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Nuffield Health

From a corporate brand to a lifestyle leader

Nuffield Health operate 31 private hospitals and 112 Fitness & Wellbeing Clubs in the UK.
It’s a unique offer but spontaneous brand awareness was low. 


This lack of attention was down to Nuffield Health not speaking a consumer friendly language. Our advice was to stop thinking like a corporate brand and start thinking like a lifestyle leader. Ditch the business speak and adopt a more playful brand language. One amplifying their brand across hospitals and clubs, allowing for flexibility yet bringing coherence.


Working as part of a core group of agencies, we refreshed and invigorated the brand language everywhere - from brand and advertising guidance to sub-brands, from digital and print to brand experience. 

In the space of a year spontaneous brand awareness rose a massive 72% and club membership exceeded all targets.




As a result of the rebrand,
spontaneous brand awareness
rose a massive 70% from
2016 to 2017




A total of 55,423 Fitness and
Wellbeing Club members joined
in the first quarter of 2017.
(105% of target)

Sourced from mediacom


Nu Sub-brands

We worked closely with Nuffield Health to develop sub-brands within their Fitness
and Wellbeing Clubs. Developing these sub-brands has created a distinctive
competitive advantage for Nuffield Health. These included brands for a new food
and beverage offer, a cycle studio and mind and body studio.




NuKitchen offers members a space to connect, relax and refuel.
For pre or post workout, or just taking some much needed time out.
Whether you’re on the go or eating in, our delicious
and nutritious range of food will fuel your day.
NuKitchen. Delicious food, freshly prepared.




NuSpace is a space to quieten your mind and strengthen your body.
To relax, balance and flow. And leave feeling calm and re-energised.
NuSpace. Space for you.




NuCycle speaks the language of the road. From rolling hills to city sprints,
pelatons to weekend jaunts. NuCycle is built around the world of cycling.
Its aim is to motivate and energise newcomers to seasoned pros.
NuCycle. Hit the road.


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