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WATCH TERRIFYING VIDEO: Resident Evil 7: The Experience received over 350 million views across social & was awarded PRWeek's Campaign of the Month (January 2017)

M&C Saatchi PR's integrated campaign has been shortlisted for the CIPR Excellence Awards, 'Best Event' (2017)

"Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was one of the most successful soft reboots I've seen in my long career in games journalism. The game launch managed to mix elements that appealed to both old school fans and those new to the franchise, and as such automatically becomes the new standard by which to judge any future refresh of a long-running brand." - David Jenkins, Gaming Editor, Metro

Resident Evil 7: The Experience was trending at number 1 on Facebook with 56,000 people engaging

"We knew we had to do something really special to celebrate a game that has been so highly anticipated. We have been overwhelmed by the response to The Experience and it definitely added to the excitement around the launch." - Laura Skelly, PR Manager, Capcom

"I'm extremely excited to see Resident Evil 7: Biohazard come to life through this experience, and for participants to get a real taster of what is to come in the game." - Masachika Kawata, Game Producer, Capcom

"The immersive experience brought the game to life in an extremely authentic way, and it was clear how much detail went into replicating the best parts of the game 'in real life'. Content based on the experience proved extremely popular on" - David Jenkins, Gaming Editor, Metro

"Good news is that we came out alive, bad news is that my girlfriend needs psychiatric help. #RE7ExperienceLondon" - Joshua Baker, Customer

For the public who missed out on The Experience, a separate venue was created to experience the game for the first time ever in VR.

The Client


The Problem

Resident Evil fans were cynical about the new game launch after widespread criticism of its previous iterations. How the launch landed with hard-core UK gamers and media would directly affect global sales.

The Strategy

Scarily Authentic - create an opportunity for gamers to experience the game in a truly authentic way.

The Idea

Resident Evil 7: The Experience – an immersive horror-house-meets-escape-room. We put the public face to face with the Baker Family, trapping them for 45 minutes in the terrifying world of Resident Evil 7.

Held over four days in Shoreditch, the Experience allowed 28 pairs each day to get free tickets on a first come, first serve basis. We also set up a Sewergators lounge where the general public could pop in and play on the new VR version of the Game. Finally, we created a purposefully grotesque private dining media experience with the Baker Family.

The Impact


units sold within the first month


total visitors across all four days, plus 165 media


microsite views to date


teaser trailer views across Facebook and YouTube


total reach from 142 pieces of coverage 


impressions across Twitter and Instagram

M&C Saatchi PR, together with its Experience division, have been working with Capcom on gaming launch events and press office since the beginning of 2016. For more information please email

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