming more and more densely populated by both people and buildings. However, a Berlin-based company has come up with a solution: The City Tree.

The Tree is an intelligent, natural air filter for cities, as powerful as 275 normal trees, and it takes up 99% less space. Created from a certain type of moss culture that makes for an ideal air purifier, the Tree combines plants with technology to create a smart, self-sufficient solution.

The City Tree functions autonomously through a built-in support system that provides the plants with an automated supply of water and nutrients, and tracks the capabilities of the purifier. Solar panels produce the energy needed, which is then stored in batteries, and there is an integrated tank for automatic watering. The Tree can also house screens for either information or advertising purposes.

As more of us move into cities, and the pollution levels appear to be on the increase rather than decrease, The City Tree is a cost effective, easy way to improve city dwellers’ environmental quality of life.

Visit Green City Solutions website to find out more.

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