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Bentley Gigapixel.

Creating the extraordinary: the world's largest car photo.


The Challenge

‘Be Extraordinary’ was Bentley’s first brand-level campaign. With a tight budget, digital and social were identified as the best way to take this message to ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Yet these are busy people with no shortage of distractions. Our task was to create something they would find appealing enough to explore.  



The Approach

The standard car photograph is a beauty shot of the product filling most of the frame. We turned this formula on its head. We created an interactive experience based around a 53-billion-pixel photo of the San Francisco Bay, with a Bentley Mulsanne as a tiny detail on the Golden Gate Bridge.

The image was hosted online, where visitors could zoom in from the panoramic vista right down to the car, and even on to the hand-stitched embroidery on the seat.

We summed up the campaign in a single, PR-able headline: ‘Bentley uses NASA technology to capture the world’s most extraordinary car photograph’ – a line repeated the world over as journalists, bloggers and influencers shared the idea across tech, lifestyle and automotive channels. 


The Innovation

The photo itself took a week to capture using a computer-controlled camera mount system based on NASA technology developed for the Mars Rovers.

Processing the resulting image took a whole day. Saving it took hours. Handling the data alone required the creation of a bespoke system. But over the next three months, it was assembled piece by piece, before being made available on a dedicated microsite. 



The Results

Duplicated reach for the campaign topped 300 million. The website saw 2.3 million page views, with an impressive average dwell time of 1 minute 6 seconds per visit. Click-through from paid media was 12 times the industry average, while campaign awareness amongst US, UK and Middle Eastern UHNWI reached 25%. The campaign also earned 1.26 million likes on Instagram.

We generated approximately 60,000 active leads with an above-industry-average conversion of cars sold.* 


The Keko Point of Difference

Having created the ‘Be Extraordinary’ brand campaign for Bentley, Keko used innovative technology to take it to an elusive target audience, creating an industry first that overcame the constraints of a limited budget. 


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