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Core disciplines: Branded content, Digital

The challenge: Scope
an alternative approach for Jobsite

Recruitment is a sector that traditionally relies on high-reach media. High-reach means high cost, leading to a situation in which staying ahead of your competitors simply means spending more than them. But with diminishing return, Jobsite needed a new strategy.

The solution

Our strategy no longer focused on big (but impersonal) reach, but instead on building relevance for active jobseekers and ‘passive’ jobseekers. We created content that was of real practical use to jobseekers, from guides to writing the perfect CV and advice on interview preparation to profiles on the employment opportunities across the world.

We curated wider news and views on employment to make Jobsite the go-to hub for everything about the world of work.

We used social channels to join this content up into cohesive ‘campaigns’, based around providing a response to a recent trend.


We launched The Advantage via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, a video-led campaign that brought Jobsite’s brand proposition of ‘Real jobs for real people’ to the fore. By affectionately pastiching The Apprentice to highlight the fact that the popular TV show is not the way people actually get jobs, this video-led campaign brought Jobsite’s brand proposition (‘Real jobs for real people’) to the fore of social conversation.

The ‘ultimate job interview package’ that competition entrants could win allowed Jobsite to capture data, thus providing an eager audience for subsequent campaigns.

The results
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