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Many whisky brands associate themselves with success. And it’s always self-made success. But is this something that resonates with the young men buying whisky in emerging markets?

Using our Captology network of over 700 cultural innovators, we discovered that self-made success is an out-dated idea. Grants’ core audience come from community-minded cultures, where the emphasis is on WE, not ME. Last year, we helped Grant’s celebrate this attitude with the brand thought ‘Stand Together’, delivering bold statements in ATL and retail, which challenged the category themes of individual success.

But making statements isn’t enough on its own. We wanted young men to engage with our worldview and be able to express it in their own words. So in September 2014 we launched the #IOU campaign.


The Insight

While men accept that success is rarely attained without the
help of others, they struggle to vocalise their gratitude.


The Idea

#IOU provides men with the shorthand to express their gratitude without the need for awkward sentimentality.


In addition to the film the #IOU Toast strikes at the chord of egocentricity and the cult of the selfie. These easy to capture salutations celebrate the collective, not the individual. 
As a whole the campaign has reclaimed social media for social purposes, taking a stance against the vanity project it has become.







The campaign has had 30 million views globally and is still growing. It also attracted 600,000 new Facebook fans in the first month and was used as a Facebook for Buisness success story. 

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