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The launch of any flagship Samsung smartphone is a big deal. And the Galaxy S8 was no different. A good CRM strategy can help new devices hit the ground running with pre-orders. A great one can send pre-orders through the roof, encourage upgrades and drive acquisition of non-Samsung owners.






The Galaxy S7 launch was a huge success. The device redefined what a phone could be, and outperformed previous models in sales by some way. So the Galaxy S8 had big shoes to fill. Nonetheless, it was expected to continue that trend of relentless innovation – something our CRM activity needed to match. For that, we needed a stronger, smarter approach.



We know that CRM is only as good as the data you have. So we took a data-led approach to this brief. We created 5 key data segments: Samsung Upgrade Programme (5k), Apple owners (250k), premium Samsung mobile owners (2.4m), other Samsung mobile owners (1.5m), and Android/other mobile owners (6.8m). This allowed us to deliver distinctive creative for each audience segment, and drive both retention and acquisition.


In preparation for the Galaxy S8 launch in Q1/Q2 2017, we gathered contact-level tracking via Litmus across all emails in Q4 2016. Further analysis of this data told us on what devices customers were opening emails.

That innovative approach to data segmentation meant we could be more accurate with identifying key audiences. It allowed us to create multiple messaging hierarchies and ensure creative ticked all the right boxes for all the right people.

A fluid approach to segmentation also allowed us to vary messaging dependant on in-campaign engagement of a contact. Placing contacts in each segment into sub-segments of Cold, Warm and Hot allowed us to vary contact frequency and audience messaging from product discovery through to product purchase. That meant contacts could move through the purchase funnel at their own pace and without forceful coercion.

Our pre-registration data capture also allowed us to serve up relevant retailer/distributor messaging to our audience. So EE customers received EE messaging, Samsung Shop customers received Samsung Shop messaging, etc.

And all that data segmentation led to some outstanding creative, and even better results.

Samsung enjoyed an ROI of


for every £1 spent.

CRM generated


of all pre-orders via Samsung Shop.

We recorded

3.6 x ORs, 3.6 x traffic, 2.9 x revenue and 3.19 x ROS

compared to our record-breaking Galaxy S7 launch.

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