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Positively Haringey


Haringey was negatively perceived by the general public as a place to avoid. Haringey Council wanted to tackle this perception problem head on and came to us to help change this. We needed to tell the real story of contemporary Haringey and all its diversity, interests and creativity.


We spoke to the real people and communities of Haringey. The businesses, the residents and the council stakeholders. And we learnt very quickly that Haringey is more than a place. It’s an attitude.


While being a large urban centre, it had a unique sense of community. People were proud of the borough’s vibrancy and energy. So we built our comms around this.

Capturing and distilling that unique spirit, we created a new look and feel for the borough and rolled it out across multiple touch points – from park signage to a brand new website. Organised workshops with the council also helped drive forward this new perception change among key influencers, communities and stakeholders.


“There is investing in a project and then there is investing heart and soul, and you guys have gone beyond that. This was an extremely challenging brief - to get people to reappraise the borough, to signal change, and to capture something that reflects the personality of the borough. The quantity and quality of work have been fantastic and they have created a distinct identity to help us stand out. The response has been immense and what we hoped for. It’s an absolute game-changer. Very happy. Brief 150% met.”

Joe Goldberg, Haringey Council

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