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Home of the Brick

LEGO House - Home of the Brick

LEGO is the ultimate toy building brick, appealing to children and adults alike. In fact, the word toy doesn’t really do it justice. LEGO allows people to explore their creativity, building houses, planes and other extraordinary creations. And the new LEGO House, designed by architect Bjarke Ingels in Billund, Denmark, has been built to encourage just that.

The Home of the Brick is an homage to the iconic toy, a celebration of all things LEGO that extends through to the building’s foundations. Ingels took inspiration from the LEGO brick, designing the building using 21 interlocking blocks, all with the same dimensions as the iconic brick, with the same 2x4 proportions. The building’s central white block nods further to the original design, with the eight circular skylights symbolic of the eight studs on top of the bricks.

The building’s design means that, hypothetically, you could build the house, and everything inside it, yourself. Once inside, visitors can undertake building activities on the ground floor, as well as visiting the house’s restaurants, one of which is staffed by robots. The upstairs areas host various experiences as well as the LEGO museum, documenting its 85 year legacy, while each colourful roof acts as a playground.

The highest honour for Ingles however, is having the building he designed turned into an official LEGO kit, allowing people to re-create his building from the comfort of their own home. For an architect, there is no higher praise.

Visit the LEGO House website to find out more.

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