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Organix Punk'd
The snack food with attitude

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Organix launched with a mission to disrupt the junk food status quo and help create a world in which healthy, nutritious food is an option for all. Having successfully established themselves as market leaders in ’no junk’ baby and toddler foods, Organix asked FutureBrand to develop a new sub-brand for 5-10 year olds that needed to be exciting enough for kids but also healthy and reassuring enough for mum and dad.




The obvious approach would have been simply to take the next step up the age ladder. However, after assessing the brand’s relevance in the context of viable future scenarios and gaining unique insights into the motivations of kids between 5-10 years old, FutureBrand developed an aspirational and counter-intuitive approach by ‘reversing the telescope’- based on the insight that kids look forwards, not back.

The result was the creation of a sub-brand that, like its young, increasingly connected and self-aware consumers, is a small version of something big, not a bigger version of something small.

The brand look and feel and the packaging design is a direct translation of the rebellious new positioning and personality. We created a bold and bright logo mark in an energetic and bursting star shape, along with a vibrant and bold colour palette that projects a brand that is both energetic and distinct. Punk’d is all about good food with attitude, which is conveyed using a dynamic ‘explosion’ of the product itself on the centre of the pack.




The initial launch is in cereal bars with ‘Cocoa & Orange crash’ and ‘Strawberry & Vanilla smash’ oaty bars with more snack innovations in development. The new range can be found on Ocado and Amazon.



"Creative, thought provoking and inspirational – the FutureBrand team really took this challenge to take Organix from the comfort of the baby aisle out into the cut throat world of the main aisles. The response from parents has been incredible!"

Aileen Nicol, Organix Marketing Manager


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