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Konica Minolta

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The challenge

Global tech giant Konica Minolta (KM) had developed a new technology for retailers to intimately understand the behaviour of their customers. Through smart camera technology allied to artificial intelligence, customers’ physical movements could be analysed at speed to determine optimum product positions on the shelves. When KM approached us, they had yet to take this game-changing technology – called Go Insight – to market.

Our approach

We created a short film to showcase the features and benefits of Go Insight. We used actors (filmed in a real grocery store) to convey the capabilities of the technology.  Graphics and voiceover also played a key role. Using film content allowed us to tell a richer, deeper story and meant we could maximise distribution of the film across multiple markets.


Konica Minolta - Go Insight (Short edit) from INDICIA on Vimeo.

The results

Go Insight technology is still in a beta-testing phase as the research team hone the algorithms that power its deep-learning technology. Konica Minolta are using the film across the globe to prompt a wealth of pre-release interest. The response from retailers has been exceptional.

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