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An initial spark brought Red7 and Red Hot Penny together. Red7 were looking to regain the title of the UK’s number one hen and stag do company. They wanted higher quality leads and more of them in an increasingly competitive market. A solution that achieved Red7’s business goals would be the foundations for a long and happy relationship…



A clearly-understood challenge needed a clearly-defined strategy. Red Hot Penny carried out a thorough audit of Red7’s pre-existing digital marketing strategy, advising on the optimal mix of services they would need to achieve their business goals. Our PPC and Biddable Media, Organic Search, Insights, Creative Content and Copywriting, Social and Digital PR teams then worked with Red7 to carry out their bespoke digital marketing strategy. Here are some of the highlights of our partnership so far…

Red7’s AdWords account gets a makeover: 

Red Hot Penny rebuilt ads and campaigns from the ground up, A/B testing copy for the best conversion rates. Google Click ID tracking was put in place to get closer to understanding the offline behaviour of Red7’s core customer.

Only high-quality links allowed: 

The Red Hot Penny Organic Search team created a quality backlink profile to boost Red7’s rankings. Our Insights team added tracking codes to Red7’s web pages to see how users were behaving across the site. Rich snippets were added to individual pages to help search engines better understand the information contained on them and of course, take up more results real estate for higher click-throughs.

The ULTIMATE guide to your destination hen and stag do: 

Our team of copywriters set to work on creating THE ultimate guides to Red7’s hen and stag do breaks, strictly-inspired by trending keywords for a natural SEO boost, decorated with on-brand imagery and interactive maps.

One huge emoji campaign: 

With Red7 launching their new-look website, we needed to create an awareness-generating campaign. Introducing the Mankini emoji: Think ‘L’ plates, beer goggles, blow-up dolls, brides and more, all transformed into classic emoji style and displayed on a hen and stag do emoji microsite. Oh, and not forgetting the favoured stag do classic: the Mankini.

Creating a Mankini buzz: 

The microsite and outreach campaign launched together, and it meant calling on our influencer and tabloid contact list for maximum impact across social and PR to ultimately drive leads to Red7’s brand new website.



More leads for less:

In 2016 Red7’s leads increased by 70% whilst decreasing CPA by 37% YoY, and top-level return on advertising spend rose from 12 to 30. Red7 and Red Hot Penny continue to work together in the pursuit of even more ROI and even lower CPAs.

The Mankini’s a hit: 

The Emoji campaign activity generated 1.3 million impressions on social, and was seen by over 1 million unique users. The Mankini campaign was covered by publications such as Daily Mail, Digital Spy, PR Week, Independent & more, and as a result, gained a combined press coverage circulation of over 260 million in total.

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